My Boyfriend Is Being Hot And Cold! What Can I Do, Sami?

my boyfriend is being hot and cold

Hi Divas, Here’s a very common situation from a private client, Chiara: “Hi Sami. I am really going crazy. It´s happening to me again. My boyfriend of 6 months is withdrawing and acting hot and cold. He was so into me at the start and now he calls less and we are meeting less. I […]

What Message Are The Men In Your Life Giving You?

What message are the men in your life giving you

Hi Divas, Today I know that every man I’ve ever dated, been close to or had a relationship with, had a message for me for my own personal growth. Of course, back then I couldn’t see it! I wasn’t curious enough. I wasn’t open enough … I was the “smart” girl – the I-Know-It-All, the one who thought she […]