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Overwhelmed by dating

How to Find Love when You Feel OVERWHELMED By Dating?

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Do you feel overwhelmed by dating or dating apps and don’t know how to start to find love?

Do you sometimes want to give up on dating altogether because you feel like, no matter what you do, you don’t get the results you’re looking for?

Do you ever worry at night thinking, “OMG, every year keeps passing. This year is also ending, my biological clock is ticking, will I ever find love and create a family?”

Do you ever feel tired and fed up with the idea of dating, but you feel forced to go through the torture of getting on dating apps, showing up to parties, literally MAKING yourself go out so that you can (hopefully) meet your soulmate?

Have you ever mustered up the courage to get on dating apps, but right away, it feels like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack?

I hear you and see you, gorgeous woman. You have invested so much time, energy, money into your career, into your education, into having a great body, into being healthy, so of course, you know that you deserve to attract a great man in your life that is a match for the kind of woman that you are. Yet still, the men you seem to be attracting are just not cutting it for you.  AGAIN, I TOTALLY HEAR YOU! I was, once upon a time, there where you are right now (overwhelmed by dating!) I had a Master’s degree, I was a trained economist, I was a scholarship holder for my Masters, and still, while I was meeting plenty of men, there was always something causing things to not work out. All the men I would meet were attracted to me, they’d want to sleep with me, but nobody was willing to make the commitment. Yet still, I kept dating, determined to find love. That was until I met a guy who broke my heart into a million pieces.  I thought he was the one, but after two months of dating, he ghosted me. He told me that I was a great girl, but that he was not looking for the things that I was looking for. I am so thankful to God that, at that point in my life, I recognized that I had to do something about my love life. But trust me, I was still on the verge of completely wanting to give up, I just felt so defeated… Now today, I am living a love story and have a life better than I could have imagined. I am a mom to two beautiful children. I am married to an amazing, adoring, empowered, masculine man, who is so in tune with my feelings, so in tune with my needs, such a giving, and generous man, such a great father, such a great lover. We’re soon going to be married for ten years and I am so privileged to be in the position where I can now help women, like you, have the same kind of love and more for yourself too. No matter what you’re feeling right now, no matter how overwhelming dating is feeling right now, I want to tell you that there IS a way.

So what is that way to date when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

It is to focus on energy instead of strategy when dating, especially at the start when you are feeling overwhelmed. This means that, just dating strategy alone, (how to meet a good man, where to meet a good man, what to say on a first date, how to show up on a first date), is important, but it’s not as important as first cracking the right ENERGY.

The number one mistake that I find women are making when they come into my world, is that they are trying to crack dating strategy before they have addressed their energy. 

Energy plus strategy is the winning combination! If you’re reading this, you’re likely feeling defeated or overwhelmed by dating, you feel powerless because you don’t get the results you desire. If you can relate, here’s my advice to you, “Don’t worry about strategy right now in dating. Don’t worry about, “What do I say? Which apps do I use? Where do I meet the men?” ALL of that is strategy and we GIVE you that in my programs.

What you really need to shift first is your energy, the energy in which you are approaching dating.

This might sound a little woo-woo & I totally get it! That is why I would like to give you a short introduction on understanding energy.

Energy is the way you approach things, how you feel your emotions & what you’re thinking when approaching dating.

You may be doing the right strategy, but the energy beneath has not shifted. In other words, if you don’t get that quick reply from a guy, if you don’t get the immediate result you want from a guy, if a man doesn’t text you immediately, you go into your wounded feminine energy!

This comes across as voices such as, “There are no good men out there. Dating apps are full of douchebags. Maybe I’m not attractive enough. Maybe I will never get this right. Maybe I will never find love” These are voices from your wounded feminine energy, these are not voices coming from your self-aware, self-loving self.  

They’re voices coming from the wound within you where you feel less than good enough, where you feel helpless and powerless to create the results you desire in your lovelife.

This is not your fault, we’ve all had our hearts broken, had bad experiences with men, had our trust broken.

We all have wounds from our love experiences. When you come from these wounds, and you bring the energy from these wounds into your dating energy and the way you are dating, it will cause dating to feel intimidating & overwhelming. The biggest shift you can make right now, without going into the strategy, is to commit to shifting the energy in how you date. Commit to feeling more empowered in dating. This means that you’re going to be shifting out of your wounded feminine energy into your empowered masculine energy. An example of this is the CEO archetype in the Sami Wunder feminine archetypes. You will approach your love life the same way you approach your career.  For example, if you’re a lawyer, and a client says, “I’m so helpless, I’m such a victim.” You’re going to tell them, “there’s always an option, there’s always a solution. We’ll fight for you!”  Or maybe, you’re an engineer and somebody comes to you with a problem they can’t solve, you’re going to channel your CEO energy and go, “of course, we’ll find a solution to this problem!”  I want you to start recognizing that you’re a very powerful woman! You feel powerful in your career, now it’s time to feel the same in your love life.  THIS is where my work comes in!

You are an empowered, badass career diva! What if you started bringing that same energy to your love life?

What if, when a man didn’t text you back, you didn’t make it about yourself?
What if you stopped taking his response to you personally?
What if you stopped expecting instant outcomes with men?
What if you understood that there may be some work to do on your energy & strategy before you start getting consistent results with men?
Well first, the biggest shift you can make is to tell yourself that all is not lost, that solutions are available, & that there are people like me, (if my work & energy feels aligned) excited to support you in getting the results you want.  You’re never, ever a victim, you’re a very powerful creator. For those of you who feel the power in the shift, I want to make sure you know about  Pink Tuesday and you’re on the waitlist.
PINK TUESDAY is the TUESDAY before Black Friday every year, in my world, where my programs go on sale for up to 70% off! The program I recommend for single women like yourself, who are looking to bring in their soulmate, shift their energy from disempowered to empowered, & then use the strategy that brings them results with men is Leap into Love.  I lay out my entire soulmate attraction method in this program, (which is an advanced self-study program.)  It’s deeply healing, (as it works with your energy) & deeply empowering (in terms of the strategy.) The strategy covers how you approach dating, what to say to a man, how to navigate, mid-level dating and even goes all the way to the engagement, marriage and building that happy relationship.
Leap into Love will be showing up in an amazing bundle package on Pink Tuesday, bundled together with the ‘Building Emotional Attraction’ program. If you know that you’re ready to shift the way you date, feel more empowered, (because the power rests in you) and take control of this aspect of your life, get on the Pink Tuesday waitlist ASAP! Click here to get on the Pink Tuesday waitlist, and you will hear from us as soon as the sale goes live on 22nd November, 2022. Dedicated to your success in love, Sami  x

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  1. Hello Sami and Divas!

    I am already on the waitlist. Can you make a payment plan and buy Leap Into Love with payments? I am so ready for the leap and want to invest.

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