ELEVATE, or popularly called my Inner Circle, is our powerful, 6-month group coaching program, with extensive live video coaching support, for successful women who desire to attract an empowered, masculine energy man + those who'd like to elevate their current relationship or marriage for deepened intimacy & love.

And they want to do it with ease, joy & fun!

Join ELEVATE & Be Part Of Sami Wunder's Inner Circle Until The End Of January 2022!

With ELEVATE, we are going to show you how to 'elevate' yourself energetically to attract your soulmate or create your next level love with the man in your life right now.

This program is the proven way to fast-track results in your love life, without frantically pushing or trying hard with men.

It is THE place where women and their love lives change forever.

As our signature program, the Inner Circle has the maximum number of client engagements, happily-ever-afters and healed marriages.


Life-Changing Client results

How Exactly Do We Help Our Clients Get Such Phenomenal Results?

Group Coaching

23 Live, Interactive Coaching Calls

Get direct access to the Diva Queen Sami Wunder herself and to her team of personally trained coaches! They will answer your individual questions, share their expert insight to your specific situation, and hold your hand throughout your journey. 

All calls are happening on the weekend, to make it easier for the busy woman to attend.

World-Class Love & Attraction Skills

8 Content-Rich Modules

A well-structured, multi-media curriculum that is guaranteed to give the high-powered woman the love success she wants. Choose the track that best suits your personal love situation (single / dating, or married / in a relationship).

A Global, Highly-Active

Facebook Support Community

Meet gorgeous, intelligent women like yourself, from all around the world, walking the same journey as you and giving you sisterhood and support as you implement the life-changing Wunder knowledge. Sami & her associate coaches are also personally there to support you.

Click the buttons below to quickly jump to the information that interests you most!

Single / Dating Track

Married / Relationship Track

Interactive Live Coaching Support For 6 Full Months!

(calls on the weekend)

In this live coaching program, you will be supported both directly by me, Sami Wunder, and also by your amazing diva mentors Natalie Deadman and Katrina Small.

Natalie & Katrina are both former clients (now happily partnered themselves - read their stories below!) and they are my personally-trained supporting Associate Coaches.

The Live Coaching Support That You Get

12 LIVE Group Coaching + Q&A Calls delivered over 6 months:

6 VIP LIVE Group Calls with Sami Wunder herself (60 mins each).

Value: €6000

6 LIVE Group Calls with Associate Coach Natalie Deadman (60 mins each). Value: €3000

BRAND NEW: 6 LIVE Content Anchoring Workshops:

Group calls delivered by Associate Coach Katrina Small during the 6 months of the program.

Value: €500 each (€3000 total)

3 Hands-On LIVE Implementation Workshops:

Group calls delivered by Associate Coach Natalie Deadman during the 6 months of the program.

Each call will be 90 mins of pure tools-practicing and interactive coaching for the ladies who participate live. 

Value: €1000 each (€3000 total)

2 LIVE Energy-Setting Group Calls directly with Sami Wunder

Alignment & Vision Call, at the start of the program (40 mins).

Value: €1500

Wrap-Up & Jetsetting For Success Call, at the end of the program (40 mins).

Value: €1500

Total Value Of The Live Coaching Support – €18,000!

+ A Fantastic Facebook Community Supporting You!

You also get to be part of a private Facebook group community, where your diva sisters will be there, 24/7, cheering for you, supporting you and keeping you accountable.

The coaches will also check in from time to time. Expect surprise visits from me, too! :)

Self-study is awesome, but our clients are pulled towards the Inner Circle because of the element of live coaching support.

It is what gives you the cutting edge when it comes to creating momentum and real hands-on results through mentorship and expert advice on your particular situations.

Value: Priceless

Program Structure For Single Divas


Onboarding Like A Diva + Fast-Track Manifestation

Admin Onboarding:

We start with your warm Diva welcome to my personal Inner Circle.

In the admin section of this module, you will get acquainted with the program with step-by-step guidance videos on how to make the best use of the support & resources, and feel at home straight away with your fellow diva sisters.

You will find answers to questions like:

*  How do I make time for Inner Circle in my busy life?

*  Where do the live calls happen, and how do I join them?

How can I get an Accountability sister?

*  How to make the best use of the program?

*  Why is is important for me to take personal responsibility for my results, and how do I do that?


In this powerful 90-mins foundational workshop, I give you the formula for using your energy to fast-track manifestation of the results you desire in your love live.

You're a freaking powerful creator & manifester, and we will show you how to manifest ON FIRE!

Just doing this alone will elevate your soulmate-attraction to the next level.

You will find answers to questions like:

* What is Manifestation and what are its 3 stages?

* Why does it take so long for some women to manifest their soulmate, vs. others who seem to have it really easy & fast?

* How do you overcome your own resistance that keeps you from manifesting the love you desire?

* How do you hold your energy during the 'bridging' process to fast-track my soulmate manifestation?

* How can you get out of an energetic funk quickly & get back on your Soulmate Manifestation Bridge?

* What are some practical methods you can use, to keep your energy and your manifestation power high?


Full video program

Emotional Triggers Management

Learn Sami Wunder's practical 4-step process to identify, work with, and heal your triggered emotional reactions, so you can nurture healthier relationships with men and everyone around.

Video masterclass

Top 10 High-Value Behaviors In Dating

While high-value feminine dating is a module of its own later on, this masterclass gives you the fundamentals right at the start, so you can begin dating with confidence throughout the program.

Video masterclass

The Feminine Art Of Texting

Learn how to text your way into his heart by using the flirty, fun scripts Sami provides! And while you can always turn to the support community when stuck, this training will give you numerous models to follow as you find your own voice to communicate with men.

PDF workbook

Initial Self-Assessment Questionnaire

To get where you want to be, you need to have clarity on where you are starting from. This PDF questionnaire will help you determine your baseline in several different categories, from your mindset, to your beliefs about men and love, to your self-care and self-love.

Practical PDF reports & cheat-sheets

Online Dating Profile Writing + Early Dating 101 + Recognizing Men Who Are Not Your Soulmate!

Motivational audio

I Feel...

This super-short and super-effective affirmations audio was created by Sami specifically for the BUSY woman. Just 7 minutes long and MP3 format, anyone can incorporate this into her day, for a boost in positivity, high energy, and good, feminine vibes.


Take Your Power Back!

This is a real game-changer. Declutter the emotional stories of the 'little girl' that hold you back energetically! 

We will dive deep into the concepts of living in your Empowered Masculine and Feminine Energies, and ELEVATE to your next level love, as you bridge towards your soulmate.

This module will teach you:

*  How to recognize Wounded vs. Empowered energies, in the men you are dating and in yourself.

*  How both your Feminine and Masculine energies play a role in bringing your amazing man into your life.

*  How to identify, heal and manage your own 'victim voices' that might be keeping you stuck.

*  How to release your disempowered stories in order to move forward in love.

*  How to let go of an unavailable man, and how to deal with the pain that comes with it.


Loving Yourself & Finding Inner Confidence

No more doubting your worthiness as a woman! 

This module will give you all the tools and skills you need to dive deep inside your heart, to claim your self-worth (that's always been inside of you but that you've struggled to access or believe in), to own the FISH out of who you are, and never again wallow in self-doubt.

Men will feel the magic of that pure self-love and self-trust!

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Why don't I ever feel good enough, no matter what I achieve? 

*  Why do I feel the need for validation from men?

*  How to heal that 'needy girl' inside of me? 

*  How can I validate and love myself, and fill that void inside, that I try to fill with men?

*  How can I trust myself more, and vibrate that energy in all my choices?

*  How to feel 'good enough' for an amazing man, and not compare myself to other women, their looks or their achievement?

*  How do I access feeling Diva and like 'The Prize' in front of men that I like? 

Bonus Foundational Workshop

Connecting Emotionally With Men

In this 90-mins recorded workshop, I will be showing you the secret to not being the woman men like to be 'friends' or 'friends with benefits' with, but rather the woman they want to marry!

The secret lies in learning how to build emotional connection with men. I will show you exactly how.


Feminine Energy Magic

The secret to your allure when it comes to high-value men lies in your Feminine Energy.

In this almost-2-hours-long video workshop, you're going to get in touch with the part of you that you may have suppressed for long.

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Do I have to dumb down or play small to get a man? (Hint: Nope!)

*  Why do I regularly attract lazy, passive men?

*  How can I start attractive proactive, masculine men? 

*  How can I be more in my Feminine Energy on dates and be irresistible?

*  How do I deal with men who ask me for favors or help? 


High-Value Feminine Dating

Feminine Energy embodiment at its best! 

In this module, you're going to learn the ins and outs of Feminine Energy magic, why men respond to it so powerfully in dating, and what dating like a High-Value woman looks like.

At the same time, we'll be teaching you how to manage your emotional attachment early on in the dating process, to avoid any potential heartbreak. 

This module also covers online dating, and includes done-for-you scrips and skills on communication with men. 

You will find answers to questions like:

*  How to be more in my body and Feminine Energy around men, vs. overthinking?

*  How to manage my level of emotional attachment in early dating?

*  How to Rotational Date like a Queen, and what are the logistics of doing it?

*  How do I handle men's reactions to Rotational Dating? 

*  How do I know if the No Girlfriend Speech is right for me, and when to use it? 

*  How to online date without exhaustion and have FUN while connecting with men? 

*  What are the common red flags to watch for, and how can I quickly spot men who are not right for me? 


Healing Intimacy Fears & Clarity On The Right Man

Do you tend to sabotage a good relationship? Do you secretly feel afraid that being with a man will take away your hard-earned freedom and independence? 

If the answer is 'yes,' then this module is for you. It will help you identify, overcome and heal any intimacy fears that might be operating under the surface for you. Priceless! 

Plus, we're going to show you how to get crystal clear on the kind of man you're looking to attract, by nailing down your Non-Negotiables, Deal-Breakers and Minimum Standards, so that you can choose a HEALTHY, loving man who treats you like a Queen. 

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Why do I want to run away from every relationship that is good? 

*  Why do I get bored of good men and want to sabotage the relationship? 

*  How do I heal the fear of losing my freedom and independence when in a relationship?

*  How do I define clearly what I want in my Soulmate?

*  How to stop choosing men who break my heart?

*  How to differentiate between chemistry and physical attraction, on the one hand, and a real connection, on the other? 

*  How to choose a healthy man for myself? 


Mastering Vulnerability & Strong Boundaries

Vulnerability + kick-ass healthy boundaries - the hallmark of an elevated Feminine Goddess!

In Module 6, you will learn how to be a soft invitation to men with your vulnerability, but also learn how to create Diva boundaries and say that easy 'no,' so there's never a fear of being taken for granted, ever again.

You will find answers to questions like:

*  How can I embrace my vulnerability and emotions more, while being an independent-headed woman?

*  What is the difference between High-Value vulnerability and low-value vulnerability?

*  How to inculcate feminine softness that is so alluring to men? 

*  How to express your feelings and emotions, in a way that they bring men closer vs. pushing them away?

*  How to handle your emotional triggers, so that they don't sabotage your relationship? 

*  How to develop rock-solid boundaries and feel safe expressing yourself to men? 

*  How to say 'no' without guilt and drama? 

*  How to learn to walk away from any man that isn't giving you what you desire? 


Understanding Men

They're different to us women!

To round up the program, in the final Module you will learn how to communicate with men, connect & pace your commitment timeline with a man, to go all the way to forever commitment and not just a girl he 'sees.'

You will also learn the art of creating Positive Tension with men - and get to have a lot of fun with it. :) 

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Why you have to build your capacity to receive from men, if you want to attract a healthy man into your life.

*  Why healthy men have no issues with your 'no' and boundaries, contrary to how you think.

*  How to connect with a man's heart and create emotional safety for him.

*  Why do men fizzle out after coming on strong at the start? 

*  How to keep a man's attraction going strong after a few weeks and months? 

*  What are some practical things any woman can do, to create Positive Tension in her interactions with men? 

*  How to stop being a 'fixer' woman, and be a Seductress instead.

Value Of Training Materials Provided: €7000

Selected Success Stories - IC Graduates Who Found Love

Nidhi Got Engaged In 7 Months, After Finally Deciding To Deep-Dive Into The Work & Get Support

Sami's work completely changed my love life. I came in as a skeptic and turned into an avid believer!

As a successful engineer for a cloud tech firm, I used to believe that men are intimidated by my success, or are complete douchebags.

Today, after having deep dived into Sami's work, at 37 years of age, the day has come when I get to go out shopping for my wedding dress, and I know this is all thanks to Sami. My fiancé proposed to me on a holiday he took me on in Singapore.

It wasn't easy for me to give up control and lean into my Feminine Energy at first, being a feminist. But, once you realize the power of softness and strong boundaries and what Sami teaches, you experience miraculous results.

The only regret I have is not starting earlier with Sami's work, and spending 2 years just half-doing the smaller programs. It was the deep dive that made the biggest difference.

My fiancé treats me like a queen, and our wedding date is due for January. I thank God and my sister for bringing Sami into my life.

I have everything I ever wanted, and I plan to go into Sami's relationship programs next, to forever sustain the beautiful love I have attracted.

~ nidhi, india // SINGLE TO ENGAGED

At 40, Sònia Got Engaged To The Love Of Her Life & Also Attracted Her Dream Job

I just got engaged to the love of my life and I am extremely happy! But I was not just 'lucky' - I made a huge investment in myself and a lot of deep inner work to get here.

My love life had always been... miserable. Nothing lasted more than a few months for me. Two years ago, when a man told me he 'wasn't feeling it for me anymore,' I told myself that love if not for me. I was ready to give up on my dreams of love and family.

My intuition told me that I was the common denominator in all my failed dating experiences, but I was exhausted and did not know what to do.

Then I found Sami Wunder, and recognized myself in every word she said. She gave me hope once again. Whenever I implemented Sami's teachings, I saw immediate changes.

The investment in the Inner Circle and other programs was all so worth it, every single penny - I would do it a thousand times more.

And it's not only about the man. I also attracted the job of my dreams, where I get to travel the world, VIP style, and can make a great living from my passion.

This work has made such a difference in my whole life!


Jay Went From Chronically Single To Happily In Love From The Inner Circle Singles Group

I was the smart, sexy, successful and chronically single woman, when I found Sami Wunder through a friend who invited me to go to her live event at the Shangri-La in London.

I felt a connection with Sami, and knew that I needed to do something if I wanted things to look different in my love life.

I did a deep dive with Inner Circle, which back then felt like a crazy amount of money.

3 months into the program, I remember I had no dates, and Sami reminding me to trust and have faith.

Well, today I am celebrating a year of meeting my most wonderful man. He takes me to the races, invites me on holidays, introduces me proudly to all his friends. I have never been happier, and it feels so good to see my career success come full circle with success in my private life, too.

Even if I put the wonderful man aside, Sami's work helped me regain my sense of self-worth, have strong boundaries, taught me how to lean back in my Feminine Energy with men - and that has been priceless to implement in all aspects of my life.

I am so grateful to Sami and this work, and recommend it wholeheartedly to all my friends and all women who want to experience personal fulfilment and love in their lives.

~ JAY, United kingdom // SINGLE TO happily coupled

Natalie Attracted Her Amazing Man Within 6 Months Of Working With Sami

Sami Wunder's work Is 100% authentic, inspiring & life-changing!

It provides the most in-depth and expansive understanding I have seen so far, about creating a vivid, loving and solid relationship, with ourselves and with the man in our lives.

It's so easy to read reviews and not whole-heartedly believe them, but I want to tell you that this photo of mine shows nothing but the truth behind the results this programme has got for me.

Within 6 months of starting to work with Sami, I attracted a naturally flowing, happy relationship with an incredible man.

We had a beautiful wedding in Scotland in March 2018, and my husband continues to passionately go out of his way to see me radiant and content every single day.

Thank you, Sami, for doing what you do!

~ NATALIE, United kingdom // SINGLE TO MARRIED

Lauren's Man Proposed To Her Within A Month Of Joining The Inner Circle For Singles.

I joined Inner Circle at what felt like the biggest investment of my life back then.

I came out of it with a ring on my finger from my soulmate, and an empowered mindset at all levels: men, money, and relationships.

Sami's work is not for the weak-hearted, but if you're ready to truly grow and uplevel and be a diva, you're in the best hands.

~ lauren, United States // SINGLE TO MARRIED

Carla Got Engaged In The Inner Circle & Received Support For Navigating Her Relationship

I joined the Inner Circle after deeply resonating with Sami's smaller self-study programs. I had been struggling for a decade with relationship crash courses and books as a single mum of a teenager.

When I found Sami, I knew I had found my love coach.

I am now happily married to the love of my life, and I was so happy that Sami was there to celebrate our wedding day in Laguna Beach.

I am so blessed to have met Sami, and the support in her Inner Circle and the community that she has created is phenomenal.

~ Carla, United States // single to married

Lisette Attracted Her Husband, Two Months After Being Supported In The Inner Circle

What can I say? I had my share of ups and downs in the journey of attracting my soulmate.

I was in the Inner Circle when a man I thought was my one, fizzled out on me. It was painful, but Sami and her team's support allowed me to recover quickly and not give up. As you can see, I am so glad I did not give up!

I am happily married today to a man who adores the ground I walk on. My husband and I are now expecting our first baby.

Sami was a godsent in my life, and I can never thank her enough for believing in me when I did not believe in myself.

~ Lisette, united states // single to married

Dani Recovered Her Confidence, Changed Her Relationship Patterns, & Attracted The Love Of Her Life

Sami helped me to leave a toxic 5-year relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. 

It was extremely difficult at that point but thanks to this work, I kept going.

A year later and after lots of Wunder rotational dating, I have attracted my Soulmate Love - a wonderful, kind, chivalrous man who adores both my Daughter and I and treats me like a Queen.

5 months into dating, my Handsome Prince whisked me away and took me shopping for a ring! We will be moving into a brand new home together once we are Engaged, and we are planning a gorgeous baby after the wedding.

The support of Sami and learning with my fellow Divas in the Inner Circle allowed me to fully navigate the pitfalls of dating and relationships, embody feminine energy, and do the critical healing inner work to attract the very Man I desired.

Thank you Sami for changing my life and helping me to attract the love and happiness I truely deserve - a life investment I will never regret!

~ dani, zambia // single to engaged

Anita Got Engaged To Her Soulmate & Was Supported All The Way Through Her Journey

I was engaged within 6 months of starting to work with Sami!

Sami Wunder is truly one of kind, and the community of women she has created in the Inner Circle is the most supported and responsive I have ever seen.

Sami's teachings are not for the light-hearted, as they literally turn everything we think is the right way on its head. It's like learning to walk again, and doing things in whole different way which was for sure challenging.

That's why having a community by your side is so important. My IC siters were there guiding me every step of the way on the tricky path of finding my soulmate.

Sami, thank you for the bottom of my heart! You truly are a DIVA and made me create my diva wedding and life, which I love. Thank you beautiful lady!

~ anita, singapore // single to married

Soni Manifested Her Dream Man & Transformed Herself Into A Confident Diva And A Model For Her Daughter 

Sami's programs were the biggest game-changer in my life. Because of this work, I have attracted a man who treats me like the Queen of his heart.

Not only that, but Sami's work turned me from an insecure, people-pleasing, good-girl to a confident woman who is sure of her worth.

This has not just been an investment for me, but also for my daughter, something that I can pass on to her as she enters adulthood.

My daugther told me: "Mom, you have become more strong now and every little thing doesn’t make you dip and spiral down. You don’t stress or worry about things like you use to before. I'm so proud of you!" 

Ladies, if you’re on the fence about signing up, you don’t have to think twice. It’s worth every penny and more. It’s not only changed my love life, but all areas of my life are more abundant. Sami, I’m truly grateful for you!”

~ soni, united states // single to engaged

Program Curriculum For Our Divas In Relationships Or Married


Onboarding Like A Diva + Harness Your Empowered Energies

Admin Onboarding:

We start with your warm Diva welcome to my personal Inner Circle.

In the admin section of this module, you will get acquainted with the program with step-by-step guidance videos on how to make the best use of the support & resources, and feel at home straight away with your fellow diva sisters.

You will find answers to questions like:

*  How do I make time for Inner Circle in my busy life?

*  Where do the live calls happen, and how do I join them?

How can I get an Accountability sister?

*  How to make the best use of the program?

*  Why is is important for me to take personal responsibility for my results, and how do I do that?

ENERGETIC Onboarding: Harness Your Empowered Energies

This extremely powerful video training represents the cutting edge of my knowledge and evolution, not only as a dating and relationship coach, but also as a spiritual mentor. 

It will help you understand the dynamics of Wounded and Empowered Energies, within yourself, so that you can rely on both your healthy Feminine and Masculine, in love and in your life, respectively.

This module will teach you:

* How to recognize Wounded vs. Empowered Energies, in your partner and in yourself. 

* How BOTH your Feminine and Masculine energies play a role in creating a thriving relationship.

* How to embrace and nurture your Empowered Feminine, and be the emotional core of a healthy romantic dynamics with your man.

* How to own and respect your own Empowered Masculine energy, and take control of your life. 


Full video program

Emotional Triggers Management

Learn Sami Wunder's practical 4-step process to identify, work with, and heal your triggered emotional reactions, so you can nurture healthier relationships with men and everyone around.

Video masterclass

Top 10 High-Value Behaviors In Relationships

While high-value feminine romantic skills are taught in detail in the next modules, this masterclass gives you the fundamentals right at the start, so you can approach your relationship with confidence throughout the program.

Video masterclass

How To Stop The Cycle Of Over-Giving & Resentment With Your Man

Learn what the Over-Giving/Resentment Cycle looks like in relationships and marriages, and why it is so destructive to attraction. Overcome this unhealthy habit and watch your relationship thrive once again!

PDF workbook

Initial Self-Assessment Questionnaire

To get where you want to be, you need to have clarity on where you are starting from. This PDF questionnaire will help you determine your baseline in several different categories, from your mindset, to your beliefs about men and love, to your self-care and self-love.

Motivational audio

I Feel...

This super-short and super-effective affirmations audio was created by Sami specifically for the BUSY woman. Just 7 minutes long and MP3 format, anyone can incorporate this into her day, for a boost in positivity, high energy, and good, feminine vibes.


Blueprint To Healthy Love + Manifestation Magic

If you've never seen a healthy relationship at home with your parents or your primary caregivers, you've never had a healthy role model of romantic love.

In the first ELEVATE lesson itself, we give you the BLUEPRINT on healthy love. The primary goal this month is the recognition of what's healthy energy and wounded energy within us and within our partners, so that we know where our inner work lies and where his inner work lies.

Our secondary goal in this module is to let go of any pent-up resentment from the past, so that we can start afresh and give our relationship a brand new shot as part of the Inner Circle.

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Is it normal that he yells at me when he's angry?

*  Is it okay that my husband goes silent on me for 7 days as part of his Cave time?

*  Is it okay that he doesn't help me, even when I ask for his help?

*  What behaviors are healthy and what behaviors are unhealthy, within a romantic relationship?

*  How to learn to trust him again for a healthy relationship?

Bonus Foundational Workshop

Manifestation & Energetics Of Healthy Relationships

In this 90-mins powerful workshop, I give you the formula for a fast-track manifestation of results you desire from your relationship to come to fruition, through your energy.

Just doing this alone will elevate your relationship to the next level.


Loving Yourself & Finding Inner Confidence

Learning to love yourself and feeling good enough in your relationship is the cornerstone of building a healthy relationship with your man.

In Module 2, we give you the tools to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, so you do not project neediness, expectations or desperation on your man (which come from your Wounded energies).

Instead, you will learn how to be the source of your OWN love for yourself!

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Why do I feel so sensitive about not receiving compliments from him or him saying 'I love you' to me?

*  How to manage my jealousy or not feeling good enough, when his actions trigger my insecurities?

*  How to truly love myself, in a concrete and practical way, so that he, too, feels a positive shift in my vibe?

*  How to let go of the 'Needy Girl' inside of me that needs his confirmation, and embrace my Empowered Diva Queen energy more?

Bonus Foundational Workshop

Connecting Emotionally With Your Man

In this 90-mins workshop, I will be showing you the secret to connecting emotionally with your man.

Learn the tools that get you his heart and make him never want to leave.


Feminine Energy: The Key To Being Irresistible To Your Man

The secret to your allure when it comes to romantic relationships lies in your Feminine Energy. 

In this almost-2-hours-long video workshop, we help you to understand and fully embody the qualities of the Dream Girl – that woman that inspires her man to pursue her and romance her, again and again!

You will find answers to questions like:

*  What is Feminine Energy, and how to access it within yourself? 

*  Why is your Being in your Feminine Energy important and healthy for your relationship? 

*  What tools can you use to embody Feminine Energy more, and melt your man's heart? 

*  How can you receive more and with a more open heart from your man? 

*  How to truly find, feel and express your feelings? 

*  How to ramp up the fire he feels for you by doing less and being more? 

*  What does Feminine Energy look like in everyday relationships? 

*  How to be in your Feminine / Dream Girl energy around your partner? 


Stop What Doesn't Work!

In Module 4, we show you how to shift out of 'survival mode,' and create a thriving relationship based on love, support, joy, loyalty, and trust. 

The core quality that makes you his Dream Girl is when you are surrendered and not trying to control your man. 

The focus goal for this module will be for you to understand and fully embody the qualities of the Dream Girl - that woman that inspires her man to pursue her and romance her, again and again! 

You will find answers to questions like:

*  How to stop doing the behaviors that push him away unintentionally?

*  How to stop myself from overreacting in the moment and then regretting it later? 

*  How to get my needs met by him, without being passive-aggressive or a doormat? 

*  How to stop feeling like a martyr or victim in the relationship, and be a Queen instead? 

*  How to stop letting the 'good girl' side of me run my marriage/relationship and actions? 

*  How to recognize and STOP the over-giving in my partnership? 

*  How to let go of being in 'mommy energy' around my man? 

*  How to let go of control and surrender more in the relationships? 

*  How to heal that part within me that wants to control and micro-manage my man?


Communication & Emotional Intimacy

In Module 5, we show you the importance of deepening emotional intimacy with yourself, so that you can have greater intimacy with your man.

Just implementing this one module will take the quality of your relationship or marriage to a whole new level!

PLUS: Advanced communication skills and tools to speak to your man's heart, in a way that he can hear you, and your needs can be met. 

You're going to become the most masterful communicator in your relationship, family and friends circle, after this module! :) 

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Why does your man withdraw when you lean forward, and leans forward when you withdraw? 

*  When to bring up a tough topic with your man? When should you speak up, and when is it better to not speak up?

*  How to communicate in a way that brings him closer, and doesn't make him shut down or get angry? 

*  How to ensure he's actually listening to you, when you're upset?

*  What exactly to say in the most commonly-occurring situations, surrounding money, sex, kids and romance? 

*  How to build healthy emotional intimacy with your partner?

*  How can you make him open up more to you? 

*  How can I show him I love him, without being in over-giving energy?

*  How and when does he feel appreciated as a man, and connected to me?

*  What body language I can use to deepen intimacy in our marriage or relationship?

*  How to make time for love and connection in a busy, demanding life with work, children and burdens?


Mastering Vulnerability & Strong Boundaries

In this module, you're going to become the epitome of a Feminine Energy Goddess, by embracing your vulnerability and the power of your feeling around your man.

At the same time, you will also learn what it means to have powerful boundaries that ensure your own welfare.

You will find answers to questions like:

*  How to inculcate feminine softness, which is so alluring to my man, and which he craves so much? 

*  What is the difference between being Soft around your man, and being seen as a doormat?

*  How to stay in my feeling zone with my man and stop the over-thinking, when my head and ego always gets activated?

*  How to be in my body more and be more present with my man?

*  How to ask my man for help and let him be the Hero in our relationship?

*  How to create emotional safety for my man?

*  How to develop rock-solid boundaries and feel safe expressing myself to my man? 

*  How to say 'no' with grace and poise, and without being aggressive?

*  How to walk away from any situation that doesn't honor your heart and truth? 


Understanding Men

In Module 7, we help you appreciate just how different our men's brains are, compared to us. 

Then, we give you the skills and pointers to be able to incorporate that understanding into your relationship or marriage.

You will also learn the art of creating 'Positive Tension' with your man, and how to have loads of fun with it! :) 

You will find answers to questions like:

*  Why does he dislike it when I do things for him?

*  Why does he get sulky when I make suggestions or help him out?

*  How to make a man feel respected in the relationship?

*  Why calling him out on his jerky behavior is a must!

*  Why does his attraction and attention start to fizzle out after in the relationship or marriage? 

*  How, without Positive Tension, a man is double as likely to take you for granted, and how to avoid that? 

*  How to keep my man's attraction going strong, from year to year?

*  What are some practical things any woman can do, to create Positive Tension, in her interactions with her partner? 

Value Of Training Materials Provided: €7000

Look At Just Some Of The Results Our Married Or In A Relationship Clients Have Created!

Kelly Got Engaged With The Help Of The Inner Circle For Relationships And Is Now A Momma!

When I first met Sami, I thought my relationship was over, as well as my chances to have a baby - I was nearly 40.

I joined the Inner Circle to continue to get Sami's expert guidance on the make-or-break situation I was in.

With Sami’s advice and the support of the group, my relationship turned around. My man started doing all he could to win me back.

Within two months, I was now happily engaged and pregnant as well!

And the best bit? I have heaps of self-worth, and I am proudly a diva in love! Thank you, Sami!


Valentina Received Support To Heal Her Triggers & Elevate Her Relationship Like Never Before

I've done two rounds of Sami's Inner Circle, and I don't think I've ever spent money on something better for myself.

The live coaching support that I received during this program was a game-changer for me.

It allowed me to easily navigate a very stressful and challenging period of my life. Things that could have blown up into huge conflicts between me and my partner, became just moments when we both learned a lot and became closer.

Having my hand held during this process was vital for me and my relationship. It was a priceless satefy net to have.

My man sees all the positive changes I've made on myself, and he is inspired to improve himself, as well. Our relationship has never been better. Even now, in lockdown, being together 24/7, we laugh, cuddle, and never even get on each other's nerves.

I've never been happier in my life. You love life should not be a struggle. You can really be that happy. You can really have that much joy in a relationship.


Amy Used The Tools To Save Her 20-Year Marriage From The Brink Of Divorce!

I could write Sami Wunder a testimonial of a 1000 words.

I found Sami in a moment when I thought that, if this didn't help either, I was ready to end my marriage of 20 years.

This woman saved my marriage and made it turn into this loving, supportive, amazing relationship. I haven't felt so close to my husband in years.

I will be forever indebted to you, Sami.


Karianne Used The Relationships Inner Circle To Deepen Her Bond With Her Fiancé & Completely Turned Her Relationship Around For The Good

Sami, my wedding is this Sunday! I feel so happy, excited and blessed with my life. I know in my heart that he is my forever man, and I feel so safe marrying him.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me a better way. Thanks to you, I know my marriage is forever and that we both will be happy.

Not only have you made a significant impact on my relationship with my man, but your advice has improved my relationship with my children & with myself as well.

Remember you told me not to worry, that you would make sure I am blissfully happy the day I get married? Well, your words have become my truth. I AM BLISSFULLY HAPPY, grateful beyond words, and I feel such love and peace in my heart.


In The Relationships Inner Circle, Nadia Turned A Good Marriage Into A GREAT Marriage!

When I joined the Inner Circle early 2018, it wasn’t because my marriage was in trouble, or on the rocks. I had done some of Sami’s work before. 

My man had proposed to me in a wonderful way, we had gotten married without further delay, I was living a happy life with him and my precious daughter.

So why did I still want to do more work with Sami?

Because sometimes we have 101 questions that cannot be addressed so easily with a self-study program.

I wanted to sometimes just pick Sami’s brain, and the Inner Circle was the perfect opportunity to share the ups & downs in my marriage with Sami & her team of coaches - and LEARN from them. Learn how to make my good marriage a GREAT marriage.

I am so grateful to Sami and her team and the investment has been SO worth it.


Shahrzad Brought Her Withdrawn Boyfriend Close Again & Got Engaged 5 Months After Starting The Wunder Work

Finding Sami changed my life, Back then, my relationship was "ok". My boyfriend and I got along, but I could sense the same thing that happened to my 2 previous relationships was happening again.

I found myself over-giving, being accommodating, trying to please him, planning a future with him, and every day he drifted away from me a little bit more.

After 3 years and with this man, I was feeling tired of waiting for him to proposed, and ready to break things off.

I had read so many books and articles about relationships, I knew everything in theory, but I felt sick seeing that, despite all of that, I'm reaching the ending point again.

Sami came to my life just in time. What I knew in theory, she showed me how to implement in my life.

When things looked like they were completely falling apart and I was about to break up with him, Sami was there to tell me that they are actually falling into place if I connect with my true power.

When I stopped worrying, and shifted my mindset, I watched him change before my eyes.

In our 3 years of togetherness, I could have counted the number of times that he had told me he loves me with my fingers. Now I hear it 2,3 times a day. We laugh and joke so effortlessly. Our bond has grown so strong. I can't even begin to compare how amazing my relationship is now. How much I feel loved and adored by him.

This weekend, I entered the next stage of my life. He proposed. And I can't stop smiling since then.

Thank you, Sami! Thank you... Thank you. I will never stop growing. The work will never stop. And you truly are the greatest coach that I could ever ask for!


Jessica Turned Around Her 5-Year Relationship & Went From Girlfriend To Wife With Sami's Help

I came to Sami in late July/early August of 2018. I had followed her for over a year and purchased a few of her smaller programs. Those were helpful, but I knew I needed her expert guidance.

I was already with a great man - kind, gentle and full of integrity. But we had been a couple for 5 1/2 years and living together for 3, and I didn't want to be his girlfriend any longer. I wanted to be his wife. I was finally ready to transform myself and my life.

Sami opened my eyes to the kind of woman I had become. The issue was that I loved him more than myself. I kept putting him and his needs before my own. Something that was hurting me and our relationship.

Through Sami's loving and honest advice, she taught me to become the woman who inspires her man.

She taught me that it's okay for my man to get angry with me - something I was greatly uncomfortable with. She taught me that standing up for myself and asking for what I want is sexy.

She was right. A few short months later, I became engaged and later married to the man I love, and who adores me in turn. 


Paula "Graduated" From Singles To Relationships IC Group, To Continue Being Supported In Her Beautiful Relationship

Before finding Sami, I was the ‘forever single’ and had given up on love.

I had had a few casual relationships with low quality men, who I did everything for. I told myself it was okay as "I only wanted something casual anyway". But I knew deep down this wasn’t true and what I really wanted was a deep committed relationship.

During my time in the Singles' IC, I manifested the most gorgeous, considerate, and caring man, who is everything I was looking for. He respects me, and I am definitely on that pedestal. I haven’t been up there for such a long time and damn it feels great!

Then, I continues to receive support in the Relationships group, to help me nurture my beautiful relationship with my Soulmate.

I learnt how to communicate my feelings, even if it is scary at times to be so vulnerable. I learnt to change the slow poison behaviours. I learnt to curb my over-giving, which was really really hard at first. And I’m still working on it. And most of all, I have learnt to truly embrace all of me - imperfections and all.


The Inner Circle Was Nadine's Best Investment - For Her Relationship & For Herself!

The first thing I thought after paying the subscription fees for Inner Circle was: "You must be totally crazy!"

And yet, I don’t regret the investment one bit. It has been worth every penny.

In fact, working with you, Sami, is the most valuable thing I could do for myself. You are teaching with pure honesty, compassion and love.

And this was also the energy that was reflected within the group. What is amazing about the group coaching program is that I did not only learn from you, Sami, but also from everyone's journey.

I couldn't thank you and all the IC ladies enough for such an amazing time. You all are special to me.

This work taught me not only to have a better, happier relationship with my man, but also to take full ownership of my life with awareness, trust, more confidence and self-love.

~ NADINE, GERMANY // Elevated Her love & Her life

By Applying The Magic Of Feminine Energy, Nikki Is Beating The Statistics & Making Young Love Last!

It's said that millenials are known to have failing relationships, and common wisdom predicts that getting married in your 20s only means an impending divorce. When you have the right tools, this is simply not true!

This weekend, my amazing husband fulfilled a dream of mine, surprising me with a trip to Fairmont Empress. Dinner, drinks, room service, gifts, all paid for by him.

Even during our regular daily life, he spoils me with gifts, affection, and his time.

So don't believe the lies you may hear from friends or family or any negative thoughts you may have, that "young love" won't last, that even getting married young is a bad idea, or that there are no good guys out there, that all they want to do is hook up with as many girls as possible.

If you use your feminine energy and use the tools Sami teaches us in finding & keeping a high-value, masculine man, you can have a really successful relationship, no matter what age he and you are.

Feminine energy truly works wonders!!

~ Nikki, canada // reconnected her relationship


ELEVATE: Next Level Love Welcomes You!

A place where...

Forever single women have attracted the love of their lives, without twisting themselves into pretzels for men.

Committed relationships have reverted from being distant to close and juicy and deeply connected (he comes to find her in the kitchen just to kiss her).

Marriages have been healed and been brought back from the verge of divorce (the once aloof, workaholic husband now plans holidays and dates actively).

Take A Look At Some More Of Our Inner Circle Success Stories!

And while our hearts light up on sharing our engagement rate and Happily Ever-Afters, we take even more frigging pride in our clients finding their true selves, leveling up on their boundaries, finding their voice, and finding that secret formula to living and attracting the love they want - with ease and joy and abundance!

Look At These Clients' Personal Diva Transformations & Heartfelt Messages -

Your Investment For ELEVATE Inner Circle?

Choose Between Two Exquisite Support Levels -

  • 8 Advanced Content Modules delivered over 6 months;
  • 12 x Live Group Q&A Sessions with Sami Wunder & her team;
  • 3 x Live Group Hands-On Sessions with Associate Coach Natalie Deadman;
  • 6 x Content Anchoring Sessions with Associate Coach Katrina Small;
  • 2 x Live Group Vision & Intention-Setting Sessions with Sami Wunder.
  • Group coaching support for a period of 6 month.

Total Program Value:

Standard Investment:


Or Installment Plan: €1600 non-refundable deposit now + 5 monthly payments of €800.

(You pay a bit more when you choose installments.)

Need an alternative payment plan? Can only join at the old 4-month offer? Contact us at support@samiwunder.com!


Need To Explore Alternative Support Options Or Ensure This Is Right For You?

And Here's Even More Of Our Happy Clients!

ELEVATE With A Global Community of Women – With Confidence

This is us running the 10th round of the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle has existed since 2017, and it has been called by various names, based on my own journey of evolution.

Nearly 400 IC graduates from almost 25 countries have been a part of this program.

It's always been the place where my clients have been able to access me exclusively, stay in my energy and be in my personal container - at a reasonable investment and without paying my multiple 5-figure private coaching prices.

Our retention rate is as high as 40%, because our clients love the support on it so much!

The Inner Circle is also our program with the largest number of engagements and happy ever-afters, as well as healed marriages and relationships.

ELEVATE Is For You If -

You are a woman who enjoys making money and loves her career success - but treats her love life as THE biggest priority right now!

You are a woman who knows the importance of having a balanced personal life, who wants to experience deep, intimate, connected soulmate love… and not live a life without it.

You are a woman who places as much value (if not more) on personal success, as she does on business success.

You are a woman who understands the priceless importance of her time, and who wants her Next Level Love NOW, not 6 months later in the future.

You are a woman who values being supported and having an amazing community of women on her side vs. doing it alone.

ELEVATE is for both single women and women in relationships / married women looking to experience their Next Level Love…

We run two entirely separate module structures and Facebook support groups, to cater to these different categories of women.

If your relationship status changes during the program itself, it is possible to transfer between the two groups, for a small fee.


  • You are looking for someone to save you from yourself.
  • You place the responsibility of your results outside of yourself.
  • You are often urgent, unhappy, impatient, dissatisfied with life and others in general.
  • Your love life is not a priority for you.

ELEVATE – Into Trust

One of the most fundamental building blocks of ELEVATE would be anchoring together into the energy of trust, faith and surrender that things are working out for you, and that the outcomes you desire are manifesting themselves, even when you don't see them.

From this place, dating to attract your empowered masculine man or healing your relationship becomes a place of fun & play, vs. striving or working hard to make things better.

6 months is the minimum amount of time it takes to notice internal shifts, move out of rehearsed negative emotional triggers, and re-wire the brain to practice new empowered behaviors.

About Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is an internationally recognized dating and relationship expert who specializes in working with high-achieving women leaders and entrepreneurs to attract their dream man and create a deeply intimate and deeply connected relationship!

Since 2016, over 240 of Sami’s clients have found their happily-ever-after using Sami's method of soulmate attraction, and over 300 marriages and relationships have been saved and reconnected. Sami's clients include a Hollywood celebrity, UK TV show stars, CEOs, leading entrepreneurs and influencers.

She’s been hailed as the 'Get The Ring Coach' by the BBC Radio London and the Daily Mail, and her work has been picked up by the Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine and many other publications of global renown.

Sami is based in Europe and runs her heart-centered 7-figure company. She is blissfully married to the love of her life. They have two sons.

What Industry Experts Are Saying About Sami Wunder's Work

Sami, what can I say, I wanted you to help me with our event, but you stole the show!

I personally listened to your audio on Feminine energy and I was mesmerized for the entire hour.

I shared your training with our Mastermind group, and 5 weeks later, the women have begun noticing a difference in how men look at them, treat them and beg them for their attention.

What you do is simply priceless.



Author of The Woman Men Adore

In my field, I come across many “experts”, but Sami is the real deal.

She absolutely walks her talk and has helped thousands of women transform their vulnerability into true strength.

In this day and age, we need more women to fully step into their power, and we need more leaders like Sami who are paving the way to do so!



Sami is just amazing! From the moment I met her, I knew she was a superstar coach with super powers to help women everywhere!

And she has proven to be even more powerful than I'd predicted: Sami's truly transformational in the way she works with her clients - and in the way she IS herself!

She's gentle and kind, yet firm and knowing - and so very, very skilled. She commits herself to you totally, and you can feel how much she cares about you personally.

Her own love story and blissful marriage is a powerful illustration for the results she can get for you in your own love life, very quickly.

  ~ Rori Raye

Business Guru, Author, Relationship Coach


The results Sami's clients get are truly incredible. 

I've met a lot of Love & Relationship Coaches, but I've yet to meet a coach that gets her clients such fast results. 

The number of proposals her clients have had just in this year is remarkable - her stuff really works!

I've referred many of my girlfriends to Sami's FB group and website, and highly recommend anyone needing help in love to follow her closely!

~ Jessica Nazarali

Founder of JESSICA Nazarali Consulting

Virginia Clark

Sami Wunder is a force of nature!

She's a master at successfully leading her clients through the difficult and frustrating challenges of dating and relationships. 

She’s open-hearted and personally committed to helping each women find their true partner. 

Her life is an example of what she teaches and her authenticity is undeniable. 

Sami is a woman who’s changing lives and I predict will be making a huge impact on the world.

~ Virginia Clark,

Relationship Coach