Do you find yourself in a highly masculine profession, and find it hard to switch from masculine to feminine energy before you go on a date? Or maybe you’re still in your masculine when you come back home to your partner and find it hard to ‘turn off’ the businesswoman switch?

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Or maybe you are in caretaking profession or looking after little children, which requires you to use a lot of your Masculine (‘doing,’ ‘giving’) Energy, leaving you exhausted and with little time to tend to yourself.

Regardless of the exact profession or situation, you probably find that at the end of the day, it is hard to switch from masculine to Feminine Energy and just chill.

I hear you, my love! As a busy mom of two small kids and running a successful company, I can promise you that it is quite the juggle for ambitious women who also want to have a family and happiness in their private lives.

But it is so worth it. Learning the skills to juggle our energies and work and love lives is the foundation to having it ALL in my work. Hence, in this video below, I am giving you my top 5 tips on switching from Masculine to Feminine Energy. If you prefer to watch, click the video below. If you learn better by reading, carry reading on.

Alright, let’s get started on how to switch from Masculine to Feminine Energy – easily and effectively.

1. To Switch From Masculine To Feminine, Choose Balance In All You Do

The first tip to having a healthy balance between your masculine and feminine energy is to ‘choose balance’ in all you do.

Not many women are picking up on the fact that ‘choosing balance,’ in the way we do life and relationships, is how you strike that ‘balance’ between not going too much into your masculine and always having a way to return to your Feminine Energy.

Let me explain. Do you get hyper-focused at work, so much so, that you forget to eat and drink? Do you get so concentrated on finishing your masculine energy tasks and To Do lists that you forget to step out and enjoy the sun on a winter day?  

Maybe you’re running a business, maybe you’re an entrepreneur, or maybe you’re working for someone else – but when you’re deep into your work, do you forget to get up and stretch?  Do you forget that connection with your body?

If so, then you are being in hyper-focus, Masculine Energy, and what you need to start aiming for is more balance in how you show up and do life and love, as a whole.  

How To Add More Balance In Your Life

It’s alright to be focused on your work and have ambition and want to get things done. But what if you also decided to listen to your body when it said, “I’m thirsty” or “I’m hungry” or “My eyes hurt, it’s time for a break”?

What if instead of continuing to push and move forward, you gave yourself permission to get up and take a break? Stretch. Breathe deeply. Dance a little. Move. Make sure you’re giving your body healthy and nutritious foods.

What if instead of pushing yourself to finish everything in one day, you gave yourself the grace to finish it tomorrow and enjoyed the rest of the evening with your man or on your date?

Hence, the first tip is to strive for a more balanced approach in how you do all things, so that you are never going that FAR OUT in Masculine Energy that it takes a lot of ‘effort’ to come back into your body and switch from masculine to Feminine Energy in dating or your relationship.

2. To Switch From Masculine To Feminine, Take Your Feelings With You, Wherever You Go

A lot of the times, we are told that if we are high-achieving, highly successful women, we should keep Feminine Energy for men, and we should take our Masculine Energy to work. I disagree
I believe Masculine and Feminine Energy are in a constant dance, and we can choose to FLOW easily between these energies if we know which one to access and channel.

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I think it’s totally possible to be able to quickly switch from masculine to feminine. You can take your Feminine Energy to work with you, by always being available and present with your feelings.

switch from masculine to feminine

Being able to switch from Masculine to Feminine starts with understanding that you are a holistic individual with both energies inside yourself. That it’s completely possible to be in a boardroom or a meeting or doing business, and STILL being in touch with your feelings. At least, this is how I do business. I don’t leave my heart behind. I don’t work with clients where I don’t feel safe and respected. You can do the same.

Now, you don’t have to talk about your feelings at work (I don’t want your boss to hate me!), but they can still be your guide and your inner compass. They can still inform you and speak to you.

This way, you can take your feelings with you to work and let them guide you, without being controlled by them.

In this way, you’re not completely breaking away from your feminine self. And when you don’t completely break away from your Feminine self, it’s also easier to access Feminine Energy, if throughout the day you’ve never been far from it, through your feelings.

3. Make Time With Men, Your ‘Time To Chill’ Zone

My third expert tip on how to switch from Masculine to Feminine Energy is highly dating- and relationship-focused.

I like to call it ‘It’s Time to Chill.’ When you’re stepping out of work and you are ready to go on a date, or back home to partner – It’s Time To Chill!

This means you’re going to take an ‘Action Detox’ and activate just being in your Feminine Energy.

You’re going to take a detox from problem solving, from doing, giving and thinking, and you’re just going to CHILL – simply because it’s chill time! Being around a man, or your man, is a signal for chilling out.

At work, you can be the giver, the door, the one making things. But in love, we want to practice polarity. This means we want to be able to switch from Masculine to Feminine, the minute we decide to.

Feminine looks like cultivating the ability to stop the doing and giving to men and to CHILL, and sloooooooooow down, so that our men can rise up for us. So that we can be the more relaxed, easy-going partner, and our men can step up and be in their Masculine Energy around us.

When you switch from Masculing to Feminine this way, men will step up more and want to help you with the burden of doing things, of planning, of leading the relationship, of organizing, and then you get to receive from them.

If you want to learn how to amplify your Feminine Energy more, check out this video blog here.

4. Receive. Receive. Receive.

All day long, you’re the one doing and giving, whether it’s at work, whether it’s taking care of your patients, whether it’s taking care of your clients or the kids.

But I have an invitation for you. How about you decide that inside of your romantic relationships it is – “Receiving Mode ON!”

You receive from men and let them nourish your Feminine Energy. You allow yourself to be taken care of. Let men pay for you on the dates, let men open the car doors. Let men do these things for you. Let your partner give you a massage. Let your partner bring you a tea.

And all of this can happen, when you create the energy of space, of chilling, of slowing down in your relationship or with the men you’re with, because when you create that space, that’s where masculine energy can step up for you and fill that space.

5. A Brain Hack To Help You Switch From Masculine To Feminine

Last but not least, my final tip is to carry some kind of charm or ornament that reminds you that it’s time to chill, and relax, and receive.

This tip comes in most handy when you have gone all-out in your Masculine Energy and now need some serious switching in your feminine. Hopefully, this isn’t an everyday thing because the women who stretch out a lot in their masculine tend to burn out and reach unprecedented levels of exhaustion and resentment.

Just like seeing your partner / the men you are dating, the ornament can work as a signal to your mind that work is over and now it’s my time to receive from men and the men in your life or the man in your life.

Such an arm ornament can be a pearl bracelet, or a nice intense perfume that you just smell, and it relaxes your senses, and brings you back into your body.

If you approach this as a habit and decide to get out of your head and relax and receive, when you use or smell or wear your ornament, your brain will soon start to make that switch from masculine to feminine effectively and quickly.

A Loving Reminder

At the end, I would just like to lovingly remind you that Feminine Energy is inside of you. It’s not something you have to work hard to achieve. It’s something you return to. It’s your safe haven. It’s what to come home to!

I would love to hear back from you and I would love to hear if these tips have helped you.

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