The Pitfalls of Over-Empathizing with Men in Dating

The Pitfalls of Over-Empathizing with Men in Dating

Are you a single woman who has found yourself over-empathizing with men in the dating process? Do you find yourself tolerating bad behaviors from men or settling for less than you deserve because you feel sorry for the men you’re dating and always find excuses for why a man is behaving badly? If yes, you’re […]

How To Date Confidently When You Want Marriage

when you want marriage

When you want marriage and you’re focused on this goal, it’s important to date efficiently. Here’s a question I often receive from my clients who actively dating the Wunder diva way: The Question: “Sami, should you let a man know when you want marriage and to have a family? Should you raise this issue early on […]

5 Healthy Boundaries in Early Dating

Implement these boundaries to feel more confident in dating! Hello Wunder Diva, Do you ever feel like you’re lacking healthy boundaries in early dating? Maybe a man asked you out on a date, totally last minute, and yet you feel obligated to still say yes? Has a man ever asked you on a house date; […]

The No.1 Attitude You Need to Cultivate in Early Dating: Non-Attachment

Hello Wunda Diva, Have you ever met a great guy on a dating app in early dating, which you then chatted and texted with, had great conversation with, but then he didn’t even ask you out? And that made you feel deflated? Quite possibly, you felt really connected with a guy on a first date […]

How to Find Love when You Feel OVERWHELMED By Dating?

Overwhelmed by dating

Do you feel overwhelmed by dating or dating apps and don’t know how to start to find love? Do you sometimes want to give up on dating altogether because you feel like, no matter what you do, you don’t get the results you’re looking for? Do you ever worry at night thinking, “OMG, every year […]

What To Do When He Says He Needs Space

So, you’re dating a great guy, and everything seems to be going well. And the connection is off the charts! But suddenly, he tells you he ‘needs space!’ Many women have been in this painful and almost shocking situation in dating or sometimes even further down in their relationships. And you’re not alone if you’re […]

What Rotational Dating Is And What It’s Not

What is rotational dating?

Recently, a leading daily in the United Kingdom published an article about rotational dating that misrepresented my views and went viral on the internet. It must be understood once and for all what rotational dating is and what it’s not. Mostly, I want to make it clear that rotational dating is not about sleeping with […]

Client Success Story: How Lauren Went From Divorced To Engaged

Today I want to showcase a success story very dear to me – that of Lauren, a young banking professional from California, who went from divorced to engaged to an amazing man while being a participant in my Inner Circle group coaching program. Lauren is now happily married and has enjoyed a dream honeymoon with […]

4 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

You are gorgeous, talented, strong and successful, have a great career and many friends. Why, then are you still single? While having a relationship is by no means the be-all, end-all to everything in life, it does increase our happiness by leaps and bounds if we have a loving partner by our side. Today, let’s […]