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After my last post to you on why positive is forever attractive to men AND good for you, I’ve seen a big jump in happy hormones among my readership and clients. Everyone seems to make a conscious effort to be in a positive mode of mind and so many of you wrote to me personally that you didn´t want to be the grumpy, complainy ones for those around you. Well done I say and keep going!!!

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Now, today I want to talk to you about something that is very important in relationships and critical when it comes to understanding men –

How men want us to need them but not be needy!  

What is the difference you ask? It is a big one.

# Let´s look at what needing him looks like.

how to need a man without being needy

Needing a man in a relationship looks like making space for him to step in, do for you, your relationship and your children and allowing yourself to receive from him with joy without feeling weird or uncomfortable about it.

The truth is that masculine men love to be needed.

My husband is his happiest, most free, in-his-elements self when he can climb up dusty ladders and fix stuff in the house. All this, even though he has a classic desk job in an international organization. Being needed is an energy men love to experience in their relationship because they feel like they can do something for us and it lights up their masculine heart.

Now in contrast to this “needing a man,” which is a great skill in relationships, let’s see what “being needy” looks like :

This neediness, this feeling of latching onto a man and letting him drag you emotionally is what men run miles away from. It literally makes him go “ewww,” kills attraction and makes him want to “duck out” on you.

While needing a man comes from a place of feminine self-assuredness and the art of joyful receiving, being needy comes from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem. 

So next time, whether on a date or in your relationship, be mindful of your energy and whether you are in needing him mode or needy mode.

My clue for you to figure out this for yourself is this –

Just track your body this way and switch the energy with your new found awareness.

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I hope this information helps. I value EACH and every single one of you who reads this. If these posts have been helping you, supporting you, guiding you, you´re always welcome to comment below and let me know. It makes me happy! 🙂

If you have a friend who could use this too, gather some positive karma by forwarding this to her.

Until then, let’s give up neediness and let´s just need him the feminine way.

Sami Wunder

” Your book was brilliantly written, very engaging and so well conceptualized. I identify with every part of Marry-Me-Mara´s character but I am young and I know I can shift this around with knowledge. Thank you!” Teresa, Canada
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