Hi. Sami here.

Here’s a brilliant question from an amazing private coaching client:

“Hi Sami. How do I stop thinking about a man I really like? From what I know you don’t encourage us women to do this but I just can’t stop thinking about this great guy I met recently and had a great date with. I think about him at home and even at work when I have time. Please help Sami. “

My Answer

This is such a brilliant question. If you know my work, you know I am all about energy in dating and relationships.

The highly effective feminine energy tools I lay out for you in my popular Ebook – “Your Feminine Roadmap To His Commitment” have already helped so many women create loving relationships with quality men in such small amounts of time.

However, even these super effective tools of the book will not help you if you spend hours of your day’s time “thinking” about a man you like – because from an energy perspective, that means that you are still “spending” your precious mental and emotional energy on the man.

It will disturb your vibration in the relationship / dating and that’s not something we want. Hence, the importance of this question which I have answered on this Facebook live stream video of mine –

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