You Don’t Need To Be Perfect

you do not need to be perfect

Every now and then I receive emails from women who feel the pressure and the need to be perfect. They ask me: “Sami, how do you always keep your vibe so high and diva? How come you’re always looking so good and being happy and achieving one success after another?” Learn How to Bring Him Close […]

5 Tips For When You’re Not Getting Asked Out On Second Dates

Hi Divas, I know how exhausting it can feel when you’re not getting asked out on second dates, and all you do is  go on endless first dates that lead to nothing. You’re chatting with men online, you’re making the time to dress well and show up as your best self on these dates, the […]

Are You Too Picky About Your Men, Ladies?

Picky About Your Men

Hi Divas! Sami Wunder here! Most gorgeous, successful women that I have coached or that I am coaching seem to have one running theme in common – they are highly picky about their men! Learn the 6 Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate in my free guide [click here to download] He doesn’t look good enough… […]