Hi. This is Sami.

This morning a question in my inbox: 

“Sami. After reading your E-Book, I see just HOW MANY mistakes I’ve made with my ex. Is there a chance that I can go back to him and tell him I have improved? Will he see the difference and take me back? May be he hasn’t been contacting me because of how I was in the relationship? Is there hope? Raina”

My Answer

This is such a common situation and a situation I can relate to because I’ve been through it myself.

When I first started doing this work on myself, it became so crystal clear to me why my last relationship failed and all the ways I was in masculine energy and pushing this good man away. I too had this urge to go back and tell him – “I’ve changed.”

The same happens with women who read my work and engage with it. Most of them quickly catch the mistakes they had been making, feel a tremendous bout of guilt and regret and want to go back and fix what they lost.

Is that the correct way?

 To give you a blunt answer – Absolutely not.

If my E-book should teach you anything, it should be to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST before you love anyone else or any man. To forgive yourself over and over again for even thinking that you could make a mistake because if you can’t love and forgive yourself, no man will be able to do it either. 

 Next, remember, that a man is always clearly showing you with his actions (or lack of actions) what his intentions are. Your going back to tell him, “I have changed” is yet another masculine energy action trying to convince him of your worth whereas what you are actually reeking of is desperation and neediness – “Please take me back. I promise Im better.”

It won’t help you enhance his attraction for you.

The only way this can work is when he EXPERIENCES (in the way you act and react) that you have truly changed but for that he would need to make the first choice to revert to you, to get in touch with you. If he isn’t doing that, there isn’t much left to explore because the basic attraction has somewhat smoked out. 

I hope this helps you, Raina. Remember, there is ALWAYS another better man waiting for you in the horizon with whom you can create a new magical bond using the new found knowledge and feminine energy tools in your arsenal.

I send you love,


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2 Responses

  1. Thanx sami for the teachings…
    To know u were musculine with a guy and to regret over it sucks badly….but to come back quickly to the point to love yourself first saves u all over again 🙂
    Already learning so much from you..

  2. Hi Sami, I sure hope to met you earlier am on a long distance relationship last year, Dec 4, 2015 the date i will never forget. I have pushed away the person i would want to spend my whole life with. Said something that he lied again after asking me if i trusted him and would ask to marry me. I don”t believe what he said because it seems like a joke after almost two months of no communication and some trust issues probably emerges from miscommunication.
    Now i understand what it means to lean back and just let him have his time if he really into you he’ll come back and he did and challenging him to leave twice being my masculine side which he said no. Then emailing him after the misunderstanding, is a big no either creating further distance between us and unfortunately he’s gone. We’ll what can i do just let him be and to hope this time to find the one. Thanks

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