There are 3 types of male archetypes (or 3 types of men!) you will encounter while dating.

Knowing all about them will save you a whole lot of time and heartbreak

This content is coming straight from Elevate, my premium group coaching program for single women who want to meet and marry the man of their dreams in the next 12 months.

Here’s what I’ve seen in working with hundreds of women, helping them attract their dream man:

Most of us women are either overdating the WRONG guy or underdating the RIGHT guy – and that’s because most of us don’t know how to place a man within the first 3 dates.

We don’t know what signs to look for, and most importantly, we don’t know how to recognize if this is an empowered, masculine man.

That’s why knowing these 3 archetypes is SO amazing!

It should not be taking you more than 3 dates to know if this man is the right person for you or not.

Now, I don’t mean that you should be clear on whether you want to marry him in that timeframe…

You should just be super clear that you want to continue to date him.

3 Male Archetypes To Recognise When Dating To Save Time & Energy

3 Male Archetypes To Recognise When Dating To Save Time & Energy

1. The Kite Man

The Kite Man is the kind of man you meet that is a truly gifted listener. Together, you have wonderful conversations, and he listens to your problems.

You feel accepted next to him. You feel like you can be yourself. Very often you’ll feel like you’ve met ‘your’ person! Dates feel so good, so wonderful and nourishing to your heart…

So what’s the problem with the Kite Man?

The challenge with the Kite Man is that he doesn’t have enough empowered masculine, action-oriented energy to offer you.

What this looks like:

This is because you’re feeling the gap in masculine energy on his part.

And what tends to happen?

You activate your own masculine energy in his presence.

In other words, you feel the urge to close that gap that you’re feeling with him. Which means that in between dates, you’ll be the one communicating with him, seeking him, and leading the relationship.

If you’re dating a Kite Man, there can be a huge temptation to try and change this person. Instead of doing that, I’ll invite you to NOTICE that you’re dating a Kite Man. In 3 dates, if you notice that you’re feeling that lack in masculine energy, it’s best to move on from this man – if you’re a woman who wants to date a man who’s ready to step up, do, organize, plan, and give.

2. The Charmer

The Charmer is the kind of man who’s outgoing and extroverted. He’s usually good looking, a seducer, and he can truly sweep you off your feet in no time.

He’s driven, ambitious and filled with masculine energy. At first glance, it may seem like he has it all – but that’s far from being true.

In reality, The Charmer operates from wounded masculine energy. A classic example of what this looks like is chasing women for constant ego gratification – as soon as the woman falls for him or gets interested, he loses interest.

The Charmer is probably the worst kind of man to date, and from my years of experience helping hundreds of women walk down the aisle and create happy, healthy, romantic relationships, I can tell you: he’s the worst kind of man to seek.


Because with him, it’s all about chemistry. It’s all:

…and then ghosting you. Or leaving you feeling empty, neglected, and not cared for.

Most times, The Charmer is the seducer who isn’t looking for a proper commitment. He’s usually not emotionally available and isn’t seeking to marry the women he dates.

This is an archetype that I would seriously recommend AVOIDING.

When you see these hot and cold tendencies, when dates are awesome but in between them he disappears on you, I want you to notice these signs and not waste your time on such a man.

In fact, if I had to have you choose between The Kite Man and The Charmer, I’d always say go with The Kite Man!

Where at least, there’s hope that with some communication, he may be able to step up in his empowered masculine when you show up in your feminine.

3. The Captain

The Captain is my favorite archetype!

My husband is a Captain, and most of my clients who have succeeded in their love lives are happily married to or dating a Captain.

So, what kind of man is this archetype?

The Captain is the empowered, masculine guy who knows that a woman needs to be courted, to be won, her heart needs to be earned, and so does her trust.

He likes you, he’s gonna make you feel special, and he’s gonna be the man who initiates communication, plans dates, takes you out…

Dating a Captain is amazing! Their feelings are stable, safe and secure, and they have no problem expressing their interest in you.

BUT – if you haven’t done the inner work, it can be really hard for you to receive a Captain.

Because when you haven’t done the inner work, a Captain will come in and make you feel like you’re amazing, you’re worth it all, and that can feel like an intimacy breach. It can feel like too much.

And that’s because we aren’t used to being in our feminine and receiving from the masculine.

How To Recognize The 3 Archetypes

To recognize each archetype, you need to pay close attention to how you’re feeling in dating.

Let me explain why.

When you haven’t done the inner work, you aren’t able to receive gifts, receive action, receive love and words of affirmation without feeling like a man is breaching your intimacy.

So if you’re a growth-oriented woman and you understand the value of doing your part in manifesting your soul partner…

If you’re looking for a committed, lifelong relationship with your dream man in the next 12 months or less…

If you’re serious about getting results in your love life…

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