Are you wondering if the man you´re seeing is emotionally attracted to you?

Emotional attraction is the genuine foundation of a connection that is built with a man in dating.

Very often, my Elevate clients want to know – ‘Sami, I´ve been seeing him and I am wondering if he truly likes me beyond physical attraction. Is there emotional attraction building between us?”

Well, worry no more because I am giving you the top 5 signs that a man is emotionally attracted to you.

So grab your coffee, get cozy, and let me spill the beans on the 5 unmistakable signs that scream, “Emotional Connection Alert!” – something real is building here.

Sign 1 of Emotional Attraction- A Genuine Interest In You: Beyond the Physical

When a man is purely focused on your appearance, emotional connection is not building for him.

However, when he shows genuine interest in your personality, beyond your physical appearance, that is the first and major sign that he feels emotional attraction for you.

Picture this: Jake and Emily hit it off at an art gallery.

Now, Jake didn’t just stick to the usual “you look great” script.

Nope, he dove into chats about Emily’s favorite art pieces, the inspiration behind her creations, and the stories woven into them.

Jake wasn’t just into Emily’s outer charm; he was legit curious about the real deal – her!

So, when a guy is all about digging into the layers of your personality, consider it the green light on the emotional attraction expressway!

Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men

Sign 2 Of Emotional Attraction- Emotional Openness: Walls, Who Needs Them?

When a man is opening up to you and sharing with you his secrets and his vulnerabilities and his struggles, you are truly hitting the jackpot in his world.

This is a serious sign that he is feeling emotional attraction towards you.

For exampleMeet my Elevate client Sarah and follow her love story with Mike.

They bonded by their love for hiking.

As their courtship unfolded, Mike gradually spilled the beans about his insecurities and past struggles but in a balanced and paced way.

High value vulnerability alert which I teach in my advanced program – ‘Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men.’

On the flip side, Sarah’s buddy, Alex, dated someone with an emotional fortress.

Despite spending time together, the guy was like Fort Knox, guarding his feelings and would not talk about anything beyond the superficial work and weather.

This is not the recipe for relationship growth or emotional closeness.

Mike’s openness? That’s the emotional connection and attraction brewing.

Look for a man who’s ready to share the highs and lows – that’s the ticket to emotional intimacy and long term emotional connection and attraction.

By the way, if you’d love to build deeper emotional attraction with the man you like or are currently seeing.

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Sign 3 Of Emotional Attraction- He’s Fully Present With You In The Moment

When a man starts to feel emotional attraction for you, you will find him getting focused on you when he’s spending time with you.

This is sign 3 that he feels emotionally attracted to you and yes, this is so romantic!

For exampleMy Elevate client Jenna and Chris – a couple caught in the daily whirlwind of life now with kids and all.

But despite crazy schedules, Chris made a point to stash his phone and be fully present when spending time with Jenna. He is emotionally smitten.

Thanks to the tools Jenna learnt with us inside my advanced program – Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men.

Now, contrast that with Mia’s emotional rollercoaster; her partner was forever drowning in work emails or lost in the vortex of social media during their dates.

Yes, it’s not the vibe I desire for you as a Wunder diva in my community.

Chris’s commitment to being there with Jenna is the real deal.

When a guy values quality time and cherishes the moments you share, it’s like a neon sign pointing towards emotional depth.
Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men

Sign 4 Of Emotional Attraction – He Acknowledges Your Feelings

When a man acknowledges your emotions and cares about how something makes you feel, he is feeling emotional attraction for you.

This is sign number 4 that a man is emotionally attracted to you.

For example, when my Elevate client Lily hit a rough day, Mark, her partner, wasn’t just offering a sympathetic nod; he was all ears, empathizing, and providing the emotional support she needed.

This was in contrast to Lucy’s saga – her partner seemed as interested in her feelings as a cat is in a cucumber and often gaslighted her when she tried to open up to him.

Not the ideal situation for a long-term partnership.

Mark’s consistent care for Lily’s feelings is the emotional connection dance.

Find a man invested in your emotions

whether it’s a tough day or a moment of joy. It´s what you deserve.

Sign 5 of Emotional Attraction – Relationship Progression: Stable and Consistent

When a man feels emotional attraction for you, you will find that he will progress the relationship forward without you having to ask or nag him for it.

This is one of the biggest signs that a man is feeling emotional attraction for you.

For example, meet Alex and my Elevate client Nicole. They started as casual friends, but sparks flew.

Alex didn’t play it cool; he took steps to move things forward, from planning thoughtful dates to asking for her exclusivity with a plan for marriage in mind.

On the flip side, our client Rachel’s tale was more like a casual stroll through a park than a progression marathon. Her date seemed content with a fling, showing zero interest in leveling up their emotional connection or claiming her as a wife.

Alex’s moves? That’s the real McCoy.

True emotional connection isn’t just about the physical; it’s about valuing the whole package.

This leads to commitment and a foundation that goes beyond skin-deep.

Those are the 5 clear signs that a man feels emotional attraction towards you.

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Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men
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‘Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men.
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‘Building Emotional Attraction With High Caliber Men.
Get The Ring & Forever Commitment From A Man Who Is Your Match!

If you’re interested in cultivating stronger emotional bonds with the man you’re interested in or currently dating,

Check this FREE PDF cheat sheet on the 10 intimacy-fostering questions you can ask men on dates

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