Top 5 Behaviors To NOT TOLERATE In Dating

In my work as an international love coach, I find that many women, even the high-achieving ones that make up the core of my clientele, lack a basic frame of reference for what is healthy and acceptable from men, and what is unhealthy, toxic or even dangerous. So today, we are talking about the five […]

Stop Pretending It’s Okay When It Is Not

stop pretending it's okay

Stop pretending it’s okay? What do you mean, Sami? Be patient with me. This blog post is not a lecture in child psychology, but a crackling lesson we all need to digest for dating and romantic relationship success. Learn the 6 Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate in my free guide [click here to download] A […]

The Power Of Saying No To Him

The Power Of Saying No To Him

Hi, Ladies! Do you find it hard to say “no” to people in general? Would you rather say,”I’ll try my best,” or ,”Maybe,” even though you KNOW for sure that you don’t want to do something? If there is a man in the picture (dating or relationship), do you feel pressured to be polite and […]