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Client Success Story: How Lauren Went From Divorced To Engaged

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Today I want to showcase a success story very dear to me – that of Lauren, a young banking professional from California, who went from divorced to engaged to an amazing man while being a participant in my Inner Circle group coaching program. Lauren is now happily married and has enjoyed a dream honeymoon with her husband.

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What’s special and inspiring about Lauren’s story is how she Rotational Dated until the very last minute, and how she bravely chose to not accept being a girlfriend, when her true desire was to be a wife.

Besides going from divorced to engaged and then blissfully married, Lauren has also learned important lessons about money mindset along the way, and that investing in ourselves and putting our desires first is the key to attracting not only soulmate love, but also more financial abundance in our lives.

Watch The Video Here – Lauren’s Journey From Divorced To Engaged:

YouTube video

Watch The Interview And Find Out:

  • 02:45 – 3 tangible results she got out of doing this work;
  • 04:40 – how she decided to join the Inner Circle;
  • 09:50 – how leaping in and investing in herself felt like;
  • 12:00 – how far she got with self-study program, and what the missing piece was for her;
  • 15:30 – the advice she got from me and the Inner Circle divas, when she was in love with a man who wasn’t giving her what she needed
  • 18:25 – why some relationship turn around with the Wunder tools, why some do not – and why having expert insight by your side can help you tell which is which;
  • 20:35 – how having Sami by her side was instrumental in taking the right decisions for her love life;
  • 22:53 – how she met her now-husband and how their dating unfolded;
  • 24:35 – why he didn’t propose at first, and how she found the strength to walk away; how her man came back and what it felt like to be “on the other side”;
  • 28:10 – how her life would be different, had she not done this journey of love empowerment;
  • 29:25 – how her relationship with money changed and how she went from being in fear and struggle, to manifesting abundance;
  • 31:55 – how a simple mental reframe changes our vibration around love AND money.

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Many bonuses away if, like Lauren, you take the leap and invest in yourself and your love happiness today.

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