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5 Ways To Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy

5 Ways To Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy

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Do you usually find it hard to unwind when you get home from work?

Maybe your work demands you to be in your Masculine energy a lot – you know, that ‘do, do, do’ state that us high achievers know all too well.

Or maybe you’re in a caretaking position, or supervising little children, where you’re maxed out on giving throughout the day.

Whether you run your own company or have a demanding job, you may find it hard to switch from your Masculine to your Feminine energy at the end of the day. And this can turn into a problem when you’re actively dating or in a relationship.

If this is you, I want you to know that you can learn how to switch from Masculine to Feminine quickly and effectively!

In this video, I’m sharing my 5 best tips for you to start practicing and fully master the art of being in your Feminine, even if your job consistently puts you in your masculine.

5 Ways To Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy

1. Choose Balance

Everybody seems to be talking about balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies. And yet, few people are picking up on the fact that we should be choosing balance in the way we do life.

See, the way you carry yourself at work, in your relationships, is how you truly strike the balance. You don’t want to go so much into your Masculine that you can’t return to your Feminine, right?

Yet that happens to so many of my clients – and they can’t pinpoint why! So let me try and help.

Do you get hyper focused at work? So much so that you forget to eat and drink sometimes?

Do you get so concentrated on finishing your tasks that you forget to listen to your own body?

Diva, I understand. Whether you’re running a business or working for someone else, when you’re constantly doing things that require you to be in your Masculine Energy, it’s difficult to step back.

That’s what I call being in Masculine Energy Hyper Focus. And it is exactly what we’re trying to get away from.

It’s OK to be focused on your work! But what if you also decided to listen to your body when it’s telling you it’s thirsty, hungry, or needs a break?

What if while doing the things that require Masculine Energy, you still chose to stop and have a drink of water, open the window, take a few deep breaths to reconnect with your body, or grab a bite?

Then, you’d be choosing balance – even in the midst of being in your Masculine Energy.

2. Take Your Feelings Wherever You Go

Wherever you go, TAKE YOUR FEELINGS!

What does this mean, you ask?

We’re often told that if we’re high achieving, highly successful women, we should keep our Feminine Energy for men and take our Masculine Energy to work.

Well, I disagree with this.

Like I teach my Wunder Divas: it’s totally possible to be able to quickly switch from one energy to another!

You don’t need to leave your Feminine Energy behind at home or let it surface ‘just for men’. You can take your Feminine Energy to work with you by always being available and present with your feelings.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to…

  • Start talking about your feelings in the boardroom
  • Having breakdowns because you feel so intensely
  • Disrupt meetings to express your emotions

What I’m talking about here is not so dramatic. 

This is just about understanding that you are a whole individual, with both energies inside yourself. So it’s only natural –and possible– to be in the boardroom, or a meeting, and still be in touch with your feelings.


You can feel your feelings. You can observe your feelings. You don’t even have to talk about your feelings! But they can still be there to guide your decisions.

When you involve your feelings throughout your day, you’re allowing yourself to be in your Feminine instead of completely breaking away from it. And when you don’t completely break away from your Feminine self, it’s easier to access that energy.

So when you come home at the end of the day, or get ready for a post-work date, you can tap into your Feminine Energy with ease instead of struggling to ‘switch off’ your Masculine.

3. Time To Chill

My third tip of the day is one I like to call ‘It’s time to chill.’

This is very oriented to dating and relationships.

When you’re stepping out of work and getting ready to go on a date or go back home to be with your partner, it’s time to chill, Diva. 

This means you’re going to be taking what I call an action detox. You’re going to detox from problem solving, from doing, from giving… Even from thinking! And you’re going to chill. Because it’s time to chill.

In all my years as a coach, I’ve seen women from all different kinds of backgrounds carry the wrong kind of energy to their dates.

They were in ‘do, do, do’ mode, carrying their urgency and stress back home or to dates with men they often hadn’t even met before!

And what happened? The dates failed because they couldn’t relax. Or they argued with their partners because they were too plugged in 24-7 to realize what they were bringing to the table.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to differentiate Masculine from Feminine energy.

It’s OK to be the doer, the giver, the one making things happen at work. But in love, we want to practice polarity, and that can’t happen if we can’t switch into our Feminine.

We want to be the relaxed, easy going partner, so that our man can step up and be in their Masculine, helping us with the burden of doing, planning, leading, organizing.

We are here to receive in our Feminine, what they give us from their Masculine. Which brings me to tip #4…

4. Receive

All day long, you’re the one giving and doing. Whether it’s at work, being a mom, or taking care of the house, you are always in that Masculine Energy role.

So inside your relationship, you need to focus on receiving.

Let men pay for you on dates. Let them open the car doors. Let your partner bring you a cup of tea or give you a massage.

When you chill and slow down in your love life, you’re giving the men space to show up in their Masculine and do all these things.

Relax! Let them lead – it’s what they are here to do. Let them surprise you with a bouquet of flowers, or pick a beautiful restaurant for your date.

5. Carry A Reminder

This last tip may seem unnecessary, but trust me: it’s not.

Carrying some kind of charm or object that reminds you that it’s time to chill will help you start practicing this switch before it feels natural.

Whether it’s a bracelet, a perfume, or a cute photo of you and your one and only, this charm will help you switch off the Masculine, chill, relax, and be open to receiving.

It’s a way to give your mind a signal that work is over, your time to ‘do, do, do’ and ‘give, give, give’ is over, and now it’s time to receive from the men in your life.

Whatever you choose as a reminder, make sure it’s something that truly relaxes your senses, brings you back into your body, and reminds you that now is the time to embody your Feminine Energy!

5 Ways To Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy

These are all my tips for helping you come into an energetic balance, no matter how much of a masculine career you have.

Always remember: Feminine Energy is INSIDE of you. It’s not something you have to work hard to achieve, it’s something you RETURN to.

Feminine Energy is your safe haven, it’s what you come home to, and all you need is:

  1. To make a decision to come to it, to relax into it
  2. Start being friends with it so you can carry it even into your work life and not have to completely separate yourself from it
  3. To create the space for the men in your life to step up and give to you

If you want to learn more about how to balance your Feminine and Masculine energies, check out Elevate, my 6-month coaching program for women who want to make the love life of their dreams come true!

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