Do you understand what feminine energy means, but find it hard to switch from masculine to Feminine Energy after a hard day’s work?

This is a common problem that many of my high-achieving clients face. We are so busy planning, leading, and organizing. Busy “doing” things at work (masculine energy). This in turn makes it a real challenge to sink back into our femininity when we head out for a date at the end of the day or return home to our husbands or partners.

I also face this challenge where I find myself having to “consciously switch from masculine to feminine.” Especially once business is over in the evening and hubby is back from work and it’s time to relax and enjoy family time.

In today’s video, I want you to give you 3 ways to switch from masculine to Feminine Energy, no matter how demanding your career is.

3 Ways To Switch From Masculine To Feminine Energy

The Benefits Of Being In Your Feminine Energy

A woman who knows how to connect with her feminine side will naturally and effortlessly be irresistible to men, or to her current partner.

This is true, even for highly successful and powerful women. Look at my own life as an example. I run a heart-center, super successful company that helps powerful women find and keep love. I have a six-figure salary and I am a CEO. Even so, I am a mother to two children, and a wife to a man who adores the ground I walk on.

Learning how to balance my highly developed, ambitious masculine side with the softness and receptive energy of femininity has been the game-changer for me.

This is why I feel so passionate about bringing forward this message to other strong and successful women. Women who are struggling in dating and relationships. Women who somehow feel they have to give up on their career success. Or women who feel they have to play ‘dumb’ in order to attract or keep a good man in their life.

Short answer: You don’t. 🙂

You just have to learn how to reconnect with your feminine energy.

High quality men are by nature designed to be instinctively drawn towards a woman who is exuding femininity and confidence.

And when I say confidence, I don’t necessarily mean a loud, boisterous, boastful confidence. The kind of confidence that many of us strong and educated women have mastered in our boardrooms and meetings.

Feminine confidence can be subtle and discreet. It’s an inner sense of worth and light that a woman exudes. It exists irrespective of the status of who is around her. I will be happy to share more of this wisdom on feminine confidence with you on another blog post.

Curious to learn more deeply about feminine energy? Check out Leap Into Love, my most advanced inner work program for the woman who is ready to shun her toxic patterns in relationships and create the most amazing love of her life.

Love,Sami Wunder

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