In today’s blog post, we’re talking about what to text a man to make him ask you out.

This article is for you if you have a man you like and you’ve been texting a lot, but he hasn’t invited you out for a real date yet.

If you’re here wondering what to text a man to make HIM ask YOU out, you’re probably already familiar with the basic tenets of my work.

You probably already know that, in my world, Divas don’t chase men.

However, there is a way to inspire a man to pursue you and take the connection further, if he is really interested in you. Read on, because in this article, I will be telling you exactly what to text a man to make him ask you out.

The Texting Mistake That Prevents Him From Asking You Out

Before we talk about what to text a man to make him ask you out, you have to ask yourself if you are making this #1 mistake.  I see so many amazing women making this mistake when they’re getting to know a man they like.

In the early phase of online dating, or even if you’ve met somebody organically, it’s pretty natural that both the man and the woman do some texting and bantering back and forth.

However, the trouble with this is that we forget that the goal of texting is to get to REAL DATES. You cannot get to the next level of a romantic connection without getting to know the man in person – otherwise, you could fall into a virtual relationship and get your heart broken.

Now, a lot of women, instead of remembering all this, often spend an undue amount of time texting with men. Often this takes the form of idle exchanges – “Good morning sunshine.” / “Good night gorgeous.” / “Hello, beautiful. How was your day?” – that do not actually lead anywhere.

I call this the Texting Trap.

What to Text a Man to Get Him to Ask You Out - Sami Wunder

The Right MINDSET Behind ‘What To Text A Man To Make Him Ask You Out’

Most of us women think that texting and bantering back and forth with a man is going to keep the man engaged and make him think that we’re interested in his pursuit.

And if we just stay available long enough, he is ultimately going to ask us out…

We think that increased texting means that the relationship is progressing – where in fact, there is no ‘relationship’ to speak of at this stage. This is where our belief system is what needs to be changed.

When you stay available with men day in, day out texting, it does NOT enhance their desire or their eagerness to ask you out.

In fact, quite the contrary. They start to see you as less ‘expensive,’ very easily available, and that is never a good thing in the Diva world.

Thus, I want you to change your mindset into, “Relationships only progress when we meet a man face to face.”

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What To Text A Man To Make Him Ask You Out?

Here’s exactly what to text a man to make him ask you out: “Hey, this feels really fun, connecting with you. I’m not that big on texting. I prefer face to face. What do you think?”

That’s it.

For an empowered, masculine man, this is the only kind of hint he is looking for.

Once he has this, he can make that move and invite you out on a real date.

Now, a few things are going to happen when you to send that text.

The first thing is that the wrong men will fall away. All the scammers, all the douchebags, all the men with girlfriends, are going to disappear. Because these men never had any intention of moving things forward. They just enjoyed the validation of messaging with a beautiful woman.

The second thing that’s going to happen is that the RIGHT men will step up. Like I teach again and again, empowered, Masculine Energy men are all about action. They don’t want to chat with a woman day and night. They want to find a wife or committed partner.

Finally, the power and the beauty of this text is that you have not turned into a Masculine Energy woman. A woman who is pursuing men and asking them out herself.

Instead, if you follow my advice for what to text a man to make him ask you out, you can remain in your mesmerizing Feminine Energy.

The script I provide is a boundary-setting message. It states your preference for connecting face to face and puts the ball in his court. You’re still being in your Diva Queen energy.

And if he’s man enough, if he’s interested enough, you can bet that, with this one text, he is going to ask you out.

This is the energy of this message and why it is so powerful. In fact, every time my clients send this message, if the guys are right, they step up and make things happen. I’m so excited for you to try this out and to let me know how it works for you!

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