How To TRULY Celebrate Love On Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Love On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us! While for some of us this can mean another day of adoration, being reassured by our man that we are loved, possibly some flowers and a romantic candlelight dinner… for some others, this day can be a painful reminder of what we “lack” in our life. Learn How to Bring […]

You Don’t Need To Be Perfect

you do not need to be perfect

Every now and then I receive emails from women who feel the pressure and the need to be perfect. They ask me: “Sami, how do you always keep your vibe so high and diva? How come you’re always looking so good and being happy and achieving one success after another?” Learn How to Bring Him Close […]

4 Steps To Take When He Hasn’t Messaged

“Help Sami, he hasn’t messaged!” My client Melissa was in tears and very distressed when her man she is in a relationship with went unexpectedly silent on her. Previously, he was continuously staying in contact, sending regular messages. Every day, he let her know she was loved. However, when she was on a holiday with the […]

The Need To “Do” Self Love

I watch my eye glasses kept at a distance on the dressing table as I sit in bed and watch Netflix. I know I “should” be wearing my eyeglasses when I use my computers else I risk weakening my eyes. But more than anything, I hate those headaches in the evening when it´s time to […]