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What To Gift Your Man This Christmas?

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In today’s video blog, I am giving you the answers to what to gift your man this Christmas, depending on the different stages of dating / relationship you are in. I will also be revealing what I am gifting hubby Chris this holiday season, in case you are looking for some inspiration!

The best part?

This isn’t just a list on fun gift ideas, but my advice will also help you differentiate your gifting gesture (grand or small) based on the appropriate STAGE of dating / relationship you are in.

So, what to gift your man this Christmas?

Now for some of you, my phenomenally smart and successful ladies, even this question, “What to gift your man this Christmas?” may piss you off at first (yes, I know how your brain operates, I am THAT good).

Seriously, are we even discussing this, Sami?

And yes, seriously, we are discussing this, because what you take to be an innocent expression of joyful giving to your man at first, can sometimes ruin the budding Masculine-Feminine Energetic dynamic between you and him, especially in the early dating phases.

What do I mean?

Here’s what I mean.

Masculine feels fulfilled when it is giving and wants to make you happy.

Feminine feels fulfilled in receiving and sharing her gratitude and appreciation with the masculine.

This energetic balance is what you’re practicing creating in your romantic relationship with your man, if you are following the Wunder Principles that have brought over 300 clients happy engagements and hundreds other marriages and relationships where the love and attraction was reignited.

Well, let’s say the season of Christmas is no exception to these principles.

It’s still a time where you get to be showered and indulged as the queen of his heart, and he gets to receive tokens of your love and appreciation, while you are still being in your feminine.

This is true even if you make much more money than he does, this is true even if you’re more masculine energy than he is, in other areas of your life.

However, in your love life, you can consciously choose Feminine Energy and inspire your man to stay stepped up in his fiery Masculine.

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What could gifts look like, in practice?

Based on the Feminine – Masculine Energy principles, here are some suggestions, depending on the phase of the relationship you are in:

Just online conversation with a man you haven’t met – No gift is needed. There is no real relationship here.

This is a virtual connection till it becomes a real connection in person. At best, you can send a cute online greeting if you absolutely want to.

Early dating phase (1 to 3 dates) – No gift is needed here either. If anything, he should be wondering and worrying at this point, how to impress you.

However, if you feel like you absolutely want to do something, I would do something small and personal. For example, if you bake cookies at home anyway, you could casually bring a packet with you to the date or buy a key ring with a funny quote on it.

Mid-level dating phase (5-8 weeks of dating) – This is a safe phase to give a little gift. Some gift ideas include –

  • A nice tie with a pocket square (doesn’t need to be designer)
  • A bottle of wine (don’t let it get expensive)
  • A pair of hunky or funky undies (LOL)
  • A shaving kit that smells good on him
  • A fun activity to do together that is not explosive in budget (for example, visiting the movies together or going to the spa together)

However, you only want to give a gift when you get one too. Say ‘NO’ to being an over-giver or a martyr in your love life, my sweet Diva Queen!

Romance is about POLARITY (Masculine-Feminine balance) and you don’t want to come back home feeling bad that he did nothing for you while you shopped the world for him.

My practical advice would be to keep your gift in your purse and give it only once he gives you something.

If he doesn’t have anything for you, take your gift back home, sell it and buy something nice for yourself!!!! LOL

Oh, and make sure to grab the Holiday Bundles, because they’ve got an expert masterclass on checking over-giving tendencies which will definitely come in handy.

Committed relationships and happily married ladies

This is where you can gift freely, as long as you’re not trying to outdo him with over-the-top expensive gestures that he may not be able to match.

That’s the energy to master – to remember that as your man he wants to spoil you and be your hero and you must gift him that pleasure by receiving from him vs. outdoing him (even if you make more money).

Gift ideas include –

  • A fun weekend together (Las Vegas, Florida, Bahamas)
  • A fancy watch
  • His favorite perfume
  • A boys’ night out where you take care of the kids and he gets to have a free evening (so precious for couples who are parents)
  • A gift card to your favorite restaurant for a gourmet meal together
  • Tickets to a fancy entertainment show with dinner

Remember, you’re not his mom or dad or grandpa, and you don’t have to be responsible for making his biggest dreams and wishes come true on Christmas, even IF you’re the bigger earner.

For those of us with big hearts, this can be hard to hear but this is simply not the energy wives and dream girls want to be in.

A wife’s energy is Queen energy, one showing love and respect for her man but never trying to overtake his place as the main giver and provider of happiness to the team. He’s the only one who gets to have that privilege.

What am I gifting Chris this Christmas?

Each year, Chris outdoes himself during Christmas time. He spoils me rotten with the choicest presents. Last year, I still remember how I couldn’t stop opening all the presents he had gotten me. There were at least 12-14 presents and all remarkable, beautiful things, one after another.

My favourite piece of Barrock furniture, a luxury holiday in Switzerland, my favourite perfume, a pearl necklace and on and on the list goes.

Even now I can see that, 5 years into the marriage, Chris still lights up to see me light up as a Christmas tree with his presents. It gives him way more joy than any of my presents give him. This is valid even though technically I make way more than what he makes and yet within our marriage, the Masculine-Feminine equation remains valid.

He gets to make me happy and feel like a million bucks in the process.

This is also the biggest gift you can give your man: your happiness at the efforts he has made to make you happy.

This year, I am personally giving Chris an elegant, classic record player, some whisky cooling stones, a leather belt and engraved cufflings.

Before we conclude, I want to answer two quick questions I received from clients on this topic.

1. What If he insists he doesn’t want anything for Christmas?

Respect it. Yes, just respect a man’s desire when he communicates something like that to you, instead of fighting it and pushing your way or desire down his throat.

2. What if he never gifts me anything for Christmas?

If this doesn’t matter to you, then carry on usual.

However, if it does, which is more likely, then you need to have a straight up conversation about this. Men are not mind readers, and when something is important to us, it is critical that we communicate it and don’t just expect our men to somehow get our needs and simply fulfill them. It doesn’t work that way. Hence, if this is important to you, then sit with your man and let him know that it would make you really happy to create a tradition of gift exchange in the household over Christmas.

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