Did you know that in today’s online dating world, how you communicate over text is actually an art? In this article, I will teach you a few simple and effective skills of feminine texting that you can use to shine in the dating world.

You see, it actually takes SKILL to capture a high quality man’s attention in the online world, because his phone is so stacked with messages from all possible contenders.

Thus, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself among them – from the first contact on an online dating website or app, continuing on to messages exchanged afterwards and throughout the first stages of the dating process.

The Feminine Art of Texting – How to Stand Out in Dating

  I remember when my client Sonia first heard this, it really triggered her, and she got angry with me.

“Why should I bother to capture a high quality man’s attention through texting, Sami? Why can’t he do the work to capture my attention?”

I heard Sonia’s frustration, but if you know even a teeny-weeny bit about my work, you know that in the Wunder world we are never about “working hard” to get a man to pay attention to us.

But Sami Wunder couldn’t possibly be teaching you, that, could she?

In the Wunder world, we women shine our light and let the men come to US! That is high-value feminine energy.

As you will see, I’m not going to teach you to make efforts to capture a man’s attention. I’m absolutely not going to teach you to text a man first and pursue him!

And yet, here is what I have come to realize, and lovingly reminded Sonia too: The information overload that we are going through in today’s society is REAL. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email inbox…

We are overloaded, and we are overwhelmed. Even though it seems like everyone is connected, the reality is that we’ve never been more disconnected with “real” life.

And we women can either fight this truth, or we can understand that men’s phones are loaded with messages from 200 different media – not even counting dating apps!! This is the truth, and you can either fight it, or you can use it to empower yourself.

By learning the art of feminine texting (and by this I mean, the art of responding to his texts to you), that makes us stand out in a man’s inbox. The feminine art of texting that brings you the results you desire in your love lives!

“Even though it seems like everyone is connected, the reality is that we’ve never been more disconnected with “real” life.”

How to Text a Man

What is the art of feminine texting, you ask?

It’s when a woman knows how to switch on the different attraction triggers and curiosity switches in a man’s mind, based on the words she uses to converse with him…

When you learn the art of feminine texting, you WILL CAPTURE a high-caliber man’s attention in a way that will set you apart from the crowd and get him thinking about you… And this is a powerful result to achieve, because this means more phone calls, more real dates, AND a much higher probability of things moving forward for you with nice, high-value men…

I cannot tell you how many of my amazing, fabulous, diva clients innocently text in these boring ways:

Him: “Hi…”

Her: “Hi…”

Him: “How are you?”

Her: “I am good. And you?”

Him: “Good too…”

Her – waiting for him to ask something more, but he is bored as hell… And boredom is definitely an attraction-killer in dating!

Now look at this conversation instead:

Him: “Hi…”

Her: “Hey, tennis-playing handsome! ;)”

Him: “Haha. You spotted that in my profile. How’s the pretty lady doing?”

Her: “And why should I tell you?”

Him: “LOL. I have to work hard to even get to know that?”

Her: “You like working hard, don’t you? ;)”

Him: “Yes I do! 😉 How is Saturday evening looking for a date night?”

FEEL the difference?

While the first lady may be extremely intelligent, lovely and gorgeous, she’s not using the knowledge of attraction and how men’s minds work to her advantage during the texting phase.

On the other hand, the second lady, is swirling up a storm and creating palpable sexual tension in her conversation, even without being sexual at all.

Because of this, she will not get caught up in the texting trap (endlessly exchanging meaningless messages that lead nowhere). Instead, the man cannot wait to meet her – I can tell you that as an expert at attraction skills!

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So what is she doing? 

She is being personal (“tennis-playing handsome”), she’s being mysterious (“Why should I tell you?”), AND she is flirting in a come-get-me kind of way, without being sexual or overly forward at all!

In other words, she is pressing all the right attraction buttons in the man.

No wonder she has the date within minutes!

Ever seen a woman like that, who gets asked out so quickly online? On my part, I know I have! And I remember that such women used to piss me off majorly until a while ago. Annoying creatures!!!

But bottom line is, my darlings, that we have a lot to learn from these annoying creatures – because, consciously or unconsciously, use feminine texting – and as a result, they get results.

The bottom line, also, is that it pays to learn the skills of love, and your results in your love life are going to be directly proportional to your open-mindedness towards learning that which works.

And the Wunder work, WORKS!

And we have results like no other to show it, with hundreds of engagements! Go check out the success stories here.

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