Many women spend years with the wrong men in unhappy relationships. In today’s blog, we answer a simple but important question: What is a high-quality man, and how can I recognize him in dating?

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can date with confidence and select only the best men to continue seeing. This process works especially well if you are following my system of Rotational Dating. In this system, you don’t get exclusive with the first man that catches your fancy. As a result, you take your time to know and evaluate many different men before committing to any one of them.

With that in mind, let’s get to the topic of today: what is a high-value man?

In my work, I show my clients how to evaluate and quickly weed out the wrong guys by ensuring they look out for these top 6 signs of high-quality men when dating.

A High-Quality Man and His Girlfriend

1. If He is a High-Quality Man, His Words Will Match His Actions

So often, men you’re dating promise you the world“I will take you here, we will do this, we will go on a trip” – but as time passes, nothing really happens. 

With a high-quality man, his word is worth gold.

For instance, a high-quality man will not make empty promises he cannot keep. Or, if he makes a promise, he will go out of his way to fulfill it. 

In extreme cases, low-quality men who make exaggerated, unrealistic promises are love-bombers

Needless to say, any man who practices love-bombing (be it on purpose to manipulate you, or unconsciously because he is simply insecure), is NOT a high-value man.

Now, let’s turn back to – what IS a high-quality man?

“A high-quality man will not make empty promises he cannot keep.”

High-Value Man and His Partner Smiling and Embracing

2. He Will Be Consistent In His Communication

Hot-and-cold men, that are into you today and then disappear on you for weeks, are so NOT quality!

A high-quality man who wants to impress you will consistently and regularly keep in touch with you, without you having to ‘chase him’ at all!

Of course, if a man ghosts on you, it’s easy to determine, in retrospect, that he wasn’t a high-value man all along.

What is more tricky is to recognize that a man is not high-quality (or is simply ‘not that into you’) when you ARE communicating, but it’s you who is initiating the calls and texts most of the time. In this case, if he is only responding to you, you will not have an accurate measure of his actual level of interest.

This is just one of the many reasons I advise my clients to embrace dating in their Feminine Energy. This is where you cultivate romantic polarity and let men come to YOU. This works like magic, and it helps you experience what a high-quality man is in practice!

“A high-quality man who wants to impress you will consistently and regularly keep in touch with you, without you having to ‘chase him’ at all!”

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3. A High Quality Man Will Plan Regular Dates 

Empowered, quality men are not big on texting day and night. They lead busy, productive lives and, when they like a woman, they plan real, in-person dates quickly.

So all the men crowding your inbox with ‘Good morning Sunshine’ and ‘Goodnight Moonshine’ texts may not be high-quality men.

My client Michelle was in exactly this situation with a man she was dating. Check out my advice here on what to do when a man keeps texting but isn’t asking you out.

“Empowered, quality men are not big on texting day and night.”

4. A High-Quality Man Will Proudly Introduce You To His Friends And Family

You will not be his best kept secret!

Once things start getting serious for a high-value man, he will never ‘hide’ you from his friends and family.

I still cringe when I remember the story of my client Anne, whose boyfriend would ask her to hide in the bathroom whenever his son showed up at his doorstep unannounced (yes, it happened several times).

As you can imagine, Anne felt weird, disrespected, and even heartbroken by this treatment!

We showed Anne that this behavior wasn’t about her, but about him not being a quality man, because a healthy, high-value man would never let a woman feel this way! 

“You will not be his best kept secret!”

A High-Quality Man and His Wife in a Healthy Relationship

5. Values Like Honesty, Trust & Your Happiness Will Matter To Him 

You should never have to struggle to receive the basic standards of loyalty, honesty and trust from a man!

This starts with the very first interactions on apps. A high-quality man will never lie or post fake pictures on an online dating profile. That might actually be a red flag of a toxic man! 

By contrast, a high-value man will value the trust you place in him. As a result,he will not make you feel unsafe in any way, or infringe on your boundaries in dating.

These values extend to how he treats other people, too. For example, if you are wondering if the guy in front of you is a high-quality man, make a point of observing:

Finally, seeing a smile on your face is the biggest reward for a high-quality man!

He will not hesitate to pursue you because a high-quality man will make it a priority to understand and meet your needs when you are together. Look out for small gestures like giving you his coat if you are cold on a date, or offering to bring you hot soup if you are sick.

“A high-value man will value the trust you place in him”

A High-Quality Man and His Partner Smiling


6. A High-Quality Man Will Be Generous Towards You 

First of all, this includes being generous with his money. It does not matter how much money he has or does not have. What matters is that he takes pride in being able to invite a woman he likes to dinner or buy her flowers. 

Only low-quality men get stingy around women and ask women to pay for themselves. As a result in many cases, women end up paying and providing for the man! 

Going beyond money, a high-value man will also be generous with his time and attention towards you. In my world, workaholics and men who are juggling so many projects that they don’t have any time to spare, are NOT high-value when it comes to potential romantic partners.

A High-Quality Man and His Partner


“A high-value man will also be generous with his time and attention towards you.”


Going Forward…

Now that you know the 6 signs to look out for, you can be confident when it comes to what is a high-quality man, and what is not a man worth seeing.

Of course, manifesting grand love into your life takes more knowledge and skills. However, the 6 tips above will set you up to stop wasting time and avoid heartache in dating.

If you’re ready to manifest grand love into your life, I invite you to check out my free masterclass on 3  Powerful Feminine Energy Shifts For Career Women To Create The Love Of Their Dreams.

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