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In this video I answer Kilo’s (from Greece) brilliant question on: “How Do We Deal With The Feelings Of Urgency In Dating And Relationships?”

Urgency is that feeling of “do or die” or “now or never” that we can often feel with a man. It makes us feel compelled to act in ways that do not necessarily help our relationship or the man’s attraction for us.

When urgency takes over, it is REALLY hard to get that feeling under control… We feel like we “must” act, else everything will slip out of control… It is a very disempowered place to be in.

AND – urgency is the last place you want to act from – when it comes to your romantic relationships. Not only does it lower out vibration, but the actions that we take in such moments can severely lower our high value in men’s eyes, and it can push our men away over time.

For instance, urgency can look like feeling compelled to chase a man (initiate contact) when dating or lashing out on your man when in a relationship, without choosing your words.

In this video, I outline 4 steps on how to deal with urgency, when it shows up within you. Learning these steps will help you remember them and put them into practice in the moment, when urgency strikes.

Whether you are dating, single or married – this will help all of you – even though it’s a slightly advanced kind of question for women who have already studied my work to a certain extent.

If you’re new to my work, dig in HERE if you’re single and dating, and HERE if you’re already in a relationship!ncy

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