Are you feeling confused whether the man you’re dating likes you more than a friend or not?

In this blog, I am going to give you the 5 unmistakable signs that a man likes you in dating, without a doubt.

Here’s the thing, darling diva…

A Healthy masculine man won’t keep you guessing or feeling unsure in dating; he won’t leave you hanging or walking on eggshells wondering if he’s into you or not.

Instead, he will make you feel safe and sure of his interest in you.

Now, if you had a distant or emotionally unavailable dad, spotting a high-caliber masculine man’s interest might be challenging for you.

You may be used to working too hard for an unavailable man´s attention, and the genuine men who are available and do things right, may not register in your system.

If this is the case for you, I encourage you to identify the traits of empowered masculine energy for a healthier approach to dating, so that you can attract a healthy, emotionally available, masculine man.

Now onto the 5 signs that a masculine, healthy, empowered man likes you.

Whether it’s the first date or an initial online chat, I firmly believe that emotionally available, healthy men display a consistent pattern.

When a masculine energy man likes you, he won’t…

Instead, a healthy masculine man ensures you feel secure, confident, and assured, openly communicating his intentions without leaving you in suspense or uncertainty.

He actively pursues you and is eager to connect on a deeper level!

Here are the top 5 signs that an empowered masculine man is serious about you and likes you in dating:

Sign #1 that a Masculine Energy Man Likes You In Dating is His Consistent Desire for Face-to-Face Connection

Empowered masculine men are all about putting in the effort.

From organizing a special date to showing authentic curiosity about your life, they move beyond just texting.

They’re eager to spend time with you face-to-face. They’ll make it obvious by coming to you.

They’ll want to meet you, run their fingers through your hair, catch a smell of your perfume, and hear your voice in person.

5 Signs That A Masculine Man Likes You In Dating

Sign #2 that a Masculine Energy Man Likes You In Dating is His Willingness to Be Evaluated by You

Masculine men get it – attractive women have plenty of choices and limited time.

So, it’s fair to inquire about what they do; after all, it gives you a glimpse into their world, including their income bracket.

And guess what?

Healthy men aren’t afraid of this evaluation.

They’re also open to questions about what they’re looking for in a relationship.

It’s something I encourage my Elevate clients to ask on the first date or even on dating apps.

Most guys, assuming good intentions, will be honest about what they’re seeking.

Sign #3 that a Masculine Energy Man Likes You Dating is Shown by Respecting Your Sexual Boundaries

A man seeking a genuine connection understands that sex isn’t the endgame as it’s too easily achieved.

He aims to understand you, win your heart, and build a connection with a woman he can date, potentially making her his girlfriend and wife.

These men won’t engage in explicit conversations on apps; they’re after meaningful connections, not just casual encounters.

5 Signs That A Masculine Man Likes You In Dating

Sign #4 that a Masculine Energy Man Likes You In Dating is That He Won’t Make You Feel Pressured

Sometimes my Elevate clients tell me, “Sami, this man made a comment about how I seem to have lost weight in my pictures, which feels quite odd if he’s trying to impress me.”

Trust me when I say healthy masculine men won’t pressure you for more information.

Yes, they are eager for more details and would love to ask about what you do, where you live, etc.

However, they wouldn’t intentionally make you feel pressured or pushed around.

If you have the confidence to set your boundaries, most healthy, empowered masculine men will gladly respect your needs or wishes at that moment.

Sign #5 that a Masculine Energy Man is Likes You In Dating is He Won’t Insist On A 50/50 Setup

Now, let’s talk about something I find really special in healthy, empowered masculine men – they embrace being the man in the equation.

What does that mean?

Well, they’re more than happy to pull out chairs, open doors, and pick up the bill.

I believe this is a crucial quality in a man because it shows he’s willing to make an effort for you.

For all you amazing women out there who are excelling in your careers, you might have unintentionally trained yourself to feel obligated to play the 50-50 partner.

However, it’s important to remember that letting polarity rule the show can be incredibly romantic and drive the courtship phase.

The confusion in dating often stems from us women not realizing that a healthy, empowered masculine man isn’t burdened by our requests.

If you express that it feels more romantic when the guy takes the lead, a genuine empowered man will respond positively.

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