Do you come up with solutions when a man shares his struggles with you?

Did you know that masculine energy men find this behavior emasculating?

If you’re a woman who is living more in your masculine energy, it is possible that you show your love to men by helping them solve their problems.

However you have to understand that this is a complete turnoff for empowered masculine men.

They feel emasculated by you when you do this.

What you perceive as showing your love to a man (rescuing him and alleviating his personal pain) is perceived by masculine energy men as a lack of trust as if they are incapable.

What Does An Empowered Masculine Man Value In A Relationship?

As a feminine woman, your magic lies in the art of connection, not in swooping in as the problem-solver for your man.

As feminine women, we’re naturally nurturing and caring, and it’s not uncommon for us to express our love by wanting to help, fix, or rescue the men in our lives.

But what if I told you that this might not be the best approach, especially when dealing with empowered masculine men?

Picture this: You’re a fantastic, career-oriented woman with a heart full of love to give. You’re in touch with your masculine energy when it comes to conquering your professional life, and that’s awesome!

However, when it comes to your romantic relationships, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics at play.

Empowered masculine men, the kind of partners many of us aspire to attract, perceive our attempts to fix their problems as something entirely different.

Let’s explore why.

Empowered Masculine Men Value Their Autonomy

Reason #1 Empowered Masculine Men Value Your Trust

When we rush in to solve a man’s problems, he might interpret it as a lack of trust in his ability to handle things on his own.

It unintentionally sends the message that we don’t believe in his capability, which is a major turnoff for empowered masculine men.

Let’s explore a scenario involving my Elevate client Jessica (name changed).

When Jessica came inside Elevate, she was upset and unsure.
Her boyfriend, Jake, had been acting distant and aloof for a while, and Jessica thought it had something to do with problems at work.

Jessica started to become overly involved in solving Jake’s career issues, coaching him, and giving him unsolicited advice – with a pure intention to show her love and support.

However, instead of appreciating her efforts, he became even more withdrawn. He was obviously losing interest in their relationship.

Her lack of trust in Jake’s ability to handle his own problems creates negative tension in their relationship.

Inside Elevate, Jessica discovered how to have confidence in her partner’s ability to handle his own problems and overcome challenges.

As a result, the couple is now engaged and in the process of planning their wedding.
Jake proposed in front of her family and friends and Jessica couldn’t be happier.

Elevate testimonial

Reason #2 – Empowered Masculine Men Value Their Autonomy

When you are trying to fix everything for a masculine man, it can make him feel emasculated, like he can’t be himself around us.

It’s important to create a relationship dynamic where they can confidently express their struggles without feeling the need to be rescued.

So, how can we navigate this delicate balance?

As a feminine embodied women, our strength lies in our ability to connect emotionally, empathize, and bring passion to our relationships.

Instead of jumping into problem-solving mode, we can offer warm empathy, understanding, and encouragement.

I once made the mistake of slipping into my masculine energy on a date with a fantastic guy. He opened up about the challenges his restaurant was facing, and instead of responding with feminine empathy, I drafted a detailed proposal on how he could improve things. Result? Radio silence.

The truth is, by displaying our feminine qualities, we become irresistible to empowered masculine men. It’s about being authentically ourselves, embracing our emotions, and connecting on a deeper, more intimate level.

If you find yourself constantly attracting men who need rescuing, it might be worth exploring your past. Many high-achieving women learned to express love through giving and helping, often rooted in childhood experiences.

Recognizing this pattern is the first step towards breaking free from it.

Ready To Attract Empowered Masculine Men In Your Life?

The key to attracting empowered masculine men is to embrace your feminine energy.

Be passionate, be empathetic, and be authentically you. The magnetic women who effortlessly draw in the right partners are those who embody their femininity without the need to rescue or fix.

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Get The Ring & Forever Commitment From A Man Who Is Your Match!
Get The Ring & Forever Commitment From A Man Who Is Your Match!
Get The Ring & Forever Commitment From A Man Who Is Your Match!
Get The Ring & Forever Commitment From A Man Who Is Your Match!


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