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How One Woman Went From Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend To Getting The Ring

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Divas, please formally congratulate my beautiful and super soul Inner Circle client Lauren on getting MARRIED to the love of her life this past weekend!

Lauren joined this group almost two years ago, and for a long time, she was watching as a spectator, the success stories of the other ladies. Never could she have imagined that she would be such a success story herself in such a short time and how life could change for her when she invested in herself, got out of her comfort zone, and did the Wunder tools!

I remember how resistant Lauren felt at the start in investing in the programs. I lovingly pushed her and she listened, she took baby steps into love abundance with my audio programs. Things started to improve for her, she attracted many quality men, and her dates started to go amazing! Yet, all relationships would fizzle out before the final commitment! This left her feeling stuck and confused.

Finally, Lauren reached out to me over a private Facebook message or email, can’t remember which it was! But I remember her saying – that she felt so sick of broken relationships and trial and error and time wastage, that she was ready for the big investment and to give it her all. Lauren dived into the Inner Circle. Two months into the Inner Circle and some focused advice later (that was very hard to implement but she stuck through and did it, because she had made that huge investment), Lauren was engaged!

One year later, after continuing to work on herself and applying the tools in my Soulmates Forever program, Lauren is a happily married woman!

Lauren, I am SO proud of you my dear! I knew you always had it in you, you were always such a keen student and I’m so happy for you that you now have a man who thinks the world of you, treats you like a queen and most importantly, you see how easy love can be when we take ourselves seriously, learn and do the tools! You deserve every bit of the abundance life is showering on you!!

And now to you, the reader – If you’re new in this group or just hang around and watch other ladies succeed, I want to give you a loving nudge towards taking ACTION for your own success !

Take that little baby step forward!

I know it’s easy to hang around and learn bits and pieces of information and try to make sense of it and struggle and fail and waste time in trial and error but it’s NEVER going to lead to that powerful, overall TRANSFORMATION that you’re looking to create in your love life!

To have that kind of a bombastic result (the ring, the marriage, a marriage saved from divorce, a relationship saved from breakup) needs your full commitment, needs work from you that is more than just reading on the group.

So, today I encourage you to STOP RESISTING your own success and invest in yourself and your love life! Get over your doubts and for once, BELIEVE, that if it can happen for so many of my clients, it can happen for you too! I know it can if you take the needed action and do the work.

For the single divas, Leap Into Love, my most advanced self-study course (over 25 hours of materials in total) will give you everything you need to clear your blocks to love, master and embody feminine energy, understand men, and date with the confidence and the deep skills of a true feminine diva queen.  

For those already in a relationship, engaged or married, Soulmates Forever will help you understand men and the energetic dynamics of a committed relationship, so you can bring back the passion, intimacy and romance, and take your union to a whole new level of deep, soulmate love.

The truth of life is that the doors to our most desired solutions almost always stare us in the face but we need to have the awareness to recognize them and the courage to walk through them.

Will you?

Amazing things await you on the other side.

Your biggest fan,


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