How To NOT Get
Over-Invested In Early Dating

Without Appearing Closed Off Or Putting Up Walls With Men 

On this FREE live training, you will learn -

  1. What is over-investment and why does it hurt your dating success? 
  2. Recognize the symptoms of over-investment, so you can catch it quickly. 
  3. Three Practical Ways To Avoid Getting Over-Invested In Men In Early Dating 
I will be giving you content straight from my rave-reviewed, soulmate attraction program – Leap Into Love. 
Live Training – Thursday, May 26th 
Time – 8pm Berlin / 7pm London / 2pm New York 
Where – Private Zoom link will be emailed to you  

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About Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a leading international relationship and dating expert who specializes in working with ambitious, high-achieving women, helping them attract lasting romantic love.

As the CEO of a thriving 7-figure business, Sami currently serves a highly engaged, global clientele of over 85K followers across 40 countries. Her clients range from a Hollywood celebrity to UK TV stars to CEOs, bankers, lawyers, doctors, renowned authors, leading entrepreneurs and more.

To date, Sami Wunder’s company has served over 5000 premium clients and recorded over 350 client engagements and more than 375 committed relationships.

Sami is a sought-after expert in the media, appearing regularly in the Business Insider, Forbes and Time magazines, Glamour, BBC Radio, Channel 5, the Daily Mail, The Metro, Cosmopolitan and many more

A Gold medalist in Economics with a Masters degree in Public Policy, Sami has an inspiring story of career transition, from working in the international development sector, to becoming a love coach.

Her core work philosophy is empowering ambitious women who are looking to attract their soulmate, teaching high-value dating behaviours, feminine energy, and the importance of dating with boundaries and an empowered Diva mindset.

Services offered include online courses, group coaching programs, highly exclusive 1-2-1 coaching programs, and luxury retreats.

Out of all self-study programs, ‘Leap Into Love’ is the most advanced, and represents the culmination of Sami’s experience.

Sami is wife to Chris and mother to Aaron & Aditya, and lives in Germany.

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