Happily Engaged And Pregnant At 40! [Successful Client Interview]

Happily Engaged And Pregnant At 40

“Within 2 months, I was happily engaged and pregnant at 40! When I first came to Sami, I thought my relationship was over, as well as my chances to have a baby. I was nearly 40. After some private coaching directly with Sami, I joined the Inner Circle group coaching program¬†of 2017, to continue to […]

How Do You Get A Man To Propose To You? [Video]

how do you get a man to propose

Hi Divas! A question that so many women have on their minds and struggle to find the answer to. Some examples of questions in my inbox include – “What can I do Sami so that he proposes to me? How can I make him think of me as wife / relationship material? Is there anyway […]