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Top 11 Quality Places To Meet A High Quality Man

Top 11 Quality Places To Meet A High Quality Man

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Every week in my love coaching practice, I get requests from clients in my Elevate 6-month group coaching program asking:

‘I’m doing all this amazing work, learning about boundaries and feminine energy, but I’m still not meeting the right person for me. Where do I find good men?’

So I decided to come on here and share what I think are the top 11 places to meet high-quality men – organically!

11 Places To Meet High-Quality Men (Organically)

Before I share these places, I want to make 2 caveats:

  1. You shouldn’t stick to meeting men organically ONLY. If you’re looking to collapse your dating timeline and meet the right person fast, only relying on organic meeting could delay the process… And we don’t want that! Keep your online dating game on, and your man will show up sooner than later.
  2. It’s really important that you are still committed to doing the inner work. A lot of times women think that when they meet the right person, everything works out on its own. But things only work out when you’ve done the inner work to be in ready position to receive your soulmate.

If you’re clear on these two points, these are the top 11 places to meet high quality men in my experience

11 Places To Meet High Quality Men (Organically)

1. The Gym

If you’re the kind of woman who values being fit and healthy, and you’d like your partner to share a similar value base as yourself…

Then hitting the gym is a really good idea – not just for your health and body, but also for your love life. 

A lot of leaders, successful, ambitious men, tend to look after their own health too. You’ll find them at the gym in the early morning before work or in the evening after it.

It’s a great place to make eye contact with high quality men and get those conversations started!

2. Hotel Lobbies

But not just any hotel.

When I travel around the world to meet my clients for their 1:1 VIP intensive day with me, I tend to stay in very nice 5-star hotels.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are lots of high quality men hanging out in these hotels, and I always think what a great match they’d be for my clients.

Instead of going to the local cafe, every once in a while, spend an evening or at least have a drink in the lobby of a nice hotel! You never know where Mr. Right could be.

3. High Education Spaces

Hanging out where highly educated men hang out is always a good idea. For example:

One of the women in the Elevate singles track decided to hang out at the Royal Ascot races this summer in England. The girls were dressed up with their cute hats, and they were visible to high quality men.

Chris and I went to Monaco to see the Grand Prix this year. It was packed with successful bankers and really nice men that hung out with us on a yacht. Again, I thought of all my Wunder Divas!

4. Dance Classes

If you love dancing and moving your body, dance classes are a great idea to meet men who love the same.

Whatever the style, if you attend without an attachment to the outcome, you’ll end up learning a new skill, having a great time, meeting new people, and potentially meeting an empowered, masculine man.

11 Places To Meet High Quality Men (Organically)

5. Wine Tastings

My husband Chris and I love wine and whiskey tastings! There are always interesting people to talk to there.

If you like wine or whiskey, this is just so fun – it’s a great organic way to meet nice, empowered men.

6. Bike (or Hike) Tours

Everything sports –including bike tours or hike tours– are excellent ways to meet the kind of men you like.

My Elevate clients are usually sporty and look after their health, so these tours are always a great bonding experience. Busy, highly ambitious, successful men hang out at these places, so it’s an excellent place to meet them organically!

7. Referrals

While this isn’t a specific place you can go to, referrals made their way into this list because of just how on-point they can be.

Nobody knows you just like your friends and family. Asking them for referrals means they can dig into their networks and find someone who they think would be a good fit for you.

I work with a lot of high net worth women who usually have amazing education, class, and a legacy behind them. So finding a match within their net worth is very important to them, and it’s possible thanks to referrals.

Let your network know you’re ready for love and to meet your person. If they know the kind of man you’re looking for, they’ll be happy to see you start an incredible relationship with someone they know.

8. Conferences

Attending conferences in male-dominated industries is one of the main ways my entrepreneur clients find high-quality men.

It is amazing to watch how much of a blast they have! Meeting great men, the men doing everything for them so they can lean back, relax, be a diva queen and receive.

If you can get an invitation to one of those conferences, you’ll surely find high quality men with quality jobs, intelligence, and ambition.

9. Airport Lounges

Whenever I travel for work, I often hang out in business and first class lounges in between flights.

Even though I’m happily married and not interested, I often speak to men who reach out to me or notice that they make eye contact with me.

Airport lounges are places where leaders, busy, ambitious people hang out – naturally, that includes the kind of man you’re after!

10. Business & First Class

When you travel business or first class, keep your eyes open. There’s opportunity there…

Look left and right, see who’s sitting next to you.

On my flight back from Puerto Rico recently, I met a wonderful famous musician and we had an incredible chat all night about our families.

I know it’s different to what you’re looking for because we’re both married, but the message here is to keep your eyes open because the right person can be all around you… All you have to do is notice him.

11. Parties & Mixers

Last but not least, you can invite your friends and their friends to your own home and throw a party or mixer. This is how you can also extend your network organically.

As a single woman, if you’re friends with other women who are at your same level of intelligence and emotional maturity, they probably have single friends who would be a great fit for you.

Throw a party or mixer and see who shows up!

Ready to go out and meet the empowered, masculine man of your dream?

Start with my top 11 places where you can meet high quality men.

If you’d like my support and that of my team inside Elevate, I’d love to welcome you inside my 6-month group coaching program!

Inside Elevate, we help single career women like you learn the skills to attract lasting love in their lives.

We help you:

  • Understand how to embody your beautiful feminine energy
  • Get clarity on the kind of man you want to attract in your life
  • Gain the strategic skills to date in a high quality way and attract your soulmate within the next 12 months
  • Heal your heart from past hurt and resentment towards men so you can enjoy the best relationship of your life

Book a call to discuss Elevate with me and my team, and until then…

Good luck in these 11 places!

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