If you’re a smart, independent woman, chances are, you already feel worthy of the money and success you have achieved in life. But – do you also feel worthy of LOVE? Truly worthy?

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As a top international relationship coach, I work with successful, ambitious, powerful women. These women have had to work hard to reach their status – and by ‘work,’ I also mean the inner work that is an absolute necessity in order to attract anything in life.

You see, the only way to enhance our capacity to receive good things, is to start by feeling worthy of them. When you do, your desires can enter your life.

It is the same with love – you have to first feel worthy of love, in order to attract it into your life.

How To Feel Worthy Of Love

You see, no amount of dating advice, tips or tricks or ‘strategies’ can help you manifest love, if deep in your heart you are feeling unworthy of it.

The path to manifesting your Soulmate in 2022 starts when you feel worthy of love.

Luckily for you, this healing doesn’t have to take years of therapy – in my world, transformation can happen FAST, when a woman decides to claim the love, confidence and happiness she was born to feel.

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How I Realized That I Am Worthy Of Love

Today, I am fortunate enough to be married to my soulmate Chris, who worships the ground I walk on. Our two beautiful boys, Aaron and Aditya, complete the picture of my dream family.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Just a few years back, I couldn’t sustain a man in my life for more than three weeks.

With my Master’s degree and impressive work credentials as an economist, on the outside, I was excelling. I had worked hard throughout my education and career, and having professional success felt naturally to me.

But when it came to my love life, it was a disaster.

Because I had not yet begun to feel worthy of love, I was only attracting men who would fizzle out or ghost on me…

The Turning Point For Me

Finally, after being dumped by a guy I’d thought things were going well with, I decided to dive right into studying romantic relationships, men, attraction, self-esteem and how our feeling worthy helps us manifest our desired outcomes.

What I learned changed my life. I finally figured out where I had been going wrong, and started my own inner work to feel worthy of love.

Because of this, I went from being the girl who lost men in 10 days, to being the girl who had high-quality men chasing her and begging her for her time and attention.

I was the girl men were talking about and noticing, in a good way. And I felt comfortable with, and worthy of, being noticed by high-value men!

I wasn’t turned off any more by men who treated me well (a classic sign that you’re not feeling worthy of real, healthy love!). Instead, these empowered men started to turn me on. I finally believed that I am worthy of love!

Within 9 months, I had attracted, dated, and gotten engaged to my husband Christopher while rotational dating (NOT rotational sleeping with) other high-quality men.

Thanks to this work that I teach today, I am able to feel worthy of, and sustain, this love in my life without sabotaging it, something I used to be SO good at before.

feel worthy of love

I have distilled the process that got me where I am today, into a 6-step soulmate attraction blueprint. This is the same process that, since 2016 alone, has led to 350+ engagements and hundreds of happy, healthy, committed relationships among my clients and community.

When you sign up for the FREE training – ‘Heal Your Worthiness & Attract Your Soulmate In 2022’ – you can not only discover this 6-step blueprint, but also get access to an exclusive, powerful meditation to practice, to cultivate the belief that you are worthy of love.


Enjoy the training, and here’s to feeling worthy of that amazing, romantic love that you dream of – because you ARE worthy of love already!

Cheering for your success in love, beautiful Diva Queen!

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