OMG! My interview has been featured in Forbes magazine this morning! Check out the Sami Wunder Forbes interview by clicking here.

I’ve been on Forbes before as well, but this is different. This is Forbes featuring my company and discussing how I manifested an extremely profitable 7 figure quarter in 2021 (yes, not in a year, but in 3 months!)

I believe this interview is a MUST read for every ambitious woman.

I disclose the top lessons I’ve learned in my 5+ years in business, and reveal some personal behind-the-scenes details I’ve never shared before.

Inside it , we’ve covered –


Sami Wunder Forbes Interview

This Sami Wunder Forbes interview is relevant not only for entrepreneurs or for achieving success in your career.

Instead, recognizing when you are slipping into ‘hard work energy’ is a skill that will especially in your love life. My whole philosophy and method for attracting and keeping Soulmate love is based on the principle of Feminine Energy, i.e. manifesting what you desire with ease, flow and fun! So I hope you find my story and example helpful also in your dating and relationships.

Ladies – I grew up in a humble, middle-class home, and the success I have created still blows my own mind.

I want more and more women in this world to see this is possible for them too, no matter where they started.

I am a passionate crusader for women to have it all – both financial freedom through an amazing career AND amazing love.

I want all women, mothers, single moms, women going through a divorce or a tough personal time, to see what’s possible for them.

Go check out the Sami Wunder Forbes interview by clicking here.

And share it with all women in your communities for them to see what moms, what women can do, if they decide to!

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