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how do you get a man to propose

How Do You Get A Man To Propose To You? [Video]

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Hi Divas!

A question that so many women have on their minds and struggle to find the answer to.

Some examples of questions in my inbox include –

“What can I do Sami so that he proposes to me?

How can I make him think of me as wife / relationship material?

Is there anyway I could speed up the process leading to commitment and marriage?

How come some women get to marriage so fast and some others never get there or only get there after years?”

All brilliant questions, and I could say SO much on this!

But let me start here.

Yes there are specific tools, attraction enhancers, communication and intimacy builders that you can use to bring your man closer. make him see you as wife material and make him feel compelled to claim you as his “only woman” for the rest of his life.

And yes, you can speed up this process of reaching commitment too.

For instance, my husband proposed to me within 9 months of dating me and German men are notoriously famous for stretching relationships up to a minimum of 5 years before they even begin to “think” marriage.

Not to forget, ours is not just any happy marriage – it’s an inter-cultural, inter-religion, inter-language, international happy marriage where we both represented very different world views on modern relationships at first.

So there you go – my work in action in my own love life to show you the power it has to change your love life.

As much as I would like to solve women’s dilemmas in a single article or coaching session, the wise ones among you already know in your own gut with all honesty that it takes a bit more intention and action than just that much – after all you want “big ticket items” like the ring and marriage.

This is where private coaching comes in and you can always contact me personally if you have any questions on that.

My intention behind creating this short 6 minute video is this –

Give you a “starting point” into how you should be looking at the process of getting a proposal or commitment from the man you are dating or have an exclusive relationship with –

Yes, the power DOES lie in your hands to have what you want and yes you can “speed up” the process to having it… But the answer does not lie in controlling or pushing or manipulating him….

Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions. It will provide you solid clarity on how this issue must be approached if you want success with it.


YouTube video

For quick access, here is the link to my e-book for the motivated ones amongst you-

And do join my other Wunder Divas on my private, confidential Facebook group –

To your success in love,
Sami Wunder

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