How To TRULY Celebrate Love On Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Love On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us! While for some of us this can mean another day of adoration, being reassured by our man that we are loved, possibly some flowers and a romantic candlelight dinner… for some others, this day can be a painful reminder of what we “lack” in our life. Learn How to Bring […]

Some Love For You If The Holiday Season Is Feeling Hard!

blue christmas

Hi Divas, Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it! The Christmas season is meant to be a beautiful time. It’s meant to be a time where we come together with our dear ones in the spirit of love, togetherness and compassion. We laugh, drink good wine, eat good food, decorate our Christmas tree […]

How To Build Emotional Attraction?

Today, I will be sharing with you a very personal experience from my own marriage, as a way to exemplify how to build emotional attraction with men. Some time ago, hubby and I had a little “energetic” disturbance.  I had come online promising him that my Facebook livestream will be over in 10 mins and […]

How To Manage Your Emotional Triggers

How To Manage Emotional Triggers

You’re having a perfectly good day, and then you see something on your newsfeed or receive a message that feels off, and suddenly there’s this yucky, intense feeling in your stomach. And you can’t really point out what it is, so you carry on with your day as if nothing happened but you find that, that […]

3 Reasons Why A Man Isn’t Stepping Up To Claim Your Heart [Video]

3 Reasons Why A Man Is Not Stepping Up

Hi there Diva lady, You’re beautiful, you’re smart and successful, you know what you want in life; you take care of yourself, dress to impress, go to the gym, fill your time with engaging hobbies; you’re an all-round amazing woman. AND YET, this man that you’re seeing and that you like, is not stepping up […]

How To Deal With Feelings Of Urgency In Dating And Relationships [Video]

How To Deal With Feelings Of Urgency In Dating And Relationships

Hi Divas, Sami here! In this video I answer Kilo’s (from Greece) brilliant question on: “How Do We Deal With The Feelings Of Urgency In Dating And Relationships?” Urgency is that feeling of “do or die” or “now or never” that we can often feel with a man. It makes us feel compelled to act […]

Your Sensitivity And Your Man

Your Sensitivity And Your Man

Hi! This is Sami. Today I want to talk to you about how to deal with our man when we feel overtly sensitive (we all do on certain days)! Learn How to Bring Him Close & Make Your Relationship Thrive in my free guide [click here to download] Look at Louisa’s (name changed) question – […]

Choose Heart Over Head And Bring Your Relationship Closer

Choose Heart Over Head

Hi Divas, Today’s short and sweet article has just one quick message: Don’t let the thoughts in your rational head mess up your connection with your feelings! Choose your heart over your head and bring your relationship closer! Learn How to Bring Him Close & Make Your Relationship Thrive in my free guide [click here […]