The last few weeks have been personally challenging for me and taught me an important lesson about how
to not let work stress impact one’s marriage or relationship.

Things started to get hectic after Chris and I got back from a dazzling, luxurious weekend in Monaco where we hung out on a yacht with some cool and inspiring people, watching Formula 1.

Sami and Chris Monaco Weekend

Once we were home, we found out that both kids were going to be home the entire week because there was not enough staff in the kindergarten to support them.

This kind of sudden change in child support is not an ordinary change for a woman like me to handle.

I have a packed schedule, hundreds of clients whose energy I hold together inside Elevate, our six month live group support program, plus a team that needs my direction and vision on an on-going basis to run the company.

We somehow managed to gather our resources for one week and hold the fort together. I shifted my appointments, moved my commitments and so did Chris.

But the week after got worse because the kids got sick. Think high fever and irritable kids.

For those of you who are mothers, you will know the cycle.

First one child falls sick, then the next child falls sick and then inevitably, the parents fall sick. This is exactly what happened with both Chris and I following suit as the primary caregivers.

In all honesty, when this happened last week, I felt quite deflated. I felt so left behind on my piling tasks.

To make it even harder, our house helper got sick and couldn’t come in to help with cleaning the house or cooking healthy meals.

I rescheduled a lot of my meetings to have breathing space. Said a lot of no’s … drew boundaries left, right and center BUT I also felt left behind. And I projected that dissatisfaction onto Chris….

“When will I get everything done?’ was the chief concern on my mind.

So much so that Chris turned to me last Thursday and said – ‘Honey, we have to find peace in this chaos. Our amazing life is NOW! Not tomorrow or not when you have managed all your team tasks and replied to all your clients.’

It was a loving wake up call that my work stress is starting to trickle into my relationship.

So both Chris and I made a little pact.

We decided that we´re going to take it easier. We’re going to simplify our lives for the remaining half of 2022 and we’re going to make FUN and connection our priority.

If work is reaching the point of stress, I want to remind you that you too can make this choice. You too can follow your heart, your body and do what feels right for the whole of you including your relationship, not just the work part of you.

As for us, the truth is that we already have huge projects running currently that demand our time, attention and energy. We renovated our dream home last year and this year we are renovating the swimming pool and the gardens.

Let us just say that all of this requires a lot of staff management and attention to micro detail.

Plus, I am traveling a lot to see my clients and friends this year. In June, I am in New York meeting clients for VIP in-person intensives, then in July it is my birthday and I am traveling to Puerto Rico, again to meet some friends and to deliver some VIP client Intensives.

Then in September there is the amazing trip to Necker Island to meet Sir Richard Branson.
It is a fun, exciting and yet packed schedule.

Hence, for the second half of 2022, Chris and I have decided that we´re going to take it easy and as I said, prioritize what truly matters – Fun and family and love.

I have decided to say more ‘NO’, and personally I will not take the pressure to try to help all the women in the world that I know I can help with their love lives.

I am setting the intention to invite the most aligned clients and for them to find me with ease and joy.

Also, I am learning that it is safe for me to help my clients at a pace that works for me and not try to help everyone in one go.

With the Elevate launch just around the corner, we have decided to keep it really simple this time.
Elevate is our six months long live group coaching program that runs two separate tracks and program curricula – one for single women and one for women in relationships.

With the Gold option, you get six months of live coaching support from me and my team along with live coaching calls.

With the Elevate Platinum, you get private coaching sessions with my senior coach and if you’re lucky to be amongst the first ten women to sign up, also private time with me.

We’re already starting our invitation to the next round of Elevate this Sunday, June 19th, with the ‘No More Nice Girl’ advanced workshop that will be run by our Elevate coach Katrina Small, who has 15 years of experience in the coaching industry and is so deeply loved by all our clients.

You are very welcome to join this advanced training. It has received tremendously positive feedback from the women who have attended it last year.

No More Nice Girls Workshop

After this workshop, both single women and women in relationships will have a chance to book a call with Katrina and see if there’s a support option inside Elevate that can help them in achieving their love goals.

Next, in July, I am preparing a really fabulous Archetype training and quiz for you to take. This will be game changing in terms of the clarity it will bring our clients.

Finally, in August and September, Elevate will keep enrolling through loving invitations and meanwhile I plan to spend lots of quality time with my parents who will be finally visiting us after 2 years and meeting Aditya, my little one, for the first time.

Business is awesome and I love my work but there is something very attractive to me about being a woman that can hold it all together… and does not feel like she has to sacrifice her peace, her joy and her private life in order to be successful.

We were already a 7 figure business in the first quarter of 2022 which is a massive recognition of the positive impact this work creates in the lives of our clients. I have no doubt that if we continue to choose peace and alignment, the only way forward is up.

Thank you for being a part of my community and walking this journey together with me. I appreciate you and hold you dear in my heart.

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