Do You Know How To Speak To His Heart?

My client Sarah was about to break up with her man. She wasn’t happy with their living situation. They were living in a shared apartment with his parents, and she wanted a place of her own – understandably so.  Sarah’s boyfriend had communicated many times to her before, that he would like to live with […]

4 Steps To Take When He Hasn’t Messaged

“Help Sami, he hasn’t messaged!” My client Melissa was in tears and very distressed when her man she is in a relationship with went unexpectedly silent on her. Previously, he was continuously staying in contact, sending regular messages. Every day, he let her know she was loved. However, when she was on a holiday with the […]

My Cosmo Article On Long-Distance Relationships

Hi Divas, Yet another dream came true for me recently: I was featured on the Cosmopolitan magazine, U.K. Yay!!! Thank you, Universe, for your love! The journalist wanted specific advice for young couples dealing with separation due to going to different universities – however, the advice I gave holds true for ANY long-distance relationship. With the right skills, […]

Choose Heart Over Head And Bring Your Relationship Closer

Choose Heart Over Head

Hi Divas, Today’s short and sweet article has just one quick message: Don’t let the thoughts in your rational head mess up your connection with your feelings! Choose your heart over your head and bring your relationship closer! Learn How to Bring Him Close & Make Your Relationship Thrive in my free guide [click here […]