It was such a privilege and so much fun to be invited on David Ralph’s Join Up Dots business podcast, and to share my knowledge and expertise on how women can have wild, fierce, blissful success in BOTH business AND their love lives!

I loved being on the show. David made me feel so welcome and so comfortable!

Join Up Dots is the UK’s number one business podcast, with an impressive 6 million downloads and counting!

In my interview on Join Up Dots, David and I had a one-hour-long, deep yet fun conversation covering both the basic principles of my work, and also my own history as an entrepreneur.

In this show episode, I talk about:

And lastly…

I shared my story about my former career and a life that wasn’t right for me, and the transition that led me to become a global love coach (including a very vulnerable share from me about the risks I took at the beginning, financially and emotionally).

Click here to listen to my Join Up Dots interview!

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