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how to tell a man likes you

How To Tell A Man Likes You – 3 Sure Signs

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Here’s a simple yet crucially important question I got from one of my Inner Circle clients: “Sami, I’ve started dating a new man. How do I know if he’s really interested in me? How to tell a man likes you?” Read on to find out what advice I shared with my client!

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In my experience as a love coach for strong and successful women, and an expert at understanding healthy men, I’ve identified 3 major signs you can look for, in order to tell a man likes you. And I explain each of them in this short blog post.

What is important to understand is that each of these three signs is a necessary condition, but not a sufficient condition.

In other words, if you want, without a doubt, to tell a man likes you, you need to observe all the three sings at the same time. Thus, just one or just two of them do not necessarily signify sufficient attraction and romantic interest on a man’s part.

Keeping that in mind, let’s dive in!

Here are the three main things to look for, to tell a man likes you!

Sign #1: He Keeps In Touch With You

When a healthy, empowered masculine man likes a woman, he takes action.

At the most basic level, this means that he’s often in touch with you. No matter how busy or shy he may be, an interested man communicates with you. He calls you. And he texts, too. He likes your social media posts (although I don’t recommend keeping the men you’re dating as ‘friends’ on social media to begin with!)

And it’s really very simple: if he’s not keeping in touch regularly, his level of interest is not high enough. Think of how simple and easy it is for you to grab your phone and send a text message. It barely takes 2 minutes. And it’s the same for a man – very simple and quick to show interest by contacting you.

Interested men show up and communicate with you. They don’t ghost you. They don’t leave you second-guessing. And they don’t disappear in communication for a month and then come back.

This is all hot and cold behavior, and it’s something I teach my clients to steer clear of.

With a man who likes you, you will not need to initiate communication. There will be no need for you to remind him you exist. He will be the one making an effort reminding YOU that he exists!

Hence, without this first element of a man keeping in touch with you, you cannot tell a man likes you.

“Interested men show up and communicate with you.”

A Happy Couple

Sign #2: He Makes Time For You

Not only will an interested masculine man stay in touch with you often, but he will ALSO make time for you. And this means ‘real life’ time, and real dates and activities together. 

You see, a masculine man who really likes you will not be content with just texting or hearing your voice. He will want to see you in person and spend as much time as he can in your presence. And he will also want to make you happy. This is one of the biggest traits of healthy masculine men.

Moreover, time is a man’s biggest currency. When someone is successful and has their life going on for them, the biggest gift they can give you is the gift of their time.

This is really important, because so many men will trap you in zone one, where they just communicate with you and like all your pictures and send you “Good morning, sunshine” and “Good night, moonshine” messages, but never really make time for you.

Thus, a man making time to see us in real life is the second necessary (yet not sufficient) condition to tell a man likes you romantically.

“He will want to see you in person and spend as much time as he can in your presence.”

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Sign #3: Consistency!

What do I mean by consistency? I the dating phase, I mean that he should want to be seeing you at least once every week.

Now, men who date you and just see you once a month or twice a month and it never moves forward beyond that point, lack consistency. This doesn’t mean they are bad men. Or that they are actively trying to string you along in an evil, manipulative way. Healthy masculine men don’t play mind games like that. Nonetheless, it does mean he is not interested in you enough.

This behavior confuses even my most amazing clients, because they can see that the man takes SOME action towards them. But somehow, they miss hearing often enough from him.

And they miss having enough time with him and they can get into this trap of “sort of” emotionally investing in a man. A man who is not giving them what they know, deep inside their hearts, that they deserve.

This is the case no matter how very attracted you may feel towards a man, no matter how much chemistry might be in action on your part. And if there is a lack of consistency on a man’s part in keeping in touch and making time for you – then you cannot tell a man likes you!

A healthy, masculine man who likes you romantically doesn’t leave you guessing. He doesn’t leave you confused. He takes action to chase you, impress you, and claim you as his.

“A healthy, masculine man who likes you romantically doesn’t leave you guessing.”

A Happy Couple


Summing Up: How To Tell A Man Likes You

In conclusion, the most important thing to remember when trying
to tell a man likes you is to not fall for words, and instead to look for actions.

And there are three elements that all need to be present: regular communication, real-life time, and consistency.

By remembering these three sign, you will tell a man likes you or not, and avoid falling for anything less than that.

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  1. From reading your How to tell a MAN like you pushed every button in the relationship I’m in he would tell me I don’t have time to stop and text you just call me and I never get a call back for a week. My relationship is ong distance and I miss texting and talking to him even more because I don’t get the communication that he is really interested in me also I just texted him after a 3 day text of no answer I just you have forgotten about me thanks for your info

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