​​​​​​​When a woman comes to me in a lot of pain, irrespective of what’s causing that pain in her dating life or relationship, one of the first things I do is to direct her back towards pleasure. Here, I want to explain what I do this, and what makes it so worthy to say YES to feminine pleasure!

​​​​​​​There is immense healing power in pleasure.

Feeling pleasure – whatever that looks like for you – helps you return to your radiant, peaceful, centred, feminine essence, effortlessly. 

When you’re doing something that lights you up or makes you happy, it gets you out of your head (masculine) zone.

In that moment, you are able to just be in your body (feminine) and without even realising, you are able to be the best version of the woman you can be, minus the nasty thoughts, the self-doubt, the incessant chain of worrying thoughts.

* Remember the last time you really laughed at the joke your friend cracked? How you couldn’t stop laughing?

* Or the last time you got that expensive facial done and almost fell asleep with relaxation, while someone massaged your face and décolleté? How good that felt?

* Or when you put on that red dress and went out to meet your diva sisters? When there were hugs and vulnerability and pure girlie fun?

* Or when you danced to Katy Perry’s “Baby you’re a firework” and just moved your body to the music without thinking what someone else was thinking about you?

Not only were all those moments liberating, they were also bringing out the woman you truly are, your true light, your true nature, your inner joy.

In all those moments, without making any extra effort to be so, you were naturally radiant, authentic, you felt alive and you also felt for that brief moment that life is good and everything will be alright.

And these are the moments you want to create more of. Yes, you do.

​​​​​​​You want to go for more pleasure because pleasure is what the feminine soul thrives on.

What Healthy Nutrition Is For Your Body, Pleasure Is For The Feminine Soul.

The whole magic of following more pleasure in our lives as women, is that when our feminine soul feels deeply nourished with pleasure, relaxation, fun and sisterhood support, our romantic relationships thrive too.

A happy woman is not only attractive to a man or her man, she’s also much more in tune with her feminine gifts of healthy intuition, inner voice, boundaries and authenticity. All of which feed into creating healthy relationships.

​​​​So many women today find it selfish to take a day off work and rest, or work 70 hour weeks at their jobs even though it’s exhausting them, or devote their entire days to their kids with no energy devoted to themselves, or are buried under miles of work travel, with zero private lives or time left for following one’s own pleasure.

It’s not their fault, though. We live today in a highly masculine paradigm where struggle, hardship, competition, achievement, “hustle,” are valued way above the feminine processes of flow, ease, fun, laughter, sisterhood and softness. 

Where giving is good and receiving is selfish. Where making others happy is highly moral (good woman definition) and making yourself happy is highly frowned upon.

But buying into those masculine ideas is costing us a lot, especially the disconnect to our bodies and the pursuit of our own happiness.

When you’re so overworked, so depleted, or so under-pleasured, how can you possibly offer your date, your boyfriend or your husband anything of the real you?

So Let’s Shift The Focus A Bit:

Let’s succeed in this world, not by their rules but by our rules.

Let’s succeed by being more of a girl. 

​​​​​​​Let’s succeed by following the feminine pleasures and processes.

Let’s give our men, husbands, boyfriends, dates, the gift of a queen, a goddess, a diva, who treats herself with the highest love and respect, above everything and everyone else.

​​​​​​​A woman who follows her own happiness, her own pleasure, first.

A woman who realises that she disrespects God when she neglects herself.

So ask yourself today, no matter what´s going on in your life or relationship right now:

What is the ONE thing you can do today, right now, that will light you up? That will feel good to you?

The one thing that is not connected with anyone else. The one thing that has nothing to do with your mother, your kid, your pet or your partner or your date.

The one thing for you and only you.

Find that one thing and go do it NOW and feel your energy while you’re doing it.

And from that happy space, from that space of true feminine essence, I promise you that you will be capable of attracting and creating the grandest relationship that you’ve ever wanted!

It starts with you! How are YOU going to say yes to feminine pleasure today? Share in the comments below!
Love, Sami

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