Why Men Text But Don’t Ask You Out

why men text but don't ask you out

In today’s blog, I’m taking up a question on what to do when men text but don’t ask you out. I’m also going to go below the surface and examine why this can feel so irritating and triggering for us women. [Ready to attract Mr. Forever? Click here to grab my free 6-Step Guide PDF!] […]

Feminine Texting – The Art Of Standing Out In Dating

Did you know that, in today’s online dating world, how you communicate in texts is actually an art? In this article, I will teach you a few simple and effective skills of feminine texting that you can use to shine in the dating world. Learn the 6 Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate in my free […]

Should You Text Him First Or Wait? [Video]

Text Him First Or Wait

Hello my Divas, In today’s video (that I did as a live stream on my Facebook business Page – make sure you “Like” it and turn on notifications!), I addressed a simple, yet very common situation that I see many women face, when they are just getting started with this new way of dating. Learn […]