Has your man STOPPED chasing you and you don’t know why?

Don’t worry, gorgeous!

I’m Sami Wunder, your globally trusted and leading love and relationship guru for ambitious women, here to dish out the details on why his chase might have cooled down and, more importantly, how you can totally bring it back to what it was before!

So what happened?

You and your dream man were exchanging phone calls, texts, and fun meet-ups, but then suddenly things seemed to be cooling down.

No worries, diva! It’s not the universe against you, it’s just a little hiccup.

As THE go-to love and relationship coach for ambitious women, I have seen this same scenario happen THOUSANDS of times!

But, fret not, because there is a solution, and sometimes your eagerness can come across as a bit needy.

In this blog post, we will discuss all of the reasons he has stopped chasing you, and how you can fix it!

Reason #1: You Got Too Needy

Let’s dive into reason number one why he stops chasing: the dreaded “needy” vibe.

Don’t worry, no self-judgment here.

After years of successfully working with thousands of fabulous women across the globe to find their dream man and keep the spark alive in their relationships even years later, I’ve seen a pattern.

You, with your high standards and amazingness, attract a certain kind of guy.

But here’s the catch: scarcity energy might sneak in.

When a promising guy shows up, it’s easy to get hyper-focused and excited.

The thing is, that excitement can give off a “needy” aura that men can sense – like bears smelling honey.

Signs of this vibe? Always checking your phone for his messages, replying instantly, talking about him non-stop to friends, and putting him on a pedestal. Not the most attractive, right?

The key is to stay in the “prize” energy.

If you want him to chase you and commit, remember, you’re the catch!

When I was dating Chris, I always showed up in my empowered energy to remind him that I am a whole and complete woman with or without him. He had to work for me, not the other way around 😉

Reason #2: You Lost All Your Mystery

To keep the explanation simple for reason number two, I will stick to the bear analogy.

Hungry bears keep coming back for honey. But if you give them all the honey they could dream of, they’ll eventually wander off for other adventures – like swimming in the sea or exploring the forest for berries.

That’s how men work too.

When you’re always available on texts, calls, and dates, it’s like offering them an endless pot of honey.

It might feel intense and too much, too soon.

Being overly available can actually make him lose interest or slow down his pursuit.

So, did you find yourself being a bit too available?

Why He Stops Chasing And What To Do To FIX IT

Reason #3: You Abandoned Yourself For Him

Reason number three why your man has stopped chasing you is a HOT topic.

So let’s paint the picture: He asks you out, and you drop everything – plans with friends, family time, even your gym session – just to be with him.

Sound familiar?

It’s like putting his wishes on a golden pedestal while yours take a backseat.

But here’s the scoop: men sense it when you’re not putting yourself first. It’s like a cosmic energy they detect, and trust me, it’s not the kind of cosmic connection you want. You’re a star, and stars don’t dim their shine for anyone!

Let’s be real, gorgeous.

We’ve all been there – that guy with potential shows up, and suddenly our world revolves around him.

Even in my own time dating before I met my amazing hubby Chris, I found myself on a date with this guy who made it a point to mention he didn’t like ‘animal prints’. On that date, I was wearing a cute leopard print top.

At that very moment, I made a mental note to be conscious of wearing my animal print clothing around him… even though I ADORE my leopard and tiger prints. Needless to say, it never worked out.

So here’s the honest truth: self-abandonment is a one-way ticket to extinguishing his pursuit.

When you value his opinions and needs above your own, it’s like waving an “I’m not the prize” flag.

YOU are the prize.

Don’t ever forget it.

Reason #4: You Got Scared of Drawing Boundaries Since You Like Him

Get ready for the juicy stuff, because reason number four is all about not taking any nonsense.

The fourth reason why your man has stopped chasing you is simple.

You have accepted some really bad behaviors from him.

Yep, we’ve all been there, giving in when he pushes those boundaries or ignoring those little signs that scream “red flag.” But let’s get real, gorgeous – when you let him cross those lines, you’re basically telling him it’s all good.

Imagine this: he shows up late, flirts with others while you’re around, or goes MIA after promising to call. Ouch, right?

Here’s the scoop: Each time you let these actions slide, you’re giving him a front-row seat to a show called “I’m cool with this.” And honestly, that show deserves no applause.

Let’s skip the drama, though. No need to become a relationship referee.

But consider this: dating is about knowing your worth and shining like the superstar you are. So, next time he pulls any of that nonsense, it’s your time to shine even brighter.

You don’t need a script; a confident chat can work wonders.

Setting boundaries in dating and showing your worth is how you keep him chasing, not fleeing.

Self-love and relationships have to go hand-in-hand.

Why He Stops Chasing And What To Do To FIX IT

Reason #5: You Have Stepped Into Your Masculine Energy Around Him

Alright, gorgeous, let’s talk about something that might have slipped right under your radar.

We’re diving into reason number five – you have stepped into your masculine energy.

Ever caught yourself taking the lead when he should be doing the chasing? It happens – a text here, a call there.

You thought, “Why not? It’s just one text.”

But before you know it, you’re the one doing the chasing dance.

Picture this: he didn’t ask for a date, so you stepped in and said, “Hey, when are we meeting?”

Innocent, right?

But here’s the thing – energy vibes don’t lie.

Even if you tell yourself it’s all cool, he’s receiving a different message.

Suddenly, you’re the one running after him, and that shift?

It’s like a neon sign blinking “She’s really into me.” And guess what? He might start to ease off because subconsciously the roles have reversed.

2 Ways to Get Him Back To Chasing You

Alright, gorgeous, let’s dive into what could be your secret weapon. So, how do you fix his pursuit and get him to chase you again?

Here are two game-changing moves that’ll have you owning the dance floor again:

When you ‘rotational date’ you give yourself more opportunities to open up to different options instead of locking yourself into ONE person and becoming too dedicated and too serious TOO fast!

To get a better understanding of rotational dating – read more about it here.

Remember, you’re the prize, and your energy’s the magic potion.

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Ways to Get Him Back To Chasing You

The Takeaway

Okay, my fabulous Divas, now you have all of the reasons he has stopped chasing you and the ways to fix it!

Always remember YOU are the prize he is after!

A prize worth chasing does not accept bad behavior from men, or come across as too needy, or abandon their worth.
Keep him on the chase by being the beautiful feminine queen you are!

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