“How to be more feminine” is one of the most searched-for questions by women who are looking for love. Everywhere you look, you can find action plans and to-do lists of how to enhance your femininity – and unfortunately, that misses the point entirely.

You see, the moment you “try” or “strive” or even “decide to”, you are in the realm of the masculine, doing, action-oriented energy!

So while this article itself will give you an actionable list, the way I want to frame accessing femininity is not by “trying”, but actually by NOT trying.

I.e., relaxing more and simply EMBRACING the juicy, magnificent femininity that ALREADY exists within you!

How To Be More Feminine & Drive Him Crazy!

Now, if you’re actively trying to be more feminine, chances are that the burdens of your daily life, the pressure at work and all that responsibility on your shoulders have “hardened” you as a woman. 

Or maybe you have been in a situation where your partner, or a man you’re dating, has told you that he “finds it hard to connect with you”, or that you are “emotionally shut down”, “too strong”, or “too guarded”?

If you said YES to any of the questions above, you’re so not alone! In fact, you’re like millions of career women out there, struggling to be more feminine and keep their softness alive in a highly masculinized society.

And frankly, I am no exception to this either. 

Every single day, with so much that my kids, my business, my family and my life demands of me, it is so much easier to just “man up”, than to stay soft and continue feeling through life. But I also know that, if I manned up, it would suck the juice and connection out of my marriage, even though I’d probably get more done…

The balance between our masculine (doing energy) vs. our feminine energy (the soft, being energy) is then the golden answer.

How To Be More Feminine & Drive Him Crazy!

We don’t have to give up on our professional success, nor on our love success. We just have to learn how to use our masculine energy to succeed at our careers, and then be more feminine by switching into our softness when we come home to our men. 

In this context then, femininity becomes an active choice we women need to make and embrace, every single day, especially in our romantic relationships. 

If you’ve completed any of my programs by now, you know how much I emphasize that our access to our feminine softness is the key to our success in dating and romantic relationships with our men.

A woman in touch with her femininity and softness becomes irresistible to men and occupies his heart effortlessly. Feminine energy drives men crazy, and they thirst to be around a woman who can wear her softness with ease and pride. 

In today’s blog post, I’d like to give you my 3 top ways on how you can be more feminine by softening up and embrace more of your feminine energy in daily life, and on your dates and your interactions with your husband / partner. 

No matter what is going on in your love life right now and what your relationship status is, this is going to help you! 

Remember, if over 150 of my clients can attract and keep their soulmate using this work, and hundreds of relationships can come back from the brink of divorce and break up, then this has to work for you too – and it will! Just approach the work with faith, no matter where you are right now in your love life 🙂 


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Here are three ways to access more of your femininity:

1. Be More Feminine By Softening Your Body 

The first way to be more feminine is to get into your body and relax it.

When on a date with the man you are seeing, or when you’re sitting on the sofa and talking to your husband, notice how your body is feeling. 

See if your shoulders are up and tensed. Intentionally relax them and bring them down. See if your jaw is tight – intentionally relax it. Notice if there is tension in your belly or in your chest, breathe into those areas, and relax them. 

You can do this short intentional exercise several times during the day. Even more, you can do it if you have a high-stress job where you often clamp up, or if you find yourself feeling anxious or nervous on a date. You can also use it to calm down and relax around your partner after a day of work. 

It will immediately reduce the feeling of tightness in the body, soften your guarded vibe, and make you feel much more approachable and open to your man. 

Our feminine energy resides in our connection with our body. This is why we’re focusing on softening the body and making it more open and relaxed, especially when around our men. 

“Our feminine energy resides in our connection with our body.”

How To Be More Feminine & Drive Him Crazy!

2. Be More Feminine By Softening Your Mind 

As intelligent, successful women, our intellect is so well trained and our opinions are a dime a dozen. While this is a great virtue in itself, often it can harden us by making us too opinionated or simply not open enough to others’ opinions, thoughts and perceptions. We believe in what we believe so strongly, that there is no space left to patiently hear out a difference or another opinion. 

Hence, as an exercise to connect more with your feminine softness, see if you can soften your mind by practicing more patience and openness to other views and opinions. 

See if you can engage in discussions with an attitude of openness vs. asserting that which you believe in, or wanting to be right and always win an argument. 

An open mind attempts to listen with respect, even if it doesn’t always agree at first. This flexibility will soften your interactions with those around you, especially the men you are seeing or with your partner. 

“As an exercise to connect more with your feminine softness, see if you can soften your mind by practicing more patience and openness to other views and opinions.”

How To Be More Feminine & Drive Him Crazy!

3. Be More Feminine By Softening Your Masculine Behaviors 

What do I mean by masculine behaviors? All those “doing” and managing and planning and leading behaviors that lead you forward in your career, but push men away in your love life

So for starters, even though you’re an ace Consultant at your company, when it comes to your love life, stop helping men and solving your partner’s problems (unless he has explicitly asked you to). 

Men don’t seek a consultant in their dates or wives. They seek a safe, soft space to turn to, where they will not be “fixed”, but just loved and accepted. 

Plus, stepping in to solve a man’s problems makes him feel like you don’t trust him to solve his own. 

Now, femininity and feminine energy is the cornerstone of my work, and I cover various aspects of it in ALL the resources that I have released over the years. 

The 3 practical tips I shared above, while extremely valuable to start with, are just one small piece of the puzzle.

If you’re a strong and successful woman who wants to be fiercely successful in love as well, I invite you to check out my free masterclass on 3  Powerful Feminine Energy Shifts For Career Women To Create The Love Of Their Dreams.

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