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I Got Engaged In 7 Months, After Finally Deciding To Deep-Dive Into The Work & Get Support

I Got Engaged In 7 Months, After Finally Deciding To Deep-Dive Into The Work & Get Support
Sami’s work completely changed my love life. I came in as a skeptic and turned into an avid believer!

As a successful engineer for a cloud tech firm, I used to believe that men are intimidated by my success, or are complete douchebags.

Today, after having deep-dived into Sami’s work, at 37 years of age, the day has come when I get to go out shopping for my wedding dress, and I know this is all thanks to Sami. My fiancé proposed to me on a holiday he took me on in Singapore.

It wasn’t easy for me to give up control and lean into my Feminine Energy at first, being a feminist. But, once you realize the power of softness and strong boundaries and what Sami teaches, you experience miraculous results.

The only regret I have is not starting earlier with Sami’s work, and spending 2 years just half-doing the smaller programs. It was the deep dive that made the biggest difference.

My fiancé treats me like a queen, and our wedding date is due for January 2020. I thank God and my sister for bringing Sami into my life.

I have everything I ever wanted, and I plan to go into Sami’s relationship programs next, to forever sustain the beautiful love I have attracted.


I am treated like a princess and feel deeply cherished. It is deeply fulfilling to know that my man wants the same kind of Forever Love that I do.

Joining Sami’s Inner Circle was some of the best money I’ve ever spent.


I Could Not Have Had This Life Without Sami’s Leap Into Love Program!

I Could Not Have Had This Life Without Sami’s Leap Into Love Program!
My love life before Leap Into Love was sad. I got a lot of male attention, but it never really developed into anything real.

I craved a deep, committed relationship, yet I did not know how to attract it; I did not even know how to date!

At my lowest point, when I was weeping that I will always be alone, Sami pointed out my money blocks and how I was lying to myself about “not being able to afford this program”, from fear of disappointment.

Now 3 years later, I am so thankful for her words, which got me unstuck!

I am engaged to a man who supports me more than I would have imagined. He loves all of me. I can come home dirty from the barn, and he still finds me super sexy! He also relocated for me and is commuting every day for his job, just to be closer to me.

Not only did I get the ring, but my whole life turned around. I got the motivation to go for an amazing, high-paying job, AND I fulfilled my life-long dream of owning and caring for a horse! I made it all happen for myself – something the old me would never have thought possible.

Leap Into Love helps you become the best version of yourself. It is TOTALLY worth the investment.


I “Graduated” From The Singles To The Relationships Inner Circle Group, To Continue Being Supported In My Beautiful Relationship

Before finding Sami, I was the ‘forever single’ and had given up on love.

I had had a few casual relationships with low quality men, who I did everything for. I told myself it was okay as “I only wanted something casual anyway”. But I knew deep down this wasn’t true and what I really wanted was a deep committed relationship.

During my time in the Singles’ IC, I manifested the most gorgeous, considerate, and caring man, who is everything I was looking for. He respects me, and I am definitely on that pedestal. I haven’t been up there for such a long time and damn it feels great!

Then, I continues to receive support in the Relationships group, to help me nurture my beautiful relationship with my Soulmate.

I learnt how to communicate my feelings, even if it is scary at times to be so vulnerable. I learnt to change the slow poison behaviours. I learnt to curb my over-giving, which was really really hard at first. And I’m still working on it. And most of all, I have learnt to truly embrace all of me – imperfections and all.

This woman saved my marriage from the brink of divorce!

I could write Sami Wunder a testimonial of a 1000 words.

I found Sami in a moment when I thought that, if this didn’t help either, I was ready to end my marriage of 20 years.

This woman saved my marriage and made it turn into this loving, supportive, amazing relationship. I haven’t felt so close to my husband in years.

I will be forever indebted to you, Sami.


Working with Sami privately was 100% essential to my growth!

Working with Sami privately was 100% essential to my growth. I think it is the main reason that I have moved through so many detrimental behaviors so quickly. I don’t recognize this woman I am today, and yet at the same time I recognize myself for real for the first time.

Yes, the work itself was challenging, and I would not have been able to handle the pain and sit in it without personal support. I wanted to make permanent and steady changes – no waffling.

Dedicating my energy, time AND a significant amount of money really “locked” me into the positive momentum. Something about putting my resources on the line kept me close to the work in those slippery moments when I really felt tempted to slip back into old self-defeating behavior.

The investment was a symbol to myself that I mean business this time. I never thought I could put myself first this way!

But now I can honestly say it is not possible to even put a price on what I have received. I don’t think Sami could even charge enough – this work is priceless.


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