Implement these boundaries to feel more confident in dating!

Hello Wunder Diva,

Do you ever feel like you’re lacking healthy boundaries in early dating?

Maybe a man asked you out on a date, totally last minute, and yet you feel obligated to still say yes?

Has a man ever asked you on a house date; you feel it’s too soon, but you aren’t sure what to say?

Perhaps you’ve started seeing a man and you, right away, notice he is constantly texting but you have no clue how to address that?

I hear you and I see you gorgeous woman. I’ve been there and so have many of my clients.

That is why I am going to share with you how to incorporate five healthy boundaries in early dating.

Setting healthy boundaries in early dating will leave you feeling confident, & feeling like you hold the POWER.

This will also cause men to respect you more!  I am so excited to share these so let’s get to it!

Boundary Example One:

A man asks you out on a date, however, it’s totally last minute! How would I suggest you handle this?

You can say, “I’d love to, but I can’t make it on short notice today. Do you think you could give me more of a heads up next time so I can fit it in my plans?” 

This is a simple request you can make, rather than getting triggered or going along with whatever he wants.

You’re meeting him on YOUR terms.

This is where setting BOUNDARIES puts the power back in your hands, making you feel more CONFIDENT in dating.

Setting healthy boundaries in early dating will allow you to feel empowered, feel confident, & feel very diva in dating! This will cause men to respect you more! Learn how to set 5 Healthy Boundaries in Early Dating.

Boundary Example Two:

A man asks you on a house date, however, it’s still early dating. What should you say?

“I’d love to, but it still feels too early for me to do a house date. I’d like to meet in public, is that okay with you?”

With this, you aren’t lashing out, you aren’t getting triggered, instead, you’re able to ask for what you WANT.  You’re not going on a house date if it doesn’t feel comfortable to you.

Boundary Example Three:

This happens to be one of the most annoying examples!

You are starting to talk to a man and immediately notice that he is CONSTANTLY texting.

What should you say here?

“I see you are a texter, love it! I’m not that big of a texter, to be honest with you, so I may end up missing some messages. I’m more of a face-to-face gal.”

Now you’ve kindly pointed out, if he wants to chat with you or meet you, then he should ask you out on a REAL date, rather than sending a barrage of messages your way.

This energy is also an empowering solution!

Understand that, in early dating, men will do things that won’t sit well with you, or honour you, but you have a choice to speak up.

You have a choice to ask for what you want!

This energy is what attracts a man that IS your vibrational match. He will be able to meet you on all levels.

Boundary Example Four:

This is a big one…SEX! In my live group coaching program, Elevate, I was asked, “Sami, what is your stance on sex in early dating?”

I told them, “I think it’s important that women honor how sex or sexting, makes them feel.” 

So often, women feel very uncomfortable when they hardly know a guy & he starts to go in that direction.

You can, in fact, feel confident setting boundaries.

You can say, “I’m flattered, but I like to move slow in this department. Is that okay with you? I really value that.”

How would THAT feel?

There is so much dignity & confidence in setting boundaries with these statements!

Boundary Example Five:

A man asks you, on the first date, to go on a trip together.

At this point, you cannot tell if he is just love-bombing or being genuine.

You can say something like, “I’d love to say yes to travelling with you & going on a weekend trip, but I’d like to take my time getting to know you. So for now, the answer is maybe I’ll go on a trip with you!”

This is flirty & fun! It ensures that you don’t feel obligated to go do something with, quite literally, a man who’s a stranger.

Setting any of these five boundaries will ensure you feel confident & put the power back in your hands in dating!

This post is extremely demonstrative of the fact that so many situations that trigger women, in early dating, are actually really solvable.

These situations are easy to navigate if you have the skills and the education to move through them.

If you don’t, then trust me, being in those types of situations will drive you crazy!

You may feel like men are nuts! You may feel ready to give up on dating, and constantly feel PRESSURE & OBLIGATION to be that woman that men WANT you to be rather than being the woman that YOU want to be!

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