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Hi there beautiful lady,

Each year, several of my private clients, readers and followers find the relationship of their dreams, get engaged, or married as part of doing the Wunder work. Then there are those happy wives and girlfriends who find back their lost voice, lost love and lost happiness in their relationships and marriages.

Below you will find testimonials from the many women whose lives have changed through this work, forever. On the left, a very happy me at a dear client's wedding in California.

Here's to YOUR success in love,


I just got engaged to a man who thinks I am his world!

Before I came to Sami, I felt resigned to my “bad luck” in romantic relationships. Boyfriends and joyful dates were non-existent for me for many years, until I decided to jump in and work with Sami and started applying these tools.

I still remember how fast my heart was beating and how scared I was to invest so much in myself and my love life for the first time. At some level though, I knew I had to take the leap and do something different if I wanted to create different results. I also met Sami in Los Angeles last year and my faith that this professional can help me, was deeply confirmed.

I feel so happy to share that I just got engaged to a man who thinks I am his world. I am still grasping the power of what has happened and how this has changed my life.

I also feel proud to be sharing that my success in love comes today from the support of this coach – Sami Wunder. I feel so touched and grateful to this woman for being there for me. I am so thankful to God for finding her.

For those of you who know deep within yourself that marriage and a family is what you truly desire, I ask that you dive in and get uncomfortable and allow this beautiful woman to help you in your journey of realizing your biggest love dream.


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I was engaged within just 6 months of starting to work with Sami!

Sami Wunder is truly one of kind, and the community of women she has created in the Inner Circle is the most supported and responsive I have ever seen.

They were there guiding me on the tricky path of finding my soulmate - which I did!

The teachings are not for the light-hearted, as they literally turn everything we think is the right way on its head. It's like learning to walk again, and doing things in whole different way which was for sure challenging. It still is as I evolve more and more with Sami's practices, yet they WORK in a big way.

So much so, that I was engaged within just 6 months of starting to work with Sami!

The key part is doing the inner work to build up self-love, self-respecting boundaries and loving yourself as you wish a man would. As the truth is, no man will love in they way we desire, until we love ourselves - and this was this was not easy for me!

I am still a work in progress, and I often come back to the tools, even now when I am married, knowing transformation happens a level at a time, and I keep transforming and being kind and patient with me as I do.

This is for the woman that is willing to be open-minded and work at all the levels needed to the inner work to get that outer result.

I will forever go back to the programmes and keep implementing it all at deeper levels each time (this is what is so great about having lifetime access!).

Sami, thank you for the bottom of my heart! You truly are a DIVA and made me create my diva wedding and life, which I love. Thank you beautiful lady!



I got engaged 11 months after first finding Sami's programs.

When of my RD's became my fiancé, I felt so touched and ugly-cried so much that it ruined my makeup.

I can't thank Sami enough for her guidance and her teachings!

I feel so grateful for finding my soulmate, and, most importantly, I'm grateful for the person I am and I'm becoming through this work.

As Sami always says, marriage is not the destination; relationships are a work in progress. And so are we.

I am excited to continue to do this work, and build a lifelong blessed relationship, first with myself, then with my man and all my loved ones.



Within 2 months, I was happily engaged and pregnant!

When I first met Sami, I thought my relationship was over, as well as my chances to have a baby - I was nearly 40. I joined the Inner Circle to continue to get Sami's expert guidance on the make-or-break situation I was in.

With Sami’s advice and the support of the group, my relationship turned around. My man started doing all he could to win me back. Within two months, I was now happily engaged and pregnant as well! And the best bit? I have heaps of self-worth, and I am proudly a diva in love! Thank you, Sami!



I’m Getting Married To A Man Who Calls Me His Sweetheart & The Love Of His Life.

When I started the Leap Into Love journey, it was a strech for me in many different ways. But I was ready for my happily ever after.

After following Sami's system to the T and conquering my intimacy fears, my most consisted RD asked me to marry him in front of our friends, on the 1 year anniversary of our first date. I was over the moon and stars.

This has been an incredible journey, and I feel such love and peace. It feels wonderful to know that someone "gets" you and your particular brand of zaniness. I have a friend, a partner, a lover, a support system, a protector, a provider, a dream-maker, and a no-bullshiter rolled into this amazing man who loves me the way that I desire and deserve to be loved.

This man has consistently been giving to me: time, attention, affection, and gifts. He continues to astound me with his love towards me and is my biggest cheerleader - outside of myself.



Sami, I am engaged to the man of my dreams!

I have been following your dating system for over a year, and it’s not for the weak hearted. It really takes a lot of guts to show up in such a high-value way in the dating process, stick to our guns, not sleep with every man who comes our way or give him boyfriend status so easily. I rotational dated till the last moment, before the man I am seeing (and who I am so deeply in love with) put a ring on my finger and told me he wants to claim me forever. It’s the best feeling on the planet. We just shared the news with our families last night. I could never have done this without you. Thank you for all your help, Sami!



I am now a completely different person: happier, more positive, & engaged to a wonderful man!

I discovered Sami Wunder's work back in 2016. Little did I know that Sami and her truly unique content and knowledge were what I needed to find the man I now call my fiancé.

Dating became more fun and light hearted than ever before.

My fiancé and I met on Facebook, and were in a long-distance relationship at the start. About a month and a half from our first message, he bought a plane ticket to meet me. Our feelings grew stronger and stronger as we flew back and forth to visit each other...until he proposed 7 months in!

I thought I may never get married or meet a great guy, and now, at 37, I’m so happy to have found someone I just mesh so well with and who cares about me and isn’t afraid to show it!

Thank you, Sami, for helping me continually grow and to be your 137th engagement!



I'm getting married and I can promise, with 100% certainty, that I would not be here if it weren’t for Sami’s brilliant programs!

I am with a man that loves and adores me for simply being me, and our relationship is incredibly easy. This would not be the case if I didn’t regularly use Sami’s tools. At first they seemed so foreign and counterintuitive, but now they are second nature.

Talking with my fiancé last night, we chatted about about how I did not chase him when we dated. He said all of the other women he dated chased him and I was “refreshing and stood out” because I didn’t. Something so simple as me being in my feminine energy and letting him come towards me had such a positive impact.

Everyone deserves this amazing love and with Sami's tools and programs, it can happen for you. Forever love is without a shadow of a doubt, achievable. Take the “leap” you deserve!



Eight months into Sami’s program, I found myself in the most beautiful and healthiest relationship I ever had.

I’m so glad that I did the inner work that was required for me to attract my wonderful soulmate.

I’ve never felt at peace and safe with someone like I do now.

Going into nine months as an exclusive couple and we’ve never had any toxic moments and major fights. We communicate our issues in a good way that yields to a positive outcome.

His energy still comes towards me and he makes sure that my needs and wants are being met.

He gives my daughter just the same adoration. My heart is beyond grateful that I’m showing her the kind of man that a woman should be looking for.

I would like to tell single moms and ladies out there that this is possible. The inner work might take some time but if I was able to turn my love life around, then you can too. Your soulmate is already here if you believe it.


5. shahrzad

My boyfriend proposed, and I just can't stop smiling!

Finding Sami 5 months ago changed my life.

Back then, my relationship was "ok". My boyfriend and I got along, but I could sense the same thing that happened to my 2 previous relationships was happening again. I found myself over-giving, being accommodating, trying to please him, planning a future with him, and every day he drifted away from me a little bit more.

Every night I used to think: how can a man who used to tell me at the beginning "I still can't believe you're going out with me" now act so cold towards me?

The relationships went nowhere, I felt stuck, I got fed up, and I broke things off because I got sick of waiting for them to finally realize I am the one and to propose.

I couldn't believe after 3 years and with this man, I was feeling the same way again. I had read so many books and articles about relationships, I knew everything in theory, but I felt sick seeing that, despite all of that, I'm reaching the ending point again.

Sami came to my life just in time. I started by reading her e-book and watching her videos and I felt the urge to reach out to her. And I am SO glad that I did, because everything changed.

Sami, you unleashed the "woman" inside of me. In our private sessions, you quickly recognized my accommodating, insecure, typical nice girl behavior. You showed me that my in-authenticity when I step on my own needs to satisfy him, brings my value down in his eyes.

What I knew in theory, you showed me how to implement in my life. I learned in a few months how to truly love myself (the Diva Affirmations were so helpful in that sense too).

When things looked like they were completely falling apart and I was about to break up with him, you were there to tell me that they are actually falling into place if I connect with my true power.

You gave me the exact scripts that I needed to say, and they were SO empowering that I felt like nothing could shake me. I was transformed.

The most amazing part was, when I started the work with you, I wanted to find a way for him to commit. But soon after, the work almost had nothing to do with him. You taught me that I have to take care of me, my own happiness, put my own needs first, and no matter what he does or doesn't do, I will be ok. And so I did, and when I truly felt that with or without him, I have a full beautiful life, that I am amazing and if he's worthy of me, he'll step up, then things changed dramatically.

My masculine energy of WANTING to make something happen, shifted into the beautiful feminine energy of just being in the moment. The burden of feeling urgent was lifted off of me.

When I stopped worrying, and shifted my mindset, I watched him change before my eyes.

In our 3 years of togetherness, I could have counted the number of times that he had told me he loves me with my fingers. Now I hear it 2,3 times a day. Our conversations (which used to be me watching my every word with zero connection), now just FLOW. We laugh and joke so effortlessly. Our bond has grown so strong. I can't even begin to compare how amazing my relationship is now. How much I feel loved and adored by him.

This weekend, I entered the next stage of my life. He proposed. And I can't stop smiling since then.

The investment, the inner work, my determination to fully love myself, manifested into a much happier, connected engagement that I so desired.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you. I will never stop growing. The work will never stop. And you truly are the greatest coach that I could ever ask for!



I got married due to Sami's programs and I am very, very happy. My husband adores me and continues to pursue me and make me happy!

I am so thankful that I found Sami Wunder’s work about 10 months ago! I was desperately looking for answers not just in my relationships, but in myself. I was lost and I couldn’t seem to figure out how to console the hurt inner child, the shy teen, and the insecure young woman in me.

Among all the advice I got, even from among well-meaning friends, nothing resonated to me, until I found Sami’s writings. I read her blogs and eventually joined the Wunder Divas online community.

I decided to take a leap of faith and invested in her programs. At that time, my main goal was to heal myself, to feel good about myself, and to discover the inner woman within me.

Sami’s work made me realize how masculine I was when it comes to my relationships. It made me see all the mistakes I kept on doing, again and again, and to dig very deeply – as to why I was on my masculine.

Day by day, I found answers to questions that bugged my mind and heart. Why do I keep on doing these behaviors when I know, at some level, that it wasn’t doing me any good? How much do I think I am worth? What do I really need and want? What kind of love do I deserve?

From Sami, I learned to let go of any resistance and start dating again, as dating is healing, not to get a man, but to become best friends with myself. I became more open to attention and masculine energy flowing towards me. A few weeks after that, I reconnected with a close guy friend I’ve known and worked with for a year.

He recently moved to another state for work, and he happened to attend our work reunion with our common friends for the holidays. Because I was actively doing the inner work, I was able to be receptive and open. That friend started pursuing me nonstop, until... he proposed to me a couple months later!

I initially thought he will ask me to be his girlfriend, but he went straight for it! As he said, he knew I was the one, and he felt the sense of urgency to put a ring on me, or else he’d lose his chance forever!

As of this writing, we’ve been married for six months and I am very, very happy. My husband adores me and continues to pursue me and make me happy.

I still continue to be in my feminine energy, and our relationship continues to flourish and effortlessly flow!

Indeed, a healthy, masculine man needs and wants to take care of a feminine-energy woman who can happily receive with gratitude and a warm heart.

My biggest takeaway from this work is not just the wonderful marriage that we have, but about my own personal journey and finding my own worth and joy as a child of the universe. To sum up inner work, as my husband said, “I admire your beautiful softness on the outside, as well as your strength on the inside.”

To all the ladies who are considering any of Sami’s programs – I highly recommend them!

Doing the inner work has changed my life and has helped find my own worth in the most important relationship I will ever have my entire life, which is with myself.

Thank you Sami for all that you do! God bless you!



I'm in a happy relationship with a high-value man, & everything Sami says makes sense now!



Dating is now easy, fun and breezy! It's all magically coming to me with no effort whatsoever! No stress, just fun, trust and excitement 

I am so excited to have been part of the Mastermind adventure with Sami Wunder!

Mind you, I've never had any issues dating or getting dates.

However, I've recently started to ask myself WHY I've not been able to find my forever person yet, and if I can remove any blocks within me on my way to my happily forever after!

In the words of J-Lo, before she found A-Rod, I 'started to take full responsibility' for my success in love.  And I am SO proud of myself that I did!!

And it does take guts, courage and... an excellent coach like Sami!

In about only 2 months, I've been able to:

  • Remove the biggest blocks/self-limiting beliefs that were blocking me from attracting suitable long-term suitors.
  • Reconnect with my feminine energy in dating and at work, be more authentic and vulnerable - which is crucial to having more satisfying relationships.
  • Assert my boundaries and remove my biggest intimacy fears.
  • Remove unhealthy dating patterns/partners, which kept me stuck, in order to only attract healthy, masculine men who treat me like a queen.
  • Completely change my RESULTS in love: dating is now easy, fun and breezy!

I'm manifesting my dream men: high quality masculine men who are amazing at leading the relationship, making me feel special, safe and protected! They are constantly wooing me, coming towards me and making me feel so good! And the best part is: I don't have to DO anything... It's all magically coming to me with no effort whatsoever! No stress, just fun, trust and excitement!

Obviously, it's sill early stages, but I'm SO grateful for Sami and her life changing teachings!

I believe I can always learn and grow to become the best version of myself.

And this is the best investment in myself I could have ever made...

So merci beaucoup, Sami, for your help and may your work continue to enlighten the lives of so many more women worldwide!!

We ARE worth it!



I've attracted an amazing man at the age of 53!



I know the love of my life is out there and on his way to me - but the most important thing is I am NOT coming off the pedestal!

I was driving to work a few months ago and, being at my lowest point in life (divorced, single mom, moved across the world, took a job I don't love, living back with my parents, not wanting to see friends, etc...), and I put on this random podcast about love - and that episode’s guest was Sami!

I listened to it to twice thinking "OMG, how can I get a hold of this woman?!"

So, after our first call, I signed up for private coaching and the Leap Into Love program.... aaaaand boy did my life start turning around:

1. She is direct with her tough love and I love that because I needed to hear it
2. Everything we discussed and everything I learned in the program has helped in all aspects of my life
3. I instantly started to feel a surge of inner peace and happiness and hope
4. I got the job of my dreams and a great apartment
5. I am dating and I know the love of my life is out there and on his way to me but the most important thing is I am NOT coming off the pedestal

I honestly have looked at tens of other coaches prior to Sami but they either specialize in a specific small area or were just missing something for me... with her I felt like it was the complete package of energy, psychology, real life examples, step by step execution... it just clicked and I always tell her “where have you been all my life”.

Nonetheless, its never too late and now I am doing the Inner Circle Program, I will also be at the Costa Rica retreat and will pretty much be clinging to her like my 2 year old does

PS: Sami has 2 other names in my book: Sami Love and WonderWoman.



I can feel my life changing before my very eyes - romatically AND financially!

I signed up to have coaching with Sami - in July. I was in tears when I did it - worrying about money. I've had so many money fears - and have spent years panicking trying to look after myself since I divorced in 2010.

I trusted my heart and said yes - despite my fears.

I've just been so determined that I will solve this problem, as I know it's the key to unlock the door to the woman I want to become.

I was ready to break my relationship patterns and did not expect to get any business coaching at all - I just was open and shared my fears.

Sami offered to help me with some business coaching, so I shared that I wished I could reach my target of £10,000 per month. I know how having my own financial security helps me feel more secure with men.

When I started my weight loss coaching business - it was a stress to earn £2K to pay my bills.

Now in July 2018 I had my first £10K month. I'm so happy and so grateful to Sami!

I can feel my life changing before my very eyes - and this woman is so clever and so energetically wise.

I never thought I could achieve a balance where I can earn more to feel I can take care of me - and feel calm and energetically able to have a great relationship.

I'm so proud of my inner strength and bravery to release these inner love blocks.

My boyfriend is coming to visit me end of August - and I can apply all my learnings from Sami's work.



I’ve found my Soulmate, and I’m a very happy and content Married Woman!

Ever since I've joined Sami's Wunder community, I’ve learned how to finally love myself, and this changed my whole world and how I looked at Men!

Thanks to doing this work, I’ve found my Soulmate, and from March 2018, I’m a very happy and content Married Woman! Please keep up the amazing work you do!



Sami, I have some news! I AM ENGAGED!!!!!

What felt like an impossible dream just some months ago has come true!

I am beyond happy, grateful and so touched with this special moment in my life! Thank you, Sami Wunder, for showing up in my life, and helping me have my dream relationship and making it all a reality for me!

Sami really knows how to work her magic! Now I feel so loved and adored by my man, and can't hide the sparkle in my smile like the sparkle in my ring!



I am engaged to be married and wear a Tiffany ring on my finger!

Sami helped me turn around my masculine energy habits into those of a feminine goddess. A few months and rotational dating later, I am engaged to be married and wear a Tiffany ring on my finger.

Deciding to work privately with Sami was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you, Sami for a new mind, new heart, a loving man and more than anything else, new, happy, me!



I am engaged to the Love of my Life!!

I am engaged to the Love of my Life!! I have never been happier.

All I can say is, do the inner work and implement Sami’s advice and you WILL manifest Grand Love in your life!!

Sami, THANK YOU from the bottom of my Heart.



I am blissfully happy and I feel such love and peace in my heart!

Sami, my wedding is this Sunday! I feel so happy, excited and blessed with my life. I know in my heart that he is my forever man, and I feel so safe marrying him.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me a better way. Thanks to you, I know my marriage is forever and that we both will be happy. Not only have you made a significant impact on my relationship with my man, but your advice has improved my relationship with my children & with myself as well.

Remember you told me not to worry, that you would make sure I am blissfully happy the day I get married? Well, your words have become my truth. I AM BLISSFULLY HAPPY, grateful beyond words, and I feel such love and peace in my heart.

YOU are an amazing person with a special gift to help others. Sami, I love you and I wish you nothing but the best!



I got married a week ago to the man of my dreams

There is a reason why this lady is called Sami Wunder! Because she actually makes wonders happen in your life.

I feel so privileged to have been one of Sami´s private clients. Her coaching made the biggest difference to my life. I got married a week ago to the man of my dreams, and nobody can change the fact that it was Sami who made it happen.

I still have to pinch myself on how beautifully and how fast my life has changed with Sami´s work on feminine energy! Thank you Sami for everything you did for me. I will remain forever indebted to you.



Thank you, Sami, for changing my life!

I got married within months of doing Sami's work and tools. Thank you, Sami, for changing my life!



Within 3 months I attracted and got engaged to the man of my dreams!

As a single mother raising a son and putting him through College in the United States, I was initially hesitant to invest such large sums of money in Sami´s materials.

However, Sami´s philosophy that when we invest in ourselves, our commitment to our goals increases is so true. I did dive in and I was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.

I followed Sami´s methods and within 3 months I attracted and got engaged to the man of my dreams. We are getting married on Laguna Beach this September and I am so excited that Sami will be there for my big day.

Thank you Sami, over and over again for how you changed my life. I will be forever grateful to you.



I am engaged to be married to the man of my dreams!

A year ago when I came to Sami as a private client, I was single, broken and hurting in my relationships. Today, I am engaged to be married to the man of my dreams and everything feels so easy.

The investment that I made in Sami's coaching was nothing compared to what I have gained in in return my life - marriage and my soulmate! I would recommend Sami to all women looking to find their soulmate, who believe they are absolutely ready to receive love.



I am engaged to a man who treats me like a Queen!

I’ve been divorced for more than 5 years and picked up a lot of bad relationship habits along the way. When I decided, I was ready to settle down and become serious, I had no clue where to begin. This is when I found Sami’s website and started following her teachings about dating in feminine energy through her tools and programs.

Her work is such a real opener and made such a huge difference to the way I was dating and relating with men. I have learnt so much from Sami and her work and applying her tools gave me very quick results with men.

Fast forward to today, 6 months later, I am engaged to a man who treats me like a queen and Sami has a huge part to play in this. Thank you Sami.



I am engaged and my fiancé treats me like his queen!

Mine was a common story of a broken heart from a man I loved. It brought me to Sami, as I felt lost, hurt and confused if I´d ever be able to have my dream relationship.

A few months into doing her tools, I am engaged and my fiancé treats me like his queen. I’m so happy to find Sami. I plan to continue doing Sami´s work to make sure my fairytale last forever.
I couldn’t have every thing I have right now without Sami: inner peace, a charming fiancé and going-to-be-my-husband and a happy life that I could only dream of.

Can’t thank you enough, Sami, for your magical work and the tools you give us women!



I am engaged to a man who adores me!

My breaking point, that brought me to Sami Wunder, came when the man I was dating called me one day and told me that he no longer wanted to see me.

Of course, that hurt very much, but there was something else that he said to me that cut the deepest. He told me that I was like “one of the guys, that I wasn’t what he considered “girlfriend or wife material.” Wow, that really hurt. I thought, “Why in the world would he say that?”

I had always taken pride in being very feminine. I wore stylish dresses and clothing, 6 inch heels, have my hair styled and my nails done every month. What did he mean by “one of the guys”?

Needless to say, between then and now and with Sami´s tools, I am a changed woman, a transformed person AND I am engaged to a man who adores me.

We are getting married in just a few short weeks. Sami´s coaching and knowledge around relationships is life changing. It truly works. Thank you Sami for what you do for us.


4. amy

This woman saved my marriage from the brink of divorce!

I could write Sami Wunder a testimonial of a 1000 words.

I found Sami in a moment when I thought that, if this didn't help either, I was ready to end my marriage of 20 years.

This woman saved my marriage and made it turn into this loving, supportive, amazing relationship. I haven't felt so close to my husband in years.

I will be forever indebted to you, Sami.



Sami Wunder is God-sent and changed my life forever!

Sami Wunder's Leap Into Love programme is 100% authentic, inspiring and life-changing. It provides the most in-depth and expansive understanding I have seen so far, about creating a vivid, loving and solid relationship with ourselves and with the man in
our lives.

It's so easy to read reviews and not whole-heartedly believe them but I want to tell you that this photo of mine shows nothing but the truth behind the results this programme has got for me within the last 6 months alone - a naturally flowing, happy marriage with a man that passionately goes out of his way to see me radiant and content, every single day. I feel peaceful and know I am on my way to happily ever after.

Sami Wunder is God-sent and changed my life forever.



I'm happily married and I know the secret to keeping the spark alive!

When I stumbled upon Sami, I had just started a new serious relationship, after divorce. My boyfriend (now husband) was completely devoted to me, but I was completely paranoid about the same thing happening to this relationship as it had with my failed marriage.

I was desperate for a resource to guide me. And I have to say that Soulmates Forever is EXACTLY THAT. The biggest learnings for me were the Slow Poisons and the oh-so-delicate balance in leaning back & initiating in a committed relationship.

After my divorce, I thought that all relationships started amazingly but will inevitably deteriorate as couples lose attraction for one another. But after doing this life-changing program, I know that you can keep the spark alive just by knowing what keeps ROMANTIC attraction alive for a man.

Today I am a happily married client of Sami's, and I highly recommend this program for all women in relationships and married women!



Sami saved me and my love life, by showing me how to value myself. !

When I look at my journey so far, I think it’s just incredible the 180° change my love life has taken after finding your work.

The same man that cheated on me is now vying for my attention, takes me to the movies after he stopped 2 years ago, takes me on holiday trips, takes me shopping - and all I did was follow Sami’s simple instructions! He is now making plans to buy a house for me/us.

Sami’s coaching and the Attract Your Soulmate program not only work, they have saved me and my love life, by showing me how to be content and how to value myself.

I am happy not just because my ex is stepping up, and a plethora of QUALITY men are begging for 10 mins of my time. I am happy because I have finally connected with my femininity

Sami's programs are every penny. Cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you Sami!


3. debbie

Coaching helped me so much more than years of therapy!

For me, investing in myself was not something I had really done before. I have been divorced twice, so money was a big struggle in my recent years, with three young adult children still needing so much financially from me.

When I found Sami, I was really in a difficult place emotionally, so I took that step to begin private coaching with in 2016. And coaching helped me so much more than years of therapy!

After that, I began to purchase all Sami's programs as she developed them. Every penny I spent made me realize there was a direct correlation to investing in myself, doing the work, and improving all aspects of my life!

I am such a different person today than I was when I found Sami. I have never felt this good in my life or with myself.

When I joined the Inner Circle, I felt very invested because it was a big investment too and decided I would make the most of all the live calls, advice and information to achieve my goals.

I used to feel guilty spending money on myself but I don't anymore, because I know that I'm worth it.



I am worth it. You are worth it!

Sami is an amazing coach, and a genius course creator. I don't know of any other course out there that matches the depth and transformation that Leap Into Love can bring into a woman's life.

My life has changed and continues to change everyday because of this program and its amazing content. I started to date again after years, and healed the way I looked at myself and at relationships.

Working in a small group as Sami's VIP clients was a very special experience. There was no masculine competitiveness, no measuring up, no result to chase like it would be the 'be all and end all of everything'. It was a non-judgemental, safe space, with Sami's gentle nudging towards empowering thoughts and feelings, the reminder to believe in myself and my dreams, the reminder that I am, and always will be, enough for any man out there.

I was drawn to Sami as a coach because I have always wanted to be confident, beautiful, happy, feminine, powerful and so very worthy of the best. She embodies it all.

Perhaps I do too, more than I realise, or I wouldn't have had an opportunity for a program like this to cross my path. I am so grateful it did.

Leap Into Love is totally worth the investment, many times over. I am worth it. You are worth it.



My days are filed with joy!

When I joined Sami's Inner Circle program I was shaking, because I knew my life was going to shift. I took the plunge and invested almost all my money in the program. Looking back, I am amazed at how different my life looks now. I started off jobless, insecure and heartbroken after a man disappeared on me.

Now I'm writing this sitting comfortably in my own apartment, where I live with the most incredible man, who showers me with love. My days are filled with joy. I have learned to connect with my feelings and own them for the first time in my life. I have learned to speak up. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I have learned to love my fear and not let it stop me. The rewards are endless. And of course, I loved sharing this journey with other women and growing together as sisters. There is something very powerful about having a sisterhood to rely on. Thank you, Sami, for making this possible, I owe this to you!



Working with Sami privately was 100% essential to my growth!

Working with Sami privately was 100% essential to my growth. I think it is the main reason that I have moved through so many detrimental behaviors so quickly. I don't recognize this woman I am today, and yet at the same time I recognize myself for real for the first time.

Yes, the work itself was challenging, and I would not have been able to handle the pain and sit in it without personal support. I wanted to make permanent and steady changes - no waffling.

Dedicating my energy, time AND a significant amount of money really "locked" me into the positive momentum. Something about putting my resources on the line kept me close to the work in those slippery moments when I really felt tempted to slip back into old self-defeating behavior.

The investment was a symbol to myself that I mean business this time. I never thought I could put myself first this way!

But now I can honestly say it is not possible to even put a price on what I have received. I don't think Sami could even charge enough - this work is priceless.



I just had the best Christmas and New Year!

Sami, I would like to thank you very much for your knowledge, teachings and wisdom, including the tough love you gave me. At the start, everything I learned was a big change for me and it felt a bit confusing, so going through your programs and having access to you in the Inner Circle was a big help.

My mindset around men and online dating started to change, and I found myself being transform slowly. I become confident, I know now what I want and what I do not want, what I put up with and what I don't tolerate easy. Dating became fun. One of my RD is being consistent and, for the first time in my life, I honestly don't feel any confusion, mixed signals and worries at all. I just had the best Christmas and New Year with him.



This information transforms lives!

Sami Wunder's Attract Your Soulmate program is absolutely amazing. It gives ladies oodles of information. When this information is put into action, it transforms lives. It has transformed mine.

Not only does Sami help with attracting your soulmate, she is also such a great support and boosts confidence and encouragement at the same time.

I was a ‘lost (single) soul’, wanting to share my life with someone amazing who truly loves me inside and out. I have had long relationships in the past which did not pan out the way I had hoped, so I realised its time to do things differently and try a new way of looking at things.

This program and working with Sami is definitely worth every penny. I am so pleased I did.

I am now currently a different Tiffanie with a beaming smile and very excited about dating and my future.



Working with Sami, is the most valuable thing I could do for myself!

The first thing I thought after paying the subscription fees for Inner Circle was: "You must be totally crazy!" And yet, I don’t regret the investment one bit. It has been worth every penny. In fact, working with you, Sami, is the most valuable thing I could do for myself. You are teaching with pure honesty, compassion and love. And this was also the energy that was reflected within the group. What is amazing about the group coaching program is that I did not only learn from you, Sami, but also from everyone's journey. I couldn't thank you and all the IC ladies enough for such an amazing time. You all are special to me. This work taught me to take full ownership of my life with awareness, trust, more confidence and self-love.



What Industry Experts Are Saying About Sami


Sami, what can I say, I wanted you to help me with our event, but you stole the show! I personally listened to your audio on Feminine energy and I was mesmerized for the entire hour. What you do for women is simply priceless.



In my field, I come across many “experts”, but Sami is the real deal. She absolutely walks her talk and has helped thousands of women transform their vulnerability into true strength. In this day and age, we need more women to fully step into their power, and we need more leaders like Sami who are paving the way to do so!



Sami is just amazing! From the moment I met her, I knew she was a superstar coach with super powers to help women everywhere! And she has proven to be even more powerful than I’d predicted: Sami’s truly transformational in the way she works with her clients – and in the way she IS herself ! She’s gentle and kind, yet firm and knowing – and so very, very skilled. She commits herself to you totally, and you can feel how much she cares about you personally. Her own love story and blissful marriage is a powerful illustration for the results she can get for you in your own love life, very quickly.



The results Sami's clients get are truly incredible. I've met alot of Love & Relationship Coaches but I've yet to meet a coach that gets her clients such fast results. The number of proposals her clients have had just in this year is remarkable - her stuff really works! I've referred many of my girlfriends to Sami's FB group and website and highly recommend anyone needing help in love to follow her closely..




Sami's approach is unique, inspiring and life-changing. I am so happy to refer my clients and friends to her - she is my go-to girl for anyone in a relationship or dating! She gets results for her clients and her coaching is built on the most beautiful self-love and self-growth. I haven't seen anything else like it and the way she coaches is supportive, direct and powerful. She's your number one fan in your love life! I'm so proud to know Sami and her work.



Sami Wunder is a force of nature! She's a master at successfully leading her clients through the difficult and frustrating challenges of dating and relationships. She’s open-hearted and personally committed to helping each women find their true partner. Her life is an example of what she teaches and her authenticity is undeniable. Sami is a woman who’s changing lives and I predict will be making a huge impact on the world.


See What Some More Of My Clients Are Saying

I am actively dating healthy men, and never before have I focused on myself so much!

When I came to Sami, I felt deep down that nothing and nobody could help me. Today, I can say with honesty that the scary decision to invest so much in myself and join Sami's VIP level mastermind was one of the best decisions of my life.

Within a matter of few months, I have been able to move from feeling irreparable and doomed to a very good feeling place. I am actively dating healthy men and never before have I focused on myself and my needs so much. The lectures and guidance from Sami and the support from the fellow sisters on the group together have been a life changing experience. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have this massive growth. Thank you Sami.

- Glenda, Finland

Within four sessions I achieved with Sami what four years of therapy had not achieved!

Sami is the missing piece in the puzzle of a journey that I had embarked upon a while ago and an absolutely beautiful, smart, capable coach as a piece of puzzle she is ! The sessions with Sami are no chit-chat because she focuses on moving you forward from your stuck places. I look forward to achieving many more breakthroughs with her. Cannot thank her enough for being on this journey with me.

- Judith, Greenland

Sami, had I not found you, I would have been single forever.

It is only after working with Sami that I realized how many negative habits and beliefs I had developed towards love and men. She has helped me tremendously in getting over what was not serving me and in realizing that it´s still not too late to be loved like I want to be. People are noting a difference in my energy wherever I go, I am back in the dating scene after a break of 10 years and have never felt better before. Thank you Sami. Love you!

Sandra, Dubai, U.A.E.

There is a reason why this girl is called Sami Wunder! Because she actually makes wonders happen.

Yes people, you heard me right! There is magic in this girl and all she does is just tap her wand and make magic in your life. Yes! It is as simple as that. My coach, my mentor, my guide- I’ll remain indebted to you all my life for introducing me to LIFE.

So here’s my story.

I have known Sami all my life but this time around I approached her with a certain aim. Sami was doing something really interesting-she was helping women in distress, helping them to shine and recognise their true self. I too was distraught, lost in this journey of life, having been trampled by men left, right and centre and sadly through no fault of mine. I was confused, I was paranoid, I was clueless, I did not understand what was happening in my life. I had reached a stage where I had started blaming myself. And it was then that Sami came as a saviour in my life. She taught me the wonders of feminine energy, she helped me emote, she helped me express, she gave a voice to my feelings and she made ME LOVE MYSELF.

All you people, let me tell you a secret I wasn’t wrong all this while but yes I was doing it all wrong. Sami taught me that relationships are beautiful, relationships are what make us who we are so why shouldn’t we do them right! All her wonder tools, her coaching, her enthusiasm, her perseverance, her ceaseless passion actually made wonders happen in my life. I got married a week ago to the Man of my Dreams and nobody can change the fact that it was SAMI who made it all happen.

Let me tell you some more- you write to Sami any random story, you write to her about your silliest botherations under the sun and this girl will put up with all of this so patiently and earnestly that you will feel you have found a friend for life. Sami made me flow like a river, she put me in touch with my inner self, she made me shed my inhibitions, she made me FIND MYSELF.

Thank you Sami for being my guardian angel, thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I love you to the moon and back and I pray with all my heart that all those women out there can benefit from your knowledge about life.

Sami, you are a true embodiment of what you teach us women to be – Soft on the outside, strong on the outside.

I cannot thank you enough for how patiently and lovingly you have handled me in my hard time. I feel loved, safe and secure in your presence and don’t feel judged at all.

Thanks to you, my self-esteem is slowly returning and I am beginning to believe – There is love for me too! You are the best friend and coach any woman can have. Thank you for everything!

- Emelie, Dublin, Ireland

Within the first free discovery session with Sami itself, I learnt how I was doing so many wrong things to push my husband away. I could never have thought that calling him to check on him or helping him with his job troubles was actually reducing his attraction towards me as a woman. Whoa !!

Sami´s energy is so fantastic. She pulled me out of my dullness and inspired me to go full on for the closeness I have always desired in my marriage but could not figure out how to have.

My husband tells me I am changed woman. He doesn't know what I am doing but its great he says. Lol Thank you SO much Sami. I cannot believe how you managed all this in 6 Skype sessions.

Your work is a life-saver for any woman who wants to be adored in her relationship. You are my coach for life.

- Michelle, New York, U.S.A.

Sami has the energy of such a Goddess. Seeing her I feel inspired to be the same way.

She was patient in understanding my problems with dating and working with her has forced me to re- evaluate my ways of being and my perspective. She holds your hand gently and takes you on a journey at the end of which you find your dreams coming true. What I love most about her is her gentleness and genuine concern with one´s situation.

In just 8 weeks of private coaching, I felt such a difference in my self-esteem and understood how attraction works with men.

I now have a loving and amazing man in my life that I am I am looking forward to marrying!

She always ‘gets you”, she gets on board with you and makes your dreams come alive. I am a better woman because of her today..

Hire her and you will be glad you did. Thank you Sami for being there for me.

- Kate, California, U.S.A.

I love my husband but he used to be so inattentive. I felt neglected and like I am not important in his life. After working with Sami I realize that I had to be important first to me. I feel amazing after working with her, like a fresh and new woman all together.

And I have ALL his attention now, I am totally the apple of his eye. It feels so great.

All this happened within 4 sessions with Sami.

You are so effective and you have no idea how much your help turned my married life around. Thank you Sami.

- Alvera, Geneva, Switzerland

After our session I feel kindness from you. I feel heard. Thank you.

Also it was sooo helpful to have clarity on my next steps in dating. Navigating this had lost its fun!!! But now that I have your guidance I have things to practice!! :-))

You are a warm, beautiful and powerful coach!!

Thank you SO MUCH for your help.

- Clara, Michigan, U.S.A.

Sami, thank you for teaching such wonderful tools to me.

Within the 5 Skype sessions, you completely shifted my energy and as you know, I am now engaged to be MARRIED!

Thanks for removing my judgement around men and my blocks towards receiving love. When I started doing your tools, I noticed an immediate difference around me in terms of the interactions with men.

I feel more in touch with my inner world than I have ever been. So a big big thank you to you. You make me feel powerful. I am trying to use these tools a lot more in my day to day interactions and I’m sure the more I use them, the more powerful and empowered they’ll make me feel. Your lessons are a blessing for me and I appreciate your efforts and valuable pieces of advice.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I feel so glad to know that I can always turn to you for help.