In this blog I want to talk to you about the 3 feminine body language secrets that men find extremely attractive. In my world, my clients are often asking me, “Sami, how is it that you are so successful but you still have this lovely feminine body language?”

I have internalized these feminine body language secrets so much that now I can channel my feminine energy in an effortless way around my husband and everybody else too.

And, now I am spilling the beans about 3 feminine body language secrets so that YOU can do this too.

The best part? Almost every man I know finds these feminine body language gestures attractive.

So are you ready to rock your dating game and spice up your relationships with these three fabulously feminine body language secrets?

I hope so.

They may seem deceptively simple at first but the pudding is in the eating aka you will get results when you practice these body language secrets with men, really fast!

An Elevate client of mine tried this and got back to us to say –

‘OMG Sami. I did this and he told me that something was very different about me on this date.’

Whether you’re on the find for an empowered and masculine man, or looking to add some sizzle to your committed partnership, these 3 tips below will work like magic.


feminine body language smiling

Smiling is your biggest feminine body language secret.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re single and mingling or cozy in a relationship, a dazzling smile is your secret weapon as a woman.

For my single ladies: smile and make eye contact at parties, events, and wherever you want to catch a man’s attention. Let your positive energy shine through and let him know it’s safe to approach you.

Smiling will always showcase your warmth and approachability, with men and women alike.

For my ladies in a relationship: remember that smiling at your man is a whole different level of love and connection.

Your smile says, “I see you, and I adore you,” without even uttering a word.

I love watching my husband, Chris, melt when I shoot him one of my special Sami smiles.

Don’t just take my word for it – many studies show that chemicals are released in our body when we smile that help reduce your heart rate and stress levels, lower your blood pressure, and actually feel happier.

Plus, smiling is contagious so you create an awesome ripple effect where your smiles encourage smiles of those around you.

Try it when you’re with your family, friends or coworkers and watch your smile work its magic!

FEMININE BODY LANGUAGE SECRET #2: Head Nods and the Flirty Tilt

feminine body language head nods

This feminine body language secret works magic on dates and even around your partner.

Give your conversations a flirty edge with gentle head nods and tilts. It’s that subtle nod and the playful hair flip that tells a man, “Hey, I’m all ears for you!”

This beautiful feminine body language screams interest, engagement, and genuine attention.

It communicates that you’re listening, you’re present, and you are paying attention to what he has to say.

We all know how irritating it is when we are speaking to someone and they don’t appear to be listening. Use this tip to help your man know that you see him, you hear him, and watch him turn into putty in your hands.

And, it’s not just a dating game changer; it’s relationship gold too!

When your partner sees you listening like this, trust me, he’s going to instinctively feel the difference in your softness, in your attention level, and in your engagement level.

For my divas who are also moms, you know how important it is to make an effort to connect and engage with your partner.

I know when I have had my “Mom hat” on all day, sometimes I want to just crawl under a blanket at the end of the day and tune everyone out.

But I always make an effort to connect with Chris at the end of each day. I know that we need to continue to nurture our relationship together as much as I try to nurture my relationship with my sons.

And being an active listener to him at the end of the day is a huge part. He returns the favor by listening to me in a loving, present way when I need to decompress at the end of my work day, too!

It sounds so simple, but it is a powerful element of feminine energy body language.

FEMININE BODY LANGUAGE SECRET #3: Slow Down and Embrace Your Inner Queen

feminine body language embracing inner queen

Time to channel your inner royalty, divas!

Imagine you are at a party and you meet two different women:

→ One woman talks a mile a minute, barely giving you a chance to catch your breath or get a word in, and has a frantic energy…

→ The second woman moves with grace, taking her sweet time to speak and savor the moment. She probably also smiles, nods, and tilts her head while listening to you, too 😉

Now, which woman captures your attention?

Which woman are you drawn to spend more time with?

Which woman do you find yourself thinking about after the party?

Bingo! It’s the queen who owns the room with her slow, calm presence.

Slow down, my lovely queen, and see the magic unfold. Walk with purpose, speak with intention, and take your time to express yourself.

This regal rhythm draws the masculine energy like bees to honey.

Trust me, it’s not an act; it’s about connecting with your body and falling into your own captivating flow.

When you move with intention and give yourself space to listen, connect, and respond, you will emanate a calm energy that will cast a spell around all those around you.

You will become the epitome of confidence and grace.

If you are having trouble with this step, try making yourself stop and take a few deep breaths as you find yourself rushing through your day. As time goes on, you will begin to naturally adopt a slower rhythm.

These 3 feminine body language secrets are your keys to unlocking an irresistible charm that will leave men weak at the knees.

Flash that megawatt smile, nod and tilt your way to his heart, and embrace your inner queen by slowing down and savoring every moment.

Remember, it’s all about being authentic, fun, and confidently embracing YOUR feminine power.

And the best news is that there are actual health benefits to smiling more, connecting more, and slowing down to enjoy life instead of letting it pass by as you rush through your days.

So, get out there and make those heads turn, hearts flutter, and love flow!

Here’s to harnessing your feminine energy and having the LOVE you want.

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