In my recent luxury retreat in the gorgeous country of Malta, I had a surprise guest for my participating divas. My friend Florian is a fitness trainer and health coach, and most importantly, he is a handsome, intelligent, sensitive, masculine man! We took advantage of his presence to have a meaningful conversation on the topic on every woman’s mind: what do men want?

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Watch the video to find out how he answers the following questions:

– What is the one quality that is most attractive to men in a woman? And what is UN-attractive in a woman?

– What is the reason for not following up after a good date?

– Do men play games and use strategies in dating?

– How do men look at a woman’s body?

Does sex emotionally bond a man to a woman?

– What does “connection” and “attraction” mean for a man?

– How do men react to a woman’s vulnerability?

– Is there a point where vulnerability becomes weakness?

– In a committed relationship, how does a man want to be supported?

– What does a healthy-minded man think of Rotational Dating?


Sami Wunder

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