Here is one topic that comes up incredibly often, among the women in my community, and with my private coaching clients as well: when to sleep with him, in the dating process?

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From what I have observed in the last years, women have a lot of fear around the topic of sex. This one decision (when to sleep with him, especially if HE is the one man you feel the most chemistry with) seems to weigh heavily on most of us.

Sometimes, women approach when to sleep with him from a place of obligation, or even strategy and manipulation – trying to use sex as a way to build connection with a man.

Other times, women approach sex from a place of insecurity and fear. They have learned, sometimes from their own experience, that sex does not lead to love, and they are paralysed by the though of pushing the man away.

Thus, when to sleep with him becomes the subject of strict, external rules, rather than something the woman chooses based on her own boundaries.

My goal is to empower you to know when to sleep with him, from a place of knowing yourself and your needs. I want to help you act around this with self-worth and diva power.

I recently spoke about when to sleep with him in my Wunder Divas group over on Facebook.

I covered the following three important aspects:

1. What are the rules of when to sleep with him? Are there even rules about it, anyway?

2. What I, as a relationship coach, personally recommend as the guideline on when to have sex.

3. Why your VIBE is the one most important element of the puzzle, and how many of my clients have slept with a man early in the dating process, and yet have gone on to marry him or get happily engaged.

Watch the video here to discover when to sleep with him in dating:

I hope this helped you make your own choice on when to sleep with him.

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When To Sleep With Him In Dating?



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