Everyone is going to tell you today to love yourself so I am going to tell you something different. I am going to say – FEEL YOUR TRUE FEELINGS! Because there is no bigger form of self-love than that…

And don’t judge yourself if you feel a pang of…





Desiring more in your romantic life for yourself.

It doesn’t make you any less amazing!

These are completely human feelings and they’re actually pointing you towards what’s available for you too.

So my invitation to you today is to just take and hug all those feelings and transmute them into an even more fiery connection with your DESIRE.

Your desire for your OWN grand love story.

Your desire for enjoying partnership, sharing your amazing life with an amazing man!

There’s nothing weak or helpless about wanting love or romance.

It is the greatest form of vulnerability to embrace your true desire as a woman to want a man to hold you, love you, embrace you, touch you…

And it makes you so much more powerful when you can give yourself permission to own this desire today and ride forward with it to create the relationship you want vs. stuff this feeling down and make it wrong.

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And Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you and the love you desire is possible for you!

P.S. You really want to watch this video. It’s just 3 minutes long.

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