3 Reasons Why Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Do you feel like things are beginning to fall apart in your relationship with your partner and that your relationship is in trouble? Are the arguments and fights escalating, and you’re not sure anymore how to get of that negative cycle? Maybe his attention is withdrawn or he’s more irritable and less affectionate. Well, you’re […]

What To Do When He Says He Needs Space

So, you’re dating a great guy, and everything seems to be going well. And the connection is off the charts! But suddenly, he tells you he ‘needs space!’ Many women have been in this painful and almost shocking situation in dating or sometimes even further down in their relationships. And you’re not alone if you’re […]

How To Save A Breaking Relationship Or Marriage? [Video]

How To Save A Breaking Relationship Or Marriage?

Can You Save A Breaking Relationship And Bring Him Close Again? In this video that I shot for my Facebook business page, I share 2 “slow poison” behaviours to stop practising, and 2 “A” behaviours to start implementing, in order to revive the love in your relationship, fast! Learn How to Bring Him Close & […]

My Cosmo Article On Long-Distance Relationships

Hi Divas, Yet another dream came true for me recently: I was featured on the Cosmopolitan magazine, U.K. Yay!!! Thank you, Universe, for your love! The journalist wanted specific advice for young couples dealing with separation due to going to different universities – however, the advice I gave holds true for ANY long-distance relationship. With the right skills, […]

He Proposed To Her Finally – And She Wasn’t Happy!

Hello Divas, Today, I want to share a powerful experience that I once had, with a private client. Learn the 6 Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate in my free guide [click here to download] Ramsey and I had been working to improve Ramsey’s relationship with her boyfriend. Ramsey had been together with him for over […]

When You Want More From A Man

Hi Divas, Want more from a man who you like but who is not moving things forward with you?  You will relate with Zivi’s situation. The Question  “Sami, I would really appreciate your help. I met this man a year back. We dated for 3 weeks, we slept together. Then because of a misunderstanding, we broke up. Now […]

Inspirational Story Directly From A Client

inspirational story

Hi Ladies, As a love coach, one of the most satisfying aspects of my job is to be able to see the impact that my work is making in the life of another human being. Here is a letter / a testimonial / a story sharing of a beautiful woman I know and coached and […]

How To Help Yourself After A Break Up

how to help yourself after a break up

All of us have been at that place where life throws curved-balls at us and all we can do is stand there shocked and ask “Why me?” A sudden, unexpected, break up is one such event. It can feel very difficult, almost impossible at times, to manage our convoluted thoughts and hurt feelings when we […]