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What if you could easily learn the exact mindset and feminine energy SKILLS that got me the relationship of my dreams and a ring on my finger, after 7 years of struggling in dating?

AND - What if you could do it without having to dumb down or play small or less intelligent, or constantly lose weight to be “sexy” enough for men?

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So my darling lady - What if there was another, more empowered way in love that works with men and keeps your self-respect, success and independence intact?

I want to tell you, there IS!

What I teach you here as part of the Diva Dating Toolkit helped me get out of my endless spin of unsuccessful dates, attract my amazing husband Chris, build the marriage of my dreams with him, and enjoy the bliss of motherhood.

And thankfully, I didn’t have to dumb down to attract this. I still get to be CEO of a heart-centred, super successful company that serves women across the globe and helps them create their dream relationships, just like I did - and so can you!

Hi there, my diva lady! My name is Sami Wunder and, as a leading global dating and relationship expert, I help professional women who’ve got their careers sorted, sort out their love lives and attract their dream man.

My work is based on the philosophy that we women shouldn’t have to choose between love and success!

We get to have it ALL – both love and success!

The success part you’ve most probably already mastered, and the love part I will help you master!

Since 2016 alone, over 180 of my clients, all professional, successful single women from across the globe - doctors, lawyers, bankers - have attracted their forever men and gotten engaged using the exact professional dating skills, techniques and tools that I am giving away to you at this throwaway price, as part of the Diva Dating Toolkit today.

Such client results are unheard of in the relationship coaching industry, and my clients are CREATING them because what I am teaching you here about men and romance, WORKS!

100% secure payment, and we value your privacy. The files will be delivered instantly to your email upon purchase.

“I am forever grateful to Sami. It is through her work that I attracted and married my husband at 44 years of age. She is a miracle worker.”

~ Carla, United states

“My dating life was non-existent before Sami. I dived into her work with fear and hesitation but was rewarded with returns beyond my wildest dreams. I am engaged to be married to a man who thinks I am his world. We are getting married this November in California.”

~ Lisette, United states

“Sami’s work changes lives and even though she is a love coach, her tools work with all relationships across the board, not just men. I have done all of Sami’s low-end to high-end programs, and yes, it helped me find my amazing husband - but more than anything, it helped me find and love myself.”

~ Natalie, United Kingdom

100% secure payment, and we value your privacy. The files will be delivered instantly to your email upon purchase.

My work is not magic, but it feels like it.

In fact, the rapid rise of my company and phenomenal clients’ results actually got my work featured on Forbes magazine, Time, ThriveGlobal and many more, and the Daily Mail and BBC Radio hailed me as the “Get The Ring Coach”.

And while all of this success is really cool, I still like to believe that my biggest credential lies in once being where YOU are today and having overcome the exact same struggles and insecurities in dating that you face, to create my wonderful marriage now.

I know that, given where you are, it may sometimes seem like there are no quality men around that are a match for you, with all your success, strength, integrity and intelligence.

In fact, I’ve been there myself.

Even though I had a Master’s degree and was working at a reputable international development organization, here’s the kind of man I was dealing with in my dating life, day in and day out:

The man who disrespects you the minute after meeting you, by going on his phone on the date or talking about his ex.

The man who makes you feel like a Goddess for one night, and is seen out with someone else the next day.

The man who texts, and texts, and flirts and flirts, but never asks you out(I call it the Texting Trap in my coaching terminology).

The man who only asks you out when it’s convenient for him, and this is just twice a month (Mr. Unavailable).

The man who calls and writes, and things seem to be going just fine, until he disappears one day, and breaks up with you over text a month later.

The truth is that, even though I was always “a catch” on paper, there is no dating failure that I haven’t experienced firsthand. I was the queen of attracting a man and losing him in 10 days, and the harder I tried, the faster I lost them.

It was frustrating. Heartbreaking. Confusing. Lonely.

It amazed my mind how a reasonably good-looking, well-educated, sensitive woman like myself could possibly have to go through so much drama to attract a high-caliber man and create a loving relationship with him.

The pattern continued until I decided I'd had enough. The defining moment was the one when a man who I thought was “The One” for me decided to dump me after 2 months of intense, electric dating.

I stopped, I reflected, I decided to take control of my love life and to study the messages that would change my love life forever.

Today, I am the wife of a man who worships the ground I walk on. I get breakfast in bed, surprise gifts, compliments galore, exciting dates, and I never ever have to doubt his love or his commitment. I also get to be CEO, a high-multiple 6-figure earner, and a mother.

You Can Have This, TOO!

A Love Without Compromise, That Makes You Feel Safe & Cherished, Like You Were Born To Be!

100% secure payment, and we value your privacy. The files will be delivered instantly to your email upon purchase.

The Diva Dating Toolkit is my intro level, basic program that will teach you all you’ve ever been curious to know about high-value dating, and everything you’d never even think to ask, including topics like:

How to become the kind of woman who has her pick of quality men…

How to make the man you want, actually pursue YOU relentlessly…

How to keep his attention and affection over the long term…

How to avoid common dating mistakes that make him run the other way

How to stop sabotaging yourself and your relationships

… and so much more!

Here Is What’s Inside The Toolkit

that will be delivered to your email inbox as soon as you purchase it:

1. Your Feminine Roadmap To His Commitment

This ebook of mine will lay the solid foundation you’ll need to date and feel like a goddess, using the life-changing concepts of feminine and masculine energy.

Understand this concept, and the gates to romantic happiness will be forever open for you.

2. Diva Affirmations

An mp3 recording of 333 affirmations to give your feminine energy a boost, before a date or after one, or anytime you need a vibe uplift. This audio alone will reconnect you with your self-worth and grow your confidence beyond what you ever thought possible.

Listen to it as you go about your day, rewire your brain, become a woman of high standards, and watch the men in your life start treating you accordingly.

3. Be The Woman Men Fall For

An recording of a 60-minute live webinar I hosted with the relationship guru Bob Grant. We talk about the biggest, glaring mistakes that make men run, dealing with conflict without turning men off, and the two “gold behaviours” that make a guy fall for you, and you alone, among other things.

One hour with the leaders of the industry, a lifetime of better luck with men.

That is a whole lot of life-transforming information and answers, for a very small investment.

Why would I offer this to you at this low price?

Well, firstly because I am grateful for your time, and secondly I am truly passionate about women having happier, more empowered love lives.

Thirdly, in the spirit of full honesty, the reason why I give this away at such a low investment is because it sets a great introductory base for women who download it, and many women progress to become my clients and ask for advanced support because they love the information on the Toolkit SO MUCH !

So it’s a win-win for both you and me.

But seriously - I want you to have the love story of your dreams, so I'm giving you everything you'll ever need for the price of a few movie tickets or Starbucks coffees.

And really, who needs the movies, when you can star in your own? ;)

100% secure payment, and we value your privacy. The files will be delivered instantly to your email upon purchase.

Oh, Did I Forget The Bonuses?

Cause you're getting four!

Bonus #1: DO's and DON'T's For An Amazing Date

This cheat-sheet will make sure things run as smoothly as they possibly can. You can’t help but feel more like a diva when you walk into the room prepared. Trust me, he will notice.

Bonus #2: 20 Everyday Places To Meet Men

Once you know what to do with a guy, all that remains is to find him. With this cheatsheet, you will learn to see opportunity everywhere you go.

Bonus #3: How To Write An Amazing Online Profile

The information in this guide will get him hooked before you say a word. This is your chance to lock eyes across the room, without leaving your room. Old-time magic, modern tools. 

Bonus #4: 5 Ways To Recognise Online Scammers

You can never be too safe. Once you start to practice the principles I teach, you’ll have a protector of your own in no time. For now, let this guide keep the bad apples out of your basket.

So Much Support With Just One Easy Download!

Doesn’t this make the Diva Dating Toolkit quite a treat?

I sure think so. And the diva inside you, the one ready to grow into her romantic potential, she deserves treats. In fact, she needs them to blossom!

You ARE a diva, my darling lady. It’s time to date like one.

100% secure payment, and we value your privacy. The files will be delivered instantly to your email upon purchase.

“Sami is the greatest coach I could ever ask for. She helped me own my queen and inspire my man to marry me - the same man who was acting so cold towards me that I was ready to break up! Her work, works.”

~ SHAHRZAD, canada

“I am engaged to the love of my life and I couldn't be happier! All I can say is, do the inner work and implement Sami’s advice, and you WILL manifest Grand Love in your life!! Sami, THANK YOU from the bottom of my Heart.”

~ Lynne, United States

“Thank you, Sami, for making my dreams possible! I write this sitting in the comfort of my man’s arms and safe in his love. The struggles are finally gone.

~ vicky, Spain