Ah, the holidays – a magical time of the year, but also a bit of a relationship obstacle course.

Navigating through the tinsel and mistletoe can be tricky, especially with factors like long-distance, exes, and meeting new family members thrown into the mix.

So, let’s cozy up and chat about how to make this holiday season a smooth sleigh ride for your relationships.

Communication is the North Star:

I cannot remind you enough of this.

Talk about it all.

Imagine this: You and your partner are planning your holiday escapade. You’re dreaming of a snowy cabin getaway, while your partner is envisioning a beachside celebration.

To avoid landing in relationship turbulence, talk it out as concretely as you can.

Share your expectations, dreams, and any potential bumps in the holiday road.

It’s like creating your relationship holiday roadmap – the GPS for a smooth journey.

And this doesn’t just hold true for your romantic relationship. It is the same for your ‘other’ intimate relationships.

In our home for example, we celebrate Christmas eve with our in-laws but then on the first day of Christmas we are by ourselves.

These kinds of clear guidelines that have been communicated and understood in advance helps keep the energy clean and ensures we can all have a great time when we come together.

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Long-Distance Love:

Picture this scenario: You and your significant other are miles apart during the holidays. FaceTime becomes your holiday dinner companion, and you exchange virtual gifts. Plan visits when possible, and get creative.

Send surprise care packages, or better yet, order food delivery for each other and enjoy a virtual feast together. 🙂


Let’s talk about your ex, shall we?

The ghost of relationships past can haunt holiday gatherings or the ghost can just be on your mind if you are single.

Be transparent with your partner about any potential run-ins and establish boundaries.

It’s like declaring a ceasefire – everyone can enjoy the festivities without any awkward glances across the dinner table.

If you miss your ex during the holidays, you´re human. Just remember they are your ex for a reason.

You’d rather hug somebody who truly loves you 🙂

Meeting the Family:

Now, imagine meeting your partner’s family for the first time.

Nerve-wracking, right?

Share your excitement and concerns with your partner beforehand.

Be genuine, ask questions, and participate in their family traditions.

It’s like joining a new book club – you might not know all the characters at first, but soon you’ll find your place in the story. How exciting!

Dealing with Family Dramas:

Ah, family dynamics, the rollercoaster of the holidays.

Your partner’s uncle might have a few too many holiday spirits, and your aunt might bring up that cringe-worthy childhood story.

Stay positive, patient, and maybe pack a sense of humor.

It’s like being a holiday superhero – tackling challenges with a smile.

If it gets too much, say ‘excuse me’ and slip out of the annoying conversation gracefully to enjoy a glass of red wine with somebody more pleasant 😉

How to Navigate Relationships Over the Holiday Season

Creating Your Own Magic:

What if your partner’s holiday traditions clash with yours?

This can happen too.

Merge them into something uniquely yours.

Blend the spicy gingerbread of your traditions with the sweet sugar frosting of theirs. Voila, a holiday recipe for two.

Expectation Management:

Picture this: Your partner’s plan for a cozy night by the fireplace goes up in flames (figuratively). Don’t stress – the holidays are unpredictable.

Be flexible and find joy in the unexpected and in the little things.

It’s like unwrapping a mystery gift – you might be surprised.

How to Navigate Relationships Over the Holiday Season

Self-Care Amid the Holiday Hustle:

In the midst of the holiday whirlwind, take a breather.

Schedule a solo walk or indulge in a bubble bath.

If you want to spend time alone scrolling on Instagram, do that.

Nobody is judging you. It’s your holiday too after all 😉

It’s like recharging your relationship batteries, ensuring you both have the energy to deck the halls together.

Expressing Gratitude:

Finally, express gratitude.

Imagine this: Your partner’s mom went the extra mile to make you feel at home.

Thank her sincerely.

Gratitude is the magic dust that makes the holiday season brighter.

In the grand tapestry of relationships, the holiday season is just one colorful thread.

So, sip that cocoa, hold hands, and enjoy the ride.

May your holidays be merry and your relationship be bright!

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