Moving In Together: 4 Ways To Overcome Anxiety

How To Deal With Anxiety About Moving In Together With Your Partner? Do you have anxiety or fears about moving in with your boyfriend or fears of messing up the relationship when you live together? You´re not alone. In my experience coaching women inside Elevate , most of my high achieving clients have some version […]

How To Stop Emasculating A Man With Your Masculine Energy

How To Stop Emasculating A Man With Your Masculine Energy

Do you come up with solutions when a man shares his struggles with you? Did you know that masculine energy men find this behavior emasculating? If you’re a woman who is living more in your masculine energy, it is possible that you show your love to men by helping them solve their problems. However you […]

5 Signs A Man Is Emotionally ATTRACTED To You

Building Emotional Attraction

Are you wondering if the man you´re seeing is emotionally attracted to you? Emotional attraction is the genuine foundation of a connection that is built with a man in dating. Very often, my Elevate clients want to know – ‘Sami, I´ve been seeing him and I am wondering if he truly likes me beyond physical […]

Why He Stops Chasing And What To Do To FIX IT

Why He Stops Chasing And What To Do To FIX IT (1)

Has your man STOPPED chasing you and you don’t know why? Don’t worry, gorgeous! I’m Sami Wunder, your globally trusted and leading love and relationship guru for ambitious women, here to dish out the details on why his chase might have cooled down and, more importantly, how you can totally bring it back to what […]

Dating Advice for Women in their Midlife

Dating Advice for Women in their midlife

By the time you get to your midlife, you are entering some of the most fabulous decades of your life! At this stage, you have a high level of intuition cultivated through life experience. If you find yourself single at this time of your life, you should not be willing to settle for anything less […]

3 Ways To Amplify Your Feminine Energy in Dating

Feminine Energy In Dating

Recently, I shared with you my best tips on how to use Feminine Energy in dating to inspire a man to pursue you. In today’s post, we’re going deeper and talking about the three ways you can AMPLIFY your Feminine Energy in dating, so that you can attract high-quality masculine men. When you’re dating, do […]

Use Feminine Energy To Make Him Chase You – Without Playing Games

Use Feminine Energy To Make Him Chase You

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be talking about how to use Feminine Energy to get a high-quality man to chase you. If you’re a successful woman and would love for an amazing man to pursue you, think about you, and win your heart, then this article is for you! Two Caveats Before You […]

How To Date Confidently When You Want Marriage

when you want marriage

When you want marriage and you’re focused on this goal, it’s important to date efficiently. Here’s a question I often receive from my clients who actively dating the Wunder diva way: The Question: “Sami, should you let a man know when you want marriage and to have a family? Should you raise this issue early on […]